Lesser-Known iPhone Settings That Can Come Handy

If you have recently switched from Android to iOS, then you must need a helping hand to know about the variety of settings available on your iPhone. Besides the sleek design, user friendly interface and fast browsing speed, iPhone has a lot more things to allure millions of customers. With the detailed control on the settings of your iPhone, it becomes one of the most desirable smartphone in the world.

However, do you know there are tons of other amazing and lesser-known Settings that you could customize to the best of your iPhone. So, let’s look at the settings options available that could blow your mind!


Change Your Videos Resolution

Watching videos in the highest resolution is a delight. However, keeping the highest resolution videos in your iPhone takes a lot of memory which can be used for the other things. Well, when you record one-minute video in 720p at 30fps, it nearly consumes up to 40 MB’s on the other hand if you record a 4k video, it usually consumes nearly 170MB. However, you can customize your iPhone Settings and save a lot of storage space by recording the videos at the lower resolutions.


How to Change Video Resolution?

Step 1: Go to Settings.

How to Change Video Resolution 1

Step 2: Select Camera.

How to Change Video Resolution 2

Step 3: Click on Record Video.

How to Change Video Resolution 3

Step 4: Now, reduce the resolution depending upon the compatible resolution with the iPhone model.

How to Change Video Resolution 4

Protect Your Notes with a Password.

Using the Notes app allow us to access the information anytime and anywhere. That’s the reason majority of the people prefer to keep their sensitive data in Notes be it online banking ids and passwords, other personal or financial data. But what if your iPhone is stolen or lost? You can’t compromise your sensitive data and put it on risk. So, protect your info with a password so that no one can access that information except you.

How to lock your Notes with a password?

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Click on Notes.

Protect Your Notes with a Password 2

Step 3: Choose Password. You can set a password and Touch ID lock as well.

Protect Your Notes with a Password. 3

Note: You can lock the specific notes instead of locking all of them, just click on Lock icon and enter your password.


Prevent Location Tracking

We use tons of app that ask us to share the location to work properly such as car-sharing services and navigation apps. But why share your location with someone when you’re not even using these services? You can easily prevent your location tracking by making a few changes in the Settings.

How to Toggle off Your Location?

Step 1: Open Settings.

Prevent Location Tracking 1

Step 2: Click on Privacy.

Prevent Location Tracking 2

Step 3: Choose Location Services. Make changes to the Settings according to your preferences.

Prevent Location Tracking 3

Set Your Music on A Timer

When you fall asleep while listening to music, is your smartphone still playing your favorite playlist? Well, if you’re one of them who prefers to listen to music but can’t remember to stop it before sleeping, then let your smartphone do it for you. Yes, your smartphone can automatically stop playing the music after a particular time but first you need to set a time.


How to Set a Timer?

How to Set a Timer

Step 1: Launch the Clock app from your Home screen.

Step 2: Click on Timer tab.

Step 3: Now with the help of picker, set the time you want let the music play.

Block the Web Trackers 3

Step 4: Click on ‘When Timer Ends’.

Step 5: Choose Stop Playing.

Step 6: Click on Set from the top right corner of your mobile screen.

Step 7: Now, choose Start to begin the timer.


Create Custom Replies for Missed Calls

There are many times when we can’t take a call. It could be because of important meeting or when your battery is about to die. Luckily, your iPhone allows you to send a text message with a single tap of your finger when you’ve have time. Moreover, it is the best way to let the other person that you’re available to take call now. In order to create your own text, you need to open Settings > Phone > Respond with Text.


Invert the Screen Colors

We all are concerned about our phones looks and that’s the reason we change wallpapers and buy fancy covers when we get bored with them. The way we change the external looks we can also give a fresh look to internal looks of the iPhone. You can invert an iPhone’s color, use light or darker theme depending upon the moods and requirements.

How to invert the iPhone colors?

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Select General and then choose Accessibility.

How to invert the iPhone colors 2

Step 4: Now, go to Display Accommodations and click on Invert Colors.

How to invert the iPhone colors 4

Note: Night Shift feature won’t work on your iPhone after inverting your screen colors.

Block the Web Trackers

Online privacy is important when you’re browsing unsecured and untrusted websites. As it is possible to track you across various platforms when you get embedded ads and promotional links while surfing internet. Thankfully, it is possible to stop web trackers if you’re using safari for iOS 11 or later version.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Safari.

Block the Web Trackers 2

Step 3: Now, toggle to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking under Privacy and Security.

Block the Web Trackers 3

Step 4: You can toggle “Websites Not to Track Me” to the right-hand side.

Block the Web Trackers 4

Note: You can also block pop-up ads to prevent from the web tracking.

These are some of the useful and powerful iPhone settings that you can customize to get safe and secure device. Apart from security, customizing your iPhone’s setting will give next level experience.

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