Immersive Mode in Android – Is It Possible?

Android smartphones are getting larger by each passing day. There are times when the otherwise larger than life experienced gets ruined when the navigation and status bar come in between. So, is there a way to get rid of them?

Under normal circumstances, maybe not! But some apps can help you do just that.

How To Enable Immersive Mode In Android

Here are some of the best immersive mode apps for Android. Each one of the below-mentioned apps operates differently. You might have to grant accessibility permissions for the below apps or might have to tweak a few settings here and there.

1. Fullscreen Immersive – No Ads, No Root

Fullscreen Immersive

The Fullscreen immersive app lets you enjoy the immersive mode in Android at its peak, and there are absolutely no hidden costs whatsoever. The app uses every possible pixel of your device and gives you an out of the world experience, especially when you are watching videos, reading books or playing games. With this app, you can choose to apply immersive mode system-wide or choose individual apps on which you wish to use the immersive mode.

Like the name of the app states, it doesn’t require you to root your device. For manual mode, you won’t even need to provide any permissions. Though the Auto mode will require user access settings and you will have to use the ADB settings and PC connection to grant the “WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS” for using the ultra mode.

That being said, with this app, you even get a widget that swiftly lets you change modes, and you can easily hide or unhide status and navigation bars with ease.

Note- This application has been discontinued

2. Immersive Settings

Immersive Settings

Immersive settings as the name suggests is an app that rewrites your system settings and turns on the immersive mode on your device’s screen. Unlike many other immersive mode apps in Android which disable your Android keyboard, “Immersive Settings” makes sure that your keyboard functions normally.

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To make this app work, you will have to grant the “WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS” permission with the help of ADB.

3. Immersive Mode Manager

Immersive Mode Manager

At the outset we’d like to mention that this is a paid app. Having said that, it is also one of the highest-rated immersive mode Android apps and not for any other reason but its credibility. To begin with, you can either activate system-wide immersive mode by defining a global “immersive mode” or choose per-app “immersive mode”.

Unlike many other immersive mode Android apps, Immersive Manager doesn’t require rooting, but you will have to provide WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission.

It comes with four modes namely – (i) Full (status and navigation bar hidden), (ii) Status (Status bar hidden, (iii) Navigation (Navigation bar hidden) and (iv) None

4. Fulscrn Free

Fulscrn Free

Fulscrn is a simple app which uses every pixel of your device’s screen to provide a better experience when you are watching videos, reading books or even playing games.

There are several customizations that you can make in the settings, but most of them appear with the pro version. For instance, you can choose to hide the status bar when fullscreen mode is on or choose not to let the screen sleep till the fullscreen mode is on.

The only downside is that when fullscreen mode is on the keyboard and the back are disabled.

5. Immersive — Low-Level Immersive Mode


With the help of secure settings used by the app, you can set the immersive mode in your Android device. The best part is unlike many other immersive mode Android apps; it doesn’t use the accessibility of your device, which otherwise might slow down your phone.

For this application to work, you will have to give WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission using ADB. Here’s how you can workaround ADB.

There are two types of immersion that the app provides you –  (i) the navigation bar immersion (navigation bar is hidden) and (ii) status bar immersion (the status bar is hidden). The only thing is that both modes don’t work at the same time simultaneously.

To exit immersive mode in Android using this app, there is a dedicated reset button.

In The End  –

We hope that through these apps, you will be able to dive into the wonderful world of Android immersive mode. And, do let us know which of the above apps was the easiest to use in the comments section below.

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