How To Transfer Files Between Computer And Android Phone

If you recently switched to an Android phone or brought a new PC. The file-sharing is required at some point and if you are new to it, do not panic, we have got you covered, as this blog explains the necessary methods to share your files from computer to Android.

There are several reasons for which you would like to transfer your files from phone to PC. You want to save your data on System for security purposes; you want a particular file for editing on your Android phone such as an image.

It can be pretty hard for beginners to figure out how to transfer files from Android phone to PC. Therefore we are showing you how to complete the task in some ways most commonly used. The easiest methods available to transfer files from computer to Android phone are listed below:

Transfer Files From Android To PC Using USB cable –

The most frequently used method is to connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable. USB stands for Universal Service Bus, and as per its name, this is used to connect several peripheral devices to the computer. All you need is a compatible USB cable for your Android phone. These days USB type-C and USB type-A is also available as many Android Phones have this port.

So make sure you have the cable with you for transfer of files between PC and Android phone.

Step 1: First, unlock your Android phone and connect to the PC.

You will see a prompt notification on your phone as the device is connected to the system. Which when tapped, asks if you want to choose from three options –

  • Charging
  • Transferring media files, and
  • Use it as a camera.

USB cable

By default, it will show it as “Charging”, so you need to change it.

Step 2: We click on transfer files, and it will show us the name of our Android device on the computer on External drives.

Step 3: Head to it and open the folder to save the files from the computer.

Step 4: Now open another window which will have the folder from which we need to transfer the files.

Step 5: Drag the files to the Window with Phone storage Or copy-paste them.

Now your files are copied in your phone, you can access them easily.

Do not forget to eject the device once you are done safely. For that, you need to go to the system tray and right-click on the device to choose Eject.

USB cables are fast and can transfer up to 480 Mbps. So this is how you transfer files from Android to PC using a USB cable.

Send it via email-

If you have a small file which you need to transfer from your computer to Android phone, you can open your email and attach the files and send them yourself. Later, you can open your email account on your phone and download the attachment.

Using online storage-

We have several online storage options available in today’s world. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive are a few names  which provide free storage online for all kinds of files up to 15 GB. For example, when you are using an Android phone, you have a Google account. Now, all you need to do is login into your account and then upload the files on Google Drive from your computer.

Once the upload is complete, you can see view the files in your Android phone. Go to the Google Drive App, locate the recent files and there it is. As simple as it seems, this method is of great help when you want to share large sized files such as videos.

Using Bluetooth ( Only Laptops) –

This method is limited to laptops, as this requires a Bluetooth connection. To transfer files, first, you need to pair the two devices, to do so follow the steps.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth on your android phone, and now on your PC go to Settings> Devices, Toggle the button to turn the Bluetooth On.

Step 2:  Head to “ Add Bluetooth or other devices”, this now scans for all the available devices, choose your Android phone and save it for later use.

Step 3: To send a file, you need to go to the file and right-click on it. It will pop up an option which says “Send on Bluetooth”.

Check on your device when it asks you in a dialogue box.

You can see the prompt as the file transfers to your Android phone.

Once it’s received, you can turn off the Bluetooth. This method takes time to transfer files, but it’s efficient as this does not change the original size of the files. Therefore you can use this method to transfer files from Android phone to PC or vice-versa.

Use of SD card –

One small micro SD card which can be inserted into your Android phone is sufficient in transferring the files. You need to know that the micro SD card you are going to use must be compatible with your Android device. Take the card and put it in the adaptor to be connected to the USB drive for reading on your computer.

Once the SD card shows in the My PC folder as the externally connected storage option, you can click and open it for file transfer which is the same method as the USB cable file transfer method. All you have to do is drag the files or copy-paste them to this folder.


We have shown you different methods to transfer files from Android phone to PC. You can now decide which one suits you best and how it works for you. Please let us know in comments if you tried any of them or if you know any other methods. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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