9 Powerful Netflix Tips To Boost Your Streaming Experience

You may already know the common Netflix tricks like answering personalization questions to obtain suggestions, using a VPN and few more like them. But there are some rarely used Netflix shortcuts that could render an amazing streaming experience. These tricks are lesser-known and are difficult to come across. Therefore, we’ve reduced the stress by compiling those Netflix hacks in this article. Hope you will like them!

Top 9 Netflix Tricks To Raise Your Streaming Experience: –

Here are the 9 best Netflix tricks to level up your streaming experience. Read on!

1. Quick Access To Movie Trailers and Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb

Quick Access To Movie Trailers and Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb

Many users are annoyed by the task of researching entertainment sites to dig deeper into a TV show or a movie. If you are also one of those users and use your Desktop computer to access Netflix, you can install a chrome extension called Enhancer for Netflix by Simkl.com.

While using Netflix, if you hover over your favorite movie or TV show for information, the extension will display information like ratings and links to movie trailers via IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Further, clicking on the rating, the extension will open IMDb/Rotten Tomatoes page related to the TV show or movie. Click here to add  Enhancer for Netflix.

Note: – You need a Simkl.com account to make the most out of the extension. This extension can also be used for other services like Hulu, Crunchyroll etc.

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2. Customize Experience On Netflix In 18 Different Ways

Did you like Netflix Enhancer? Then, you’ll surely love Flix Plus, a Chrome extension. Flix Plus offers 18 different ways that to level up your Netflix experience.

customize Experience On Netflix In 18 Different Ways

You can use the extension to simplify your navigation, hide text and spoiler images, update your “My List” page with type notes and custom keyboard shortcuts and so on. You can even view ratings directly from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. In a nutshell, the extension is amazing as it adds up many features in Netflix.

3. Effortlessly Browse One Very Particular Genre

You can always rate the shows you watch to get personalized suggestions from Netflix. However, if you are simply interested in watching a very specific genre, this Netflix trick has got you covered. Whether it be quirky romance films or Asian Action movies, you can watch your very favorite dose of entertainment with this trick: –

Launch web browser on desktop or device and put this into URL field:


Now replace INSERTNUMBER with a code that corresponds to your favorite genre.

There are lots of genres that are available on Netflix. Therefore, Netflix has a three-page long list of codes.

4. Use Chrome Extension & Add All Extended Genres

Use Chrome Extension & Add All Extended Genres

We hope you are having good time reading about these Netflix shortcuts. However, if you have loved previous Netflix trick, you will admire this one.

Meet FindFlix, a Chrome extension that inserts a button to the Chrome browser. The button opens a menu that shows a list of all extended genres. In the search box, you can also search for your genre by using keywords related to your favorite genre.

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5. Discover Popular Movies And Shows (Previous 24 Hours)

When talking about Netflix, it serves the users with lot of options to choose from. Therefore, it becomes difficult for users as they don’t want to browse the long list of options to discover something worth their time.

Instant Watcher, a powerful utility web tool that shows you trending TV shows and movies in the last 24 hours. It is linked to the Netflix database and thus can pull out details about trending shows. It allows you to view options in the form of a two-column list. The utility also displays ratings and summary about the content. All you need to dos is to hover mouse over the title of the show or movie.

6. Subscribe to Reddit

r/NetflixBestOf, a dedicated Subreddit for Netflix news and updates, has almost contains 400,000 Redditors. You will find everything about Reddit in this community.

In the Subreddit, you will see discussion threads and requests from different users asking for recommendations. Users also like to other Netflix users who share interest in the same genre.

7. Use Netflix Roulette

Choices sometimes can be a curse in disguise. There are many users who invests a lot of time in their life searching for the shows worth watching. They go around in circles and still can’t decide on shows or movies they want to watch. For such users, Netflix Roulette is a boon.

Netflix Roulette is an interesting tool that helps you to decide. With Netflix Roulette, you can random suggestions as per ratings, director’s name, actor’s name, and specific keywords. It also asks you whether you want to watch a movie or a TV show.

8. View Same Show With Someone in Different Location

This Netflix tip offers the best way to enjoy entertainment content with your dear ones who are not near you. Netflix Party, an amazing Chrome extension can let you watch your favorite shows on Netflix remotely with your bae or best friends. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds a well-designed group chat option too.

View Same Show With Someone in Different Location

Netflix Tip:- Netflix upgraded its layout, which then created issues for few users who admired this extension. Therefore, here’s a technique to get rid of the new layout: –

  • Login to Netflix account
  • Go to your name that is located at the right-top corner
  • Go to Account and then test participation, which is under Settings
  • You will see a button on the subsequent tab. Switch it off

9. Pause Netflix Automatically Using Netflix-themed Socks

You can pause Netflix automatically using Netflix-themed socks. These socks are created to check your movement. It then triggers Netflix according to your movements and stops the content in case you’ve dozed off. Thus, you will never miss anything on Netflix.

Users can select their sock design, chose whether you want the service to stop, pause or turn itself off. There are also other ways to enhance Netflix’s sleep detection mechanism.

We should admit that Netflix enthusiasts have introduced many Netflix shortcuts to render an amazing and futuristic experience to their users. Who would have thought that an everyday utility service could be powered with such great features, especially the last hack?

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