Will iOS 14.7 Fix iOS 14.6 iMessage Security Problems

Lately, many iPhone users running iOS 14.6, using iMessage have reported having spyware installed on their devices. What’s important is that the spyware gets installed without even tapping a thing. This behavior is of particular concern, and with iOS 14.7 being released people think, this vulnerability will be fixed. But is it true? Will iOS 14.7 patch things? Or is it something Apple is not paying attention to?

To get an answer to all these questions, we did some digging, and here’s what we found.

Why iMessage?

Bill Marczak, the researcher at Citizen Lab, told Forbes that in certain cases Apple’s iOS automatically runs data within iMessage and attachments. This puts users at risk because even when they are from strangers they run. To change this behavior, he suggested that Apple should try applying something like Facebook where DMs from strangers are slightly hidden and by default filtered into a separate pane.

Who all are at risk due to this iMessage security problem?

Government officials, journalists, religious figures, and business executives are at the target. This means if you are a common man, you are spared 😊.

Why should Apple pay attention to it?

If Apple keeps on overlooking this problem, these types of zero-click iMessage attacks will certainly open doors for less sophisticated attacks.

Is there a fix to the Pegasus spyware iMessage problem in iOS 14.7?

No, but this doesn’t mean you can skip Pegasus spyware. If you want to prevent your iPhone from being hacked, update to iOS 14.7 now.

Followed with a warning to update iOS 14.7 this new update includes fixes for four flaws in WebKit (the engine that is behind Apple’s Safari browser).

How to update to iOS 14.7?

To update to iOS 14.7, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap iPhone Settings
  2. Tap General > Software Update and follow on-screen instructions to update your iOS.

Why doesn’t Apple share details about security fixes?

It seems that that company likes waiting for users to update their phones first. Once a large proportion of users have updated iOS then the company makes a statement.

Do you think this is the right practice? Or should it be changed? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

With that being said, and iOS updates being released with one or the other issue, Apple releases iOS 15 public Beta. Does this mean, now the misery of iOS users will end?

I doubt that, thinking why? Here are the reasons.

 iOS 15 Beta Bugs

Before we begin with the issues, we would like to reiterate never download the beta version of any software on your primary device. As this might put your device at risk. However, if you have a testing device then no worries, you can install it on your secondary device.

According to Apple’s developer release notes here are the issues you can find in iOS 15.

1. Find My network issues

If the device language is set to English only then you will be able to see Find My network is active. Furthermore, in iOS 15 Beta, Notify When Left Behind doesn’t work for Apple Watches and Intel-based Macs.

2. Finder is unresponsive

If you install iOS 15 public beta via Restore Images, Finder might not work. To avoid facing this problem, install device support from Apple’s Beta Software Downloads page.

3. Open in New window

When you choose to open a file in a new window, the file sometimes quits unexpectedly.

4. Camera Issues

Live text is unavailable in the Camera app and when the iPhone runs in Low Power or Panorama mode it gives unexpected results.

5. Home screen widget problems

In public beta, when a category is selected in the widget gallery, Apple noted certain issues like incorrect category appearance, home screen quits, and more.

6. CarPlay connectivity

When the screen is shared in the SharePlay session, connecting the phone to CarPlay fails. The workaround for this as suggested by Apple is to stop screen sharing before connecting the phone.

Wrap Up

Frankly, after knowing about all these issues I am getting a bit stressed. As Apple released iOS 14.7, I was like okay now the spyware problem with iMessages will be fixed, but that didn’t happen. Then the announcement of public beta iOS 15 came, and I was like okay now things will be settled. But my bad luck it seems Apple is now going to just share updates that have some or the other issue be it related to security or features. If that is the case, how can we trust Apple this is what I think?
What is your take on it? Do you think we can trust Apple products when it comes to security, or do we need to pay attention to things ourselves? Do share your thoughts and opinions on the same in the comments section.

We love hearing from you. To know more about iOS 15 Beta and other updates stay connected and bookmark this page.

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