How to Use iMessage With Siri

Whether you’re engaged in your household chores or being lazy after the hectic day, you hardly get any time to check your phone especially when it is kept in another room. You can also keep yourself-updated with whatever is going on your friends and at work, all you need to do is connect your iMessage with Apple’s virtual voice assistant. Siri will not only help you to hear your new messages but also allows you to send messages to your friends without touching your smartphone.

However, first, you need to ensure that Siri is activated on your iPhone. Well, all the Apple devices (2015 and later version come with voice assistant facility). Please make sure before going further, you need to run the latest update on your iPhone.

Use iMessage With Siri

In this post, we’re going to share the steps to use iMessage through Siri. So, here we go!

Steps to Send Messages with iMessage Through Siri

The process of sending messages with iMessage through Siri is as simple as sending a message from your phone to your friends. Follow the below steps to send a message with iMessage through Siri.

Step 1: First of all, you need to enable Siri on your iPhone. You can activate Siri manually as well by pressing and hold down the Home button on your iPhone or you can also say “Hey Siri”.

Steps to Send Messages with iMessage Through Siri step-1

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Step 2: Now, you need to tell Siri that what message you would like to send and to whom. Please keep in mind, if you won’t take the name of the person or the relation you share with that person with Siri then it will ask you about the contact name or phone number on which you want to send a message.

Steps to Send Messages with iMessage Through Siri step-2

Step 3: Once you’re done with the contact name, you need to tell Siri what message you want to send. So, you can simply dictate your message.

Steps to Send Messages with iMessage Through Siri step-3

Step 4: Now, Siri will confirm the message, so have some patience and wait for Siri to complete the message.

Steps to Send Messages with iMessage Through Siri step-4

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Step 5: Once, you are done, you can say Siri send the message.

Steps to Send Messages with iMessage Through Siri step-5

In case, if there is any error or you want to modify your message then all you need to do is, say Siri cancel my message and Siri will abandon your message. You can initiate the process from the beginning and follow the above-mentioned steps to send the message to your friends.

Steps to Check New Messages with Siri on iPhone

We all of have a habit of peaking at our smartphone just to check new messages. Well, with a smartphone it is easy to check for new updates and new messages but when you are going hands-free and controlling your social life on voice control with bit cumbersome. However, you can get the knowledge about your new message with ease, to do the same follow the below steps to check new message with Siri on iPhone.

Steps 1: Firstly, you need to activate Siri on your iPhone for that you need to press and hold the Home button.

Note: You can also activate Siri just by saying “Hey Siri” with the compatible Device.

Step 2: Now, to let Siri know, you want to check your messages, you want to  “Check my new Messages” or you can simply ask Siri by saying “Do I have new Messages”.

Check New Messages with Siri on iPhone step-2

Step 3: In case, you have new messages then you need to click on the new messages. So, Siri can read out the received messages.

Check New Messages with Siri on iPhone step-3

So, these are the steps to use iMessage with Siri. Now, you can send a message and here new message through Siri without typing down your message content.

In case, you face any issue while doing that then you can let us know in the below Comments.

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