How to Use Facebook’s New “Off-Facebook Activity” Feature

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks that connects millions of users worldwide. We literally can’t go by a day without scrolling Facebook’s news feed to see what our friends and family members have been up to. Facebook is more like a mandatory social media app to have around and has become more like a family over the last few years. Yes, the tech giant may have experienced a few ups and downs during its journey, but our love for Facebook can never fade away, right?

So, have you heard about Facebook’s new off-Facebook activity feature? Facebook recently rolled out this new tracker tool that allows you to take more control of your Facebook data. Let’s know all about the off-Facebook activity feature, how to use this new Facebook feature, and how can this tool help to make our Facebook account more secure.

Let’s dive in.

What is Off-Facebook Activity Feature All About?

What is Off-Facebook Activity
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Well, love it or hate it, but Facebook has experienced a huge amount of criticism and allegations in terms of how it uses our data. From TV to newspaper’s headlines, Facebook was literally everywhere, highlighting how data of millions of users was compromised without their consent. So, yes, since then, Facebook has been in its healing phase and is trying all possible measures to rebuild users’trust.

On the occasion of World Privacy Day, Facebook rolled out a new Off-Facebook Activity feature that allows users to gain more control over their data. With the help of this tool, you can easily track all the apps, services, websites that you visit while using the app, and also offers you a choice where you can turn off this tracking whenever you like.

Off-Facebook Activity
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As we’re well aware, a lot of websites or businesses try to get hold of our personal information, especially of our tracking activities which include the pages we like, websites we visit and each and every online activity or move we make. In their defense, the businesses state that they solely do that to offer us a more personalized experience where they can target us advertisements based on our likes and choices. So, with the help of this off-Facebook activity feature, you can get more control over how you share your personal Facebook data with apps and services.

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How to Use Off-Facebook Activity Feature ?

Follow these quick steps to use this new Facebook privacy feature to make your account more secure.

Launch Facebook and log in to your account.

Head on to Facebook settings and select “Your Facebook information” option from the left menu pane.

How to Use Off-Facebook Activity Feature

Tap on the “Off Facebook Activity” option.

On the next window, you will see a detailed summary of what this tool is all about, and how does Facebook manages your personal data.

Facebook manages your personal data
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Now, on the right side of the window, you will see three useful options, namely: Manage your off-Facebook activity, Clear History, and More options.

Manage your off-Facebook activity

  • Manage your Off-Facebook Activity: Tapping on this option will allow you to view an entire list of apps and services that have shared data with Facebook at some point of time or other.
  • Clear History: If you want to get rid of all this information, tap on the “Clear History” button.
  • More Options: This section majorly offers your options to access your personal information, download information and manage future activity. The “Manage Future Activity” is a useful feature, in case, you want to stop Facebook from tracking your activities in the future.

Can this New Privacy Tool Make your Account More Secure?

Make your Account More Secure
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So, what do you think about the off-Facebook activity feature? Do you think it’s a great initiative by Facebook to make your account more secure? Well, yes, in our recommendation, the tool most certainly gives you more control over how you control your personal data and limits. So, if you’re even a bitsy suspicious of how Facebook deals with your data, you can make the most of this tool as an added privacy measure for your account.

Also, don’t forget to read our post on how to stop third-party apps from using your Facebook data on the iPhone to keep your data safe on the digital platform.

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