How to Uninstall OneDrive on Mac

Wondering how to uninstall OneDrive on Mac? We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of ways of how you can completely uninstall OneDrive on Mac quite easily.

As we’re all pretty much aware, OneDrive is a free cloud-storage service curated by Microsoft that allows us to easily access files and data across devices. So, rather than clogging up your hard drive, OneDrive offers you a platform where you can easily store your pictures, music, documents, and probably any of your personal stuff.

How to Uninstall OneDrive on Mac

Although, if you’re willing to remove OneDrive on Mac due to any possible reason we’re here to guide you!

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Let’s begin our step by step guide on how to uninstall OneDrive on Mac in the quickest and simplest ways possible.

How to Uninstall OneDrive on Mac

How to Uninstall OneDrive on Mac

There are two smart ways to bid goodbye to OneDrive on macOS. One is where you simply log out from your OneDrive account, remove all of your files and data. The second is completely uninstalling the OneDrive utility like it never existed.

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#1 Sign Out From Your OneDrive Account

If you’re no longer willing to avail OneDrive services on macOS, you can simply log out from your Microsoft OneDrive account.

Launch OneDrive on your Mac and then sign out from your account.

Your files, data will still be saved on the cloud servers so you no longer have to worry about losing your precious data. If you decide on simply dragging and dropping the OneDrive icon to the Trash folder, your data will still be there. But yes, if you want to remove your entire data library and get rid of the whole OneDrive package let’s move to our next workaround.

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#2 Completely Remove OneDrive from Mac

Follow these quick steps to uninstall OneDrive on Mac.

Tap on the OneDrive icon placed on the desktop and then hit the three-dots icon to open Settings. Select “Quit OneDrive”.

Completely Remove OneDrive from Mac

In the next step, open the Mac’s Finder window. Select “Applications” from the left menu pane.

Scroll through the list of applications to find “OneDrive”. Right-click on it and tap on the “Move to Trash” option.

Completely Remove OneDrive from Mac

Well, you’re halfway there! There are still a few leftover library files stored on your Mac that you may not be aware of. To remove OneDrive completely from your Mac, we will find and delete all sorts of files and applications related to OneDrive.

We will now be heading to Mac’s System Library folder. The Library folder on Mac is usually hidden but you can anytime access it to remove temp files, delete cache files, etc.

Open Mac’s Finder and then press the Command+Shift+ G key combination. In the search box placed on the top-right corner of the screen type “~/Library” and then hit Enter.

Completely Remove OneDrive from Mac
Once the Library folder opens, navigate to the following sub-folders to remove OneDrive traces. (Refer to above snapshot)

  • ~Library/Application Support/
  • ~Library/Containers/
  • ~Library/Caches/
  • ~Library/Preferences/
  • ~Library/Cookies/
  • ~Library/Logs/
  • ~Library/LaunchAgents/

Delete OneDrive files from all these above-mentioned locations. Manually navigating to all these file locations and deleting OneDrive data may sound a bit tedious. But this is one of the most effective ways to completely uninstall OneDrive on Mac.

Download Disk Clean Pro to Remove Unwanted Junk Files

Do you think manually uninstalling the OneDrive will remove all of its data and traces from your macOS? You might be wrong! Taking the help of a cleaning and optimizing tool can help you get the job done with minimum time and effort.

Disk Clean Pro is one of the best utility tools for macOS that not just enhances its performance but also frees up a considerable amount of disk space by removing junk files and malware infections. This nifty tool can tweak up your Mac’s speed and performance in just a few clicks.

Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro can also help you with removing OneDrive from Mac as it acts as one of the best cleaning and optimization tool for macOS. It offers you multiple scanning modes to clean junk files, logs, duplicates, large files, old & partial downloads to optimize your device’s performance.

Simply launch the Disk Clean Pro utility tool on your device, choose One Click Cleaning and you’re good to go!

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You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to uninstall OneDrive on Mac. OneDrive does not occupy hard drive space but if you still decide on removing all of its contents, you can use this post as a guide. If you follow all these steps correctly, you can easily get rid of all the OneDrive data from your macOS.

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