How To Wave On Facebook Messenger, Facebook App & Website

“I always had to go with formal ‘Hi’ to begin with chat, but then I realized that waving on Facebook is a cool and happy sign to initiate a conversation with any of our friends or strangers.”

Wave on Facebook is a pretty cool feature to greet someone before starting a conversation. If you are quite active on FB, you might remember people poking each other. But now the concept has changed dramatically to the Wave or Hello button on Messenger. The feature can be used on both desktop and mobile. But if you are struggling to find out how to wave at someone on Facebook messenger, app, and desktop. Here’s a step by step guide for you!

Wave On Facebook

NOTE: These methods won’t work if you are running the updated version of Facebook or Facebook Messenger. But if you are using previous versions, you can start using this cool feature to virtual wave at your friend.

How To Wave On Facebook Messenger (Mobile)?

Follow these steps mentioned below & learn how to wave on Messenger using your smartphone:

Step 1: Open the Facebook Messenger app. If you don’t have the Messenger, install it right here: For Android & For iPhone!

Step 2: As soon as the Messenger launches, locate the ‘People’ section at the bottom of the screen.


how to wave on Facebook Messenger


Step 3: From the ‘Active’ tab, you will be able to find which friends are online at that particular time.

Step 4: Tap on the Wave button beside the name of the person you want to start a conversation with, and it’s done!

This is the easiest way you can send a wave on Facebook Messenger!

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How To Wave Someone Using Facebook App?

To virtually wave at your friend using the Facebook application, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Launch your Facebook app. If you aren’t logged in, add your credentials for the same.

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines section at the top right bar.

Step 3: Select Messenger option from the list displayed. If you can’t find Messenger there, tap on ‘See More’ to find more options.

Step 4: Once you locate Messenger, follow the path People > Active. Now, you can see your online friends, tap on Wave button to send greetings using your Facebook app.

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How To Wave On Facebook Using Your Desktop?

Follow these steps mentioned below, to virtually wave at your friend using the Facebook desktop app:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account, and head towards the Home page section.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Chat’ option, it can be found on the right panel.


how to wave on Facebook Messenger


Step 3: Bring your cursor above your friend’s name, whom you would like to wave virtually.

As soon as you do that, the Wave sign will appear beside their name, click on it to wave on Facebook.


how to wave on Facebook Messenger


NOTE: that if someone is not in your friend list, you can send them a friend request & use this cool wave feature to greet someone before starting a conversation.

How To Send Back Wave On Facebook Messenger On Mobile?

If you’ve just received a cool wave from one of your Facebook friends, you need to learn how you can wave back:

Step 1- Just open the chat of a friend who waved at you on Facebook.

Step 2- Now, you should see a yellow hand appearing with a quick message saying “_____ (Your Friend) is waving at you.

Step 3- You need to tap on the option “Tap to wave back”.


how to wave on Facebook Messenger


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How Do I Undo A Wave Sent On Facebook?

If you’ve accidentally waved at a friend, you’ve no longer connected with. Don’t feel embarrassed as Facebook offers an option to undo the wave. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Be quick as you have 10 minutes in your hand to undo the virtual wave. Go to the Facebook chat where you’ve sent a wave.

Step 2- Simply hold & long-press on the Wave icon sent by mistake, till you get a small menu appears on the screen.

Step 3- Tap on the Remove option & hit the “Remove for Everyone” button.


how to wave on Facebook Messenger


Your Facebook wave should have now disappeared from you & your friend’s chat window. Pheew!

What’s More?

Well, there are more ways through which you can spice up your Facebook conversations. With Emojis ? Be it on your Facebook website or FB Messenger app > open a specific Facebook conversation > you’ll see one of the options in or around the text box with a round smiley face. Tap on it to see a complete list of emojis. Tap to send them!

Additionally, you have the option to send Stickers; it has multiple hand gestures & facial expressions, giving you complete freedom to express your emotions. Cool, right?

We are also sharing a complete list of Emoji Keyboards for Android & iPhone to make your chatting experience livelier!

All Set To Wave On Facebook Messenger Or App!

Now that you know how to wave someone on Facebook Messenger & app, start using the feature when you are just wondering how to begin a conversation, virtually waving must be the simplest thing to do!


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    There is no wave button anymore. I cant find it.

    4 years ago
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    Steve Hugehs
    No wave button anywhere…… It’s gone

    4 years ago

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