Best Sci-Fi Web Series On Netflix In 2023

Sci-fi is the most money making genre of movie and web series. It has always been a favorite genre of many binge watchers. For the fact, sci-fi came to life back in 1930s and since then, it’s a treat to eyes of many viewers.

As we entered the new technology lead 21st century, many things changed. A change, which was unimaginable and out of hands, but as things came to reality, much more changes happened than what people can imagine of.

With the introduction of VFX, animation and motion graphics, science fiction became more widen and became more realistic to life. And now, every next creation is a sci-fi, as this generation is so much dependent on the future and its outcomings, we urge for more.

This is where Netflix comes in. A platform to fulfill your addiction and urge. It came and changes the perspective of watching movies and TV series. It brought out the concept of binge watching, which we weren’t even aware of till last decade.

Netflix not only worked on movies, it worked on web series as well. It brought some fabulous sci-fi web series which shook the avid watchers with the imagination and amazing creation. However, success is unaccountable.

Best Science-Fiction Web Series On Netflix In 2023

Netflix shows what viewers urge for, then be it any genre. However, today in this article, we will be talking about some of the best sci-fi web series on Netflix in 2023 to binge watch this season. Don’t worry! This won’t take much time to restrict you from Netflix and chill!

1. Lost In Space

Lost In Space

It’s a remake of 1965 classic TV series by Irwin Allen titled ‘Lost in Space’. This sci-fi series on Netflix is an excellent modern resurrection in sci-fi world. The story begins with Robinson family, who are lost in space and crash land on an unknown alien planet. The show is set up 30 years in future, where space colonization is now a reality. They now need to fight against all turbulences to survive on this danger planet and escape from it.

Not moving further in details. As it will reveal the plot. This Netflix series is a masterpiece with full of innovation and imagination. Well, if you are binge watcher, this show is going to be a treat for eyes.

 2. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon sci-fi web series 2018 netflix

Second in the list of best sci-fi web series on Netflix is Altered Carbon. The story is set up in future, in 25th century. It starts with main protagonist Takeshi Kovacs, who wakes up in in a new body, nearly after 250 years of his death. He discovers that he’s resurrected to life in order to solve a mind-blown mystery murder of titan of industry. If he solves the murder, he would be free to live his life.

Kovacs is resurrected by digitizing consciousness, which is stored and implanted in stacks in the spine. This brings back the person from physical death, and all memories are restored in new bodies.

It’s an amazing mashup of thriller, sci-fi, drama and mystery, where a warrior known as Envoy need to solve the murder mystery. Was he able to do that? Watch now to find out!

3. The Rain

The Rain sci-fi series on netflix

Well, this sci-fi web series on Netflix can make you feel goosebumps. It’s a breathtaking creation and moreover the writing of this series till now has been the key feature for its success. It’s an amalgamation of thriller and sci-fi drama. A story where world has ended after a brutal virus rain, which wipes out most of the population. In this ending world, two young Danish siblings move on to find safe place and also to find the remaining population amongst the wiped out.

Storyline is crucial and exciting, it urges you to watch the show till the end, making it one of best sci-fi web series on Netflix in 2023.

 4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things sci-fi web series on netflix 2018

Stranger Things, a perfect amalgamation of classic 80’s science fiction titles. The intriguing story is set up in Hawkins, Indiana. The story gets fast paced when Will Byers, one of the kid from town, suddenly goes missing. Now the hunt begins, a whole town is turned upside down to find Will, including his mother, Joyce; his brother, Jonathan; his friends–Mike, Dustin, and Lucas; the police chief, Jim Hopper; and other notable people.

This web series by Netflix is a perfect mashup of drama, mystery, thriller and of course sci-fi. It’s a trail which connects every previous clue to move ahead to the next one. Stranger Things is going to make you jump out of bed at times with its thrilling & horrific plots and twists. Get ready for the nostalgic ride back to 80’s.

5. Black Mirror

Black Mirror best sci-fi web series on netflix

This Netflix series is an anthology set up in high tech world. The plot is based on how technology can backfire the world and specially its innovators. It’s the harsh reality which you will face, a black mirror of the 21st century.

It features dark aspects of a technology dependant society. Each episode is different from other with different protagonists and themes. The first three episodes are outstanding, each a dark story. First one is in present, second is about far future, and third one is a dark love story set in near future.

All in all, these episodes are all about how the modern technology with Internet is leading us to the ride to hell.

6. Dark

Dark best sci-fi web series 2018

Well, as the name says ‘Dark’, yes, it is one of the darkest sci-fi web series on Netflix, which will leave you stunned and in shock. It’s a story, you might not get at first, but later in the series, connection every bit of the past will get you back in the zone.

It is a family story set up in German town with mind-bending supernatural twists & plot, where the disappearance of two young children depicts lives and exposes the relationships among four families.  Now, the whole town has gone upside down with the mysterious events and the remaining characters are in search to find their loved ones. Yeah, we know you got no chill to watch a perfect binge-watch series.

7. Maniac

Maniac sci-fi web series on netfix 2018

Ah! What to tell you about this one? This one is the most entertaining out of all, as it is sci-fi comedy mini series with a little bit of romance. The story begins with two strangers are assigned to mysterious pharmaceutical trial, but unfortunately things do not go as planned by them. If you want to laugh out loud at moments, and if you are a Jonah Hill and Emma Stone fan, this is the epic comic sci-fi Netflix series to binge watch this season.

Yeah! We know you can’t wait anymore to watch these amazing sci-fi web series on Netflix. Seems like, Netflix has taken some challenge to keep the youth entertained every weekend, a challenge to make the audience glue to TV screens. Alright then, if this is the case and done with the list, let’s get back to Netflix and yes definitely chill too. Adios until next time.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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