How To Identify Amazon Unauthorized Purchase Scams?

On online markets, con artists are all too common, and Amazon is no exception. And one fraud, in particular, the Amazon unlawful purchase scam, is suddenly getting alarmingly widespread. The potential victim is informed that a costly item has been purchased using their Amazon account via a phishing email or scam call from “Amazon.”

They need to call a specific number or click a link to get in touch with “customer support” to avoid getting charged for this purported transaction. Of course, these are con artists posing as Amazon employees who will persuade the consumer to reveal their account information and other personal information. Once this information is given, the con artists can use the user’s account or credit card to make fraudulent purchases.

How To Identify Amazon Unauthorized Purchase Scams?


It’s not always simple to distinguish between legitimate scams due to fraud’s ongoing evolution and increasing sophistication over time. However, as a general guideline, keep an eye out for the following:

1. Fraudulent Emails


Check the email address of the sender

Always examine the email address carefully and identify if it is attempting to copy the brand’s format or if it is genuinely from the company it claims to be. Look for typing mistakes and odd combinations of letters and numbers. If that’s the case, it’s possibly a fake.

Look over its contents

Examine every detail in the email, including the subject line and photos. Strange logos and grammatical or spelling errors, particularly related to your name, account username, or the service in question, are dead giveaways. While at it, avoid clicking any links or opening any attachments because they can be infected with malware or lead to phony websites that will steal your login information when you try to log in.

2. Fraudulent Phone Calls

Phone calls

Check the number twice

You should exercise caution if the number differs from the service’s official customer service number (Amazon’s is 1-888-280-4331). This is especially true if there is a country code before the number, as scammers are most prone to use those.

Be cautious while providing any information

Never give out extremely private information to customer service over the phone, including your social security number, bank account information, credit card numbers, and passwords. It’s reasonable to assume that you’re dealing with a legitimate fraudster if you’ve ever been requested to download or install anything on your device. Doing so leaves you open to hacking and data theft. You should be extremely vigilant if you receive questions; always err on caution.

3. False Awards, Incentives, Or Gifts


Similar to the other email hoaxes on this list, this one may claim you’ve won money, qualified for a prize, or even have amassed too many Amazon points that are about to expire. The objective is to get you to click a phony “redemption” link and enter your account information.

Purchase Gift Cards For Significant Others

Have you ever received a desperate request for Amazon gift cards from an unknown phone number or email address purporting to be your boss or a family member? You guessed it; that is a con. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to confirm this: To make sure they sent that through, just get in touch with your real boss or relative.

4. Suspicious Behaviour Identified


This email scam, intended to make you feel rushed, claims that there has been “strange activity” on your account and that it might even be blocked. The email states that to “retrieve” or “verify” your account, you must click on an embedded link and enter your Amazon login information, which thieves naturally steal immediately.

5. False Tech Support Claims

Unwitting consumers may receive calls or emails from scammers posing as Amazon tech support, informing them that their accounts are having problems or may have been compromised. The user can be convinced to divulge their information or let malicious third-party software be installed on their device to save their account.

6. Delivery Failure


This scam differs a little since it explicitly targets Amazon retailers. The con artist will place an order to obtain a refund and then say they never received the product. Fortunately, this is no longer a significant problem because most merchants use track-and-trace postage.

7. “Complementary” Payment Techniques

On the other hand, this scheme tries to trick Amazon customers into paying through a different channel. The con artists may make an effort to make the trade more appealing by providing discounts and other rewards. Still, after the sale is finalized, they will completely vanish, leaving the customer without their purchase and money. And since the transaction occurred outside their network, Amazon cannot assist in these situations.

8. General Safety Tips

  • Consult the source directly if you’re unsure.
  • Check your purchase history by logging into your account on the Amazon website.
  • Contact customer service there and discuss if there is any issue with your orders or account.

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The Final Word On How To Identify Amazon Unauthorized Purchase Scams

I hope you can identify Amazon’s unauthorized purchase scams and protect your identity, account, and hard-earned money from falling into the wrong hands. Use a VPN to mask your online activities and stay protected at all times.

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