How To Use Disk Space Smartly On Your Windows, Mac and Android Devices

Hard disks are designed to store your data. But when you fail to organize data and remove unwanted files, you end up filling disk space so quickly that you are left with little storage space and wonder where the gigabytes went.

To overcome this problem, deep cleaning of the device and removal of unwanted files is required.  Hence, here in this article, we will discuss tips using which you can optimize disk space and recover storage space.

Biggest Storage Consumption Culprits

Duplicate data in any form, be it photos, videos, music files, and other file formats, take a lot of storage space.

Suppose you shoot many pictures and videos or store data multiple times on different disk partitions, etc. They get created. This means that before you realize what you are doing wrong, you will need an additional storage device.

Therefore, to reclaim precious storage space organizing data and removing duplicates is very important.

Advantages of Deleting Duplicate Files

  • To recover gigabytes of disk space
  • Speed up device performance
  • Access important files easily
  • Get a clutter-free library
  • Increase Productivity
  • Saves you from deleting important data, as duplicate files might make your delete the significant ones
  • Keeps system organized and updated

Finding these files manually is confusing and extremely time-consuming. Hence, we need a solution that can help.

Significance of Using an Automatic Duplicate File Cleaner?

Multiple copies of files, duplicate photos, videos can lead to:

  • Slow PC performance
  • Accidental removal of important files
  • Low device storage, etc.

This makes scanning the hard disk for duplicate files important and a prudent decision. A pro version of duplicate file finder and remover can help in locating and deleting these unwanted files.

Moreover, it will help reduce the chances of deleting valuable data, boost system speed, optimize disk space, and increase productivity.

Offered by Systweak, Duplicate Files Fixer is the best tool for this job. This excellent duplicate file finder software scans your system for duplicates and divides them into subcategories. Thereby, it is easy for you to see each category’s duplicates – Documents, Images, Music, Videos, and Other Files.

In addition to this, you can Automark selected duplicates, add a folder to the Ignore list, set selection criteria via Selection Assistant, change program language, enable/disable the tooltip, etc.

Benefits of Using Duplicate Files Fixer

Still, thinking, why use a tool when we can find duplicates manually on Windows, Mac, and Android? Here is the answer:

Accurate Identification of duplicates – If you have a few files to sift through, you can detect duplicates easily. But when there are hundreds and thousands of duplicates doing so manually isn’t possible. In such a case, a tool like Duplicate Files Fixer comes to play. This tool doesn’t detect duplicates by name. It uses an advanced algorithm to identify duplicates by content. This makes it the popular duplicate file finder tool with accurate results.

Recover Space – Keeping hard disk optimized manually isn’t easy. If you don’t know how to manage data, you will end up with low storage space on any disk size. To resolve this, you need a tool that knows where to look for unwanted data. Duplicate Files Fixer knows precisely what it does. Unlike other duplicate file finder tools, this easy duplicate identifier scans for all types of duplicate files. This means just a click; you will be able to detect duplicate photos, videos, music files, and documents. This will help recover space in no time.

Versatile – Compatibility with Android, Windows, and Mac makes it a multipurpose tool that can be used on almost all platforms. To avail, the benefits of this tool download it now by clicking the button below.

Accuracy – To cross-check each file with the others can take a whole lot of time. But with Duplicate Files Fixer, you will not face this problem. This tool is just perfect. It accurately detects duplicates files and helps remove them quickly.

Save Time And Effort – Only a powerful and robust application can automate the process with accuracy. Duplicate Files Fixer gives you full control to scan your selected folders or the default folders for duplicates. Moreover, it shows the amount of space you can recover once duplicates are deleted.

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Files and use disk space smartly?

Everyone knows doing a job manually is time-consuming. So, using a program that can find and clean duplicate files will be best. Here we explain how to use Duplicate Files Fixer. The tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.

1. Download and install the excellent duplicate file finder and remover on your device.

2. Once installed, you will see the home screen of Duplicate Files Fixer. Here the default Windows folder will be added.

Note: We are running this intelligent duplicate file finder and cleaner on Windows 10. However, you can use it on Mac and Android also.

3. If you want to scan these added folders, click Scan for Duplicates. However, to add folders of your choice, you can click Add Folder or Drag & Drop it from the explorer.


organize the data


4. In addition to this, you can exclude a folder from scanning or can specify a specific subfolder you want to protect.


reduce system storage


5. After you have added the folders, click Scan for Duplicates and wait for the scan to finish.


free up space


6. Once the scan is completed, you will see a list of identified duplicates divided into categories – Documents, Images, Music, Videos, and Other Files. You can click each section or can see all under the All Files section.


what is taking up space on my hard drive


Note: Right pane shows a Summary of space acquired by duplicates under different categories.

7. Duplicate Files Fixer groups the duplicates. To view them, expand scan results, and see each file’s preview in the right pane. Alongside this, you can see file properties like file size, the location where they are stored, and more.


how to reduce system storage


8. To delete these detected duplicates, you can use the Automark feature. This feature automatically selects copies from each group, leaving the best copy unchecked.


clear disk space


Note: To know how Automark selects duplicates, you can click Selection Assistant.

clean hard drive

From here, if you want, you can change Auto Marking priorities.

9. Now, you are ready to hit the Delete Marked button and recover valuable disk space.

That’s all. Duplicate Files Fixer will now remove all duplicates without leaving a trace.

Surely, you’d be surprised to see how much storage was used by duplicate files. In addition to this, Duplicate Files Fixer offers various other features.

  • Tool Tip
  • Option to Clear Cache
  • Load Previous Results
  • Change product language


how to free up disk space


Search Options


free up disk space


Scan History to load previous results and a lot more.


organize the data


You can access all this by clicking the Settings menu present at the top right corner.

Thus, to simplify things and optimize hard disks, we suggest using the Duplicate Files Fixer program. This top duplicate finder tool in no time scans your system for duplicates and will remove them quickly. We prefer using this tool as it is simple, and scan results are amazing.

We hope to recover disk space, and to remove duplicates; you will give this tool a try. Do share your experience with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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