iMessage Activation Error : Why & How To Fix?

Activating iMessage on iPhone is indeed a great way to connect with people as this messaging application deserves an applaud. Moreover, it is always preferred above other messaging apps due to compatibility with all Apple devices, fast services, reliability, and security. Apart from text messages, one can send various multimedia messages, such as animojis and memojis, right  from iMessage.

iMessage can also be used on Windows 10 expanding the scope of its use, outside the Apple world. With all this said and done, let’s come to the issues which most of us usually face whilst setting iMessage on your phone. In this post, we will discuss why iMessage activation error occurs and how can we deal with it ? It is really alright as the iMessage activation error can be fixed by following some of the methods mentioned below.

Why iMessage Activation Error?

There could be certain reasons why iMessage waiting for activation or iMessage activation unsuccessful error pops up. It could occur when you have a weak Wi-Fi or cellular data,, mobileplan not updated or the device needs to reboot. Let’s follow up on the fixes below.

iMessage Activation Error : The Fixes

1. Is Airplane Mode Turned Off ?

The error, t it is waiting for activation might come up if the Airplane mode is somehow turned on. At the same time, you need to stay connected with Wi-Fi or cellular data.

For Airplane mode, open Settings > Airplane mode, and make sure that the switch is turned grey in color. You can also try to toggle the switch on and off to fix the minor connectivity issues.

With that, make sure that WiFi is also turned on.

2. If iMessage Is Set Up Correctly?

Go to Settings > Messages, and check if iMessage is turned on. Sometimes, we tend to miss out on this basic thing, and it can result in an error occurred during activation of iMessage.

Now, if the iMessage is also switched on and yet there is no message for activation, you can once again go to Settings > Messages. Now re-check the address and mobile number, you have listed in Send & Recieve.

iMessage Activation Error

3. Set Up Your Phone To Correct Time Zone

If iPhone is somehow not set up in the right time zone, iMessage may get unsuccessful. It also happens when you travel between different time zones and forget to update the automatic time zone detection.

To check the same thing, open Settings > General > Date & Time > toggle on the switch of Set Automatically. This method will make sure that your iPhone is present in the correct time zone and iMessage activation error will probably not show up.

iMessage Activation issues

4. Turn Off iMessage & FaceTime- Restart The Device

This is the simplest trick that almost makes all the devices work straight while fixing all the minor bugs. So make sure you try it out.

Go to Settings > Messages > Turn off iMessage. Right after this, go to Settings > FaceTime > turn off FaceTime. Now switch off the device and restart again. On restarting it, turn on iMessage and FaceTime once again.

5. Prepaid User? Add Credits.

Those who are on a pre-paid solution might not be having enough credit. This credit lag doesn’t let you recieve the text message. In some cases, people even add a few dollars to recieve a message so better keep yourself updated to avoid iMessage activation error.

6. Check Carrier Settings Update

Apple tends to release Carrier updates frequently so that your iPhone can easily connect to your carrier’s network. To update the same, open Settings > General > About and see here if there is a carrier setting update available.

If an update is available, you would be able to see a pop-up, and you can just tap Update next to it. If there is no update, the pop-up will not appear.

iMessage Activation problem

7. Recheck Network Settings

There are some network settings that interfere with iMessage activation and therefore, you get iPhone awaiting activation error. For the same, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Enter your password to move ahead.

Recheck Network Settings

Another thing you can try is turning off WiFi Assist. Once you do so, you would be able to connect to the local WiFi network. Go to Settings > Mobile Data, find WiFi assist and switch it off.

8. Update Your iPhone

This is the most common thing you can apply as Apple releases new updates to fix the bugs and introducing new features for the phone. To make sure you take this step, tap General > Software update.

In case there is an update, you will be able to find it. All you have to do is tap on Download and Install.

9. Reset All Settings

There is a possibility that this issue might be  device-specific, therefore, you need to reset the device all over again. For this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings.

Reset All settings

NOTE that this step will wipe out everything from your phone. Either take the iCloud backup or go for Right Backup Anywhere. Right Backup Anywhere even provides 100MB free space when signed up.

Data backup is a must, and there are multiple benefits of this backup, so better choose Right Backup Anywhere today!

10. Contact Apple

Even after going through all the methods mentioned above iMessage waiting for activation error appears, you can always go for Apple official support. Till then, you can rely on some of the best secure and encrypted messaging apps for iOS.


We understand the importance of iMessage for you and a plethora of features that it offers. But when an error like iMessage activation error prompts, we do get annoyed. But it is not so recommended, and you can try out the methods mentioned above for resolution.

Which method worked for you? Let us know in the comment section below and you might be able to become a gamechanger from here!

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