15 Amazing iPhone Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

iPhone is considered as one of the best smartphones available for several reasons. Many prefer it for its style and status while for others it’s everything with need and convenience. Apparently, Apple has equipped iPhone with various brilliant features such as Siri and Smart Search. However, there are many hacks that can make your iPhone experience even exciting. Without further delay, we’ll tour you through amazing iPhone tricks that will blow your mind.

1. Take pictures with your Headphones:

Until now, you must have tapped on the screen to click pictures. But from now on, use headphones to capture a moment. Open the camera app while your Apple EarPods are plugged in. Now press volume + button on your headphone and you’re done. You can even use Volume + button of your iPhone to click snaps. Pretty cool!


Image Source: knowyourmobile.com

2. Capture snaps in a line:

You can even capture multiple photos by holding down the camera button in the camera app. By doing so, you open burst mode in your camera app. This will allow you to take multiple photos in a line.

3. Use headphones to control music:

You can use your Apple EarPods to control music as well. Below are the indicators.
Play/pause: Tap the center button

Skip song: Double-tap the center button

Restart song: Triple-tap the center button

Fast forward: Double-tap and hold the center button (also works with videos)

Rewind: Triple-tap and hold the center button (also works with videos)

4. Type Quickly with Space Bar:

You can type faster by using space aptly. Double tap the space bar after any sentence and it will automatically type a period and insert a space for your next sentence.

5. Save roadmap for offline use:

There are times when you are travelling and don’t have internet access. You can save roadmap with Google Navigation for later use. While you still have internet access, open the navigation app and search for the area you want to visit. Now type ‘ok maps’ in the search bar. The map will be cached for offline use.


Image Source: buzzfeed.com

6. Charge your Phone Faster:

Want to quickly charge you iPhone? Put it on the airplane mode and then charge. It would charge your device much faster.

7. Get the Auto-correct right:

When typing, add an extra letter to the word and get the right suggestion via auto-correction.

8. Quickly undo or redo any typed text:

Sick of removing or retyping a text? No worries, here’s a hack! Simply shake your iPhone when using iOS keyboard. This will pop up a box, asking you if you wish to redo or undo any text. Give the command and quickly get your text back or redo it the edit.

9. Calculator trick:

If you have mistakenly added more zeros at the end, in a calculation then you can simply remove it by swiping of your finger from left to right. This will remove one zero from the calculation.

10. Ask Siri to wake you up:

Lazy about setting an alarm? Ask Siri for the same! Before you go to bed, ask Siri to awake you in x number of hours and Siri will set alarm for that.

11. Use your iPhone with Keyboard:

Don’t like to type on phone’s screen? Connect it with a Bluetooth keyboard and get started with a physical keyboard!


Image Source: amazon.com


12. Tap to Scroll Back:

You can scroll back to the top of any back with a single tap. Tap on the top bar of any app, this will take you to the start of any app without having to scroll through your thumb.

13. Choosing different color themes:

You can choose different color themes as what comforts you. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Accomodations> turn on Invert Colors. Keep the color scheme that convince you!

14. Quickly add domain in the search bar:

When using Safari, you can quickly add the domain name. Hold down the period key, this will show up the available options. Tap on it and add them, without having to type them.

15. Instantly get rid of sluggishness:

If you have noticed your phone to be running a bit sluggish then try this quick trick. Hold down the power button (while your phone is locked) until the “slide to power off” option appears. Now release the power button and hold down the home button for 5 seconds, until home screen appears. This trick will clear up your phone’s memory, or RAM without having to restart your device.

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