How To Watch Netflix With Your Friends Online

We know how much you miss your friends while watching Netflix alone at home practising social distancing. TV Shows like Elite, Peaky Blinders and other romantic, horror or sci-fi movies are available in abundance on Netflix, but the experience is intensified when your friends are present. Well, it is Ok if you can’t watch Netflix while enjoying your friend’s company, but did you know it is possible digitally? 

Do not worry thinking about how to watch Netflix with friends as we are here with the solutions. Using some extensions like the Netflix party, Scener, etc., you can watch Netflix and have fun with your friends.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends Online

1. Netflix Party

Netflix Party


Netflix Party is an extension that is specifically designed to enjoy the show together with your friends, no matter where they are. But yes, make sure that the show is available in both region. If the show is not available in your region or your friend’s, you can try the best free and paid VPN for the same purpose.

How To Use Netflix Party?

Step 1: Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ and once prompt is up, click on ‘Add Extension’ to install the extension finally.

Step 2: Now go to Here, choose your favorite show that you and your friends want to watch and start it.

Step 3: You can create your party by clicking the NP icon from the Chrome extension block. You can choose to take control or copy the link and share it with friends. It’s time to click Start Party, and then the party starts.

How To Use Netflix Party

Step 4: Tell your friends to join the party by clicking the link you shared. Now, they have to click the NP button to join the party automatically.

This is the answer to your question about how to watch Netflix with friends online during social distancing. During this Netflix Party, you are free to chat with your friends using the emojis, icons, nicknames and screenshots. Also, whenever you want to stop the session, click Disconnect from the extension.

2. Scener

Scener is another way to watch Netflix with your friends online. Laptop, mobile or TV, streaming is possible with every device. All Scener wants is to have you and your friends ‘pajamaed’ up! 

Three things need to be kept in mind using Scener: one is that you can use it with a primary Netflix profile rather than any other profiles. Second is that the maximum number of people who are allowed to watch at the same time is 10 at a time. Third, only the person who is starting with the movie or the leader can play or pause the movie. Tricky, eh?


How To Use Scener?

Step 1: Install the extension for Scener and create an account.

Step 2: Click on the extension icon from the address bar.

Step 3: Sign in to your own Netflix

Step 4: Choose ‘Create a private group’, type the name of your group and finally choose ‘Select’.

Step 5: A link will be sent to you, which you can share with your friends to join the group.

Step 6: Once they join, select ‘Watch together’.

Step 7: Note if you want your friends to see and hear you, click on the Settings button near the purple icon. When the new icon pops up, you need to choose the camera and microphone from them (top 2 icons).

Step 8: Now, you are done! Play the movie or show you wish to. Even you can add friends by typing their username into the search bar and finally choosing the ‘Add friend’ button next to the name.

And you are ready to go! This is how you can watch Netflix with your friends.

3. Metastream


Another way to watch Netflix with friends is Metastream, which allows you to watch Netflix with as many friends as you want through the web browser. Along with Netflix, other channels are supported as well like YouTube, Hulu, Twitch, etc. You get the option of chatting and video calling along with enjoying a Netflix party with your friends.

Download the extension and enjoy the session with your friends with delight.


You probably have got the best answers on how to watch Netflix with your friends. Be it Netflix party, Scener or Metastream. There are other sources as well but trust us; these are some of the best platforms we have shared here. Hope you enjoy some time with your friends.

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We hope you like the idea of sharing movies with friends during this time of social distancing.


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