How To Get Rid Of Pop Up Ads On My Computer?

If there is one thing, I don’t like about browsing on the internet; it is those awful ads that pop up every time. Those ads not only distract people but also irritate as you cannot do your work unless you hit the X button, which would be light in colour and not easily visible. Sometimes you have to play a game of finding the hidden X to exit the popup ad. Frustrated and irate, I decided to search for the best resolution to stop pop up ads using some sort of adblocker. And, this guide will briefly describe my journey on How to stop popup ads on my computer.

Why Do We Get Popup Ads While Browsing The Internet?

Popup Ads While Browsing The Internet, ad block browser

Before removing any unwanted entity like the popup ads, let us understand why did they get there in the first place. Online Popup ads are a way used by organizations to advertise their products and themselves. These advertisements spaces are deliberately created by websites to place online advertisements from organisations that can afford to pay. One of the biggest online advertisers is Google which places various ads of different companies on all major websites. This benefits the host as it would get paid, and at the same time, it helps the other organisation whose products are being highlighted across the globe.

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What Are The Ill Effects Of Online Popup Ads?

Ill Effects Of Online Popup Ads, turn off adds

Besides the significant disadvantage of you wanting to break your monitor screen, these Popup Ads also have many other limitations such as:

  • Distracts users. Online pop-up ads distract the users by displaying tempting products which could lead them to spend their time exploring a new product or playing a new online game. There are reports that different people get different ads at the same time and on the same website. This is only possible if your browsing history is being tracked and analysed.
  • Induces trackers into your system. Another damage that can be done by online popup ads is that they can insert trackers into your system, which can track your browsing history and analyse them using AI software. This data is then sold to E-commerce giants who then try to display products that might interest you through recommendations and advertisements.
  • Malware Attacks. Online popup ads are very vulnerable and also can be used to insert malware into computers to capture credentials and other personal information.
  • Dampens the browsing experience. A few websites apply a lot of widgets that display many ads, and this results in bad browsing experience. The web page would be floating with advertisement banners, and pop-ups which are very difficult to cross out as most of them have hidden the X button.

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Steps On How To Stop Pop Up Ads On My Computer?

Home screen

After understanding the behaviour and strategy of these online popup ads, I realized these pop-up ads were a serious issue which was not known or not considered by many. A simple ad blocker could turn off my adds in most cases but not all of them. There were no specialized ad-block browsers that existed, and my computer would always be at risk from malware and other infections that could enter my system through these online popup ads.

As such there were only two things that I could do: One was never to surf internet again and remove all network connections or look for a powerful Antivirus that could protect my computer on a real-time basis and stop pop up ads on my computer. And that is when I found Systweak Antivirus, which amazed me with its speed and other features to protect my system and keep it safe and secure.

The best part was, of course, the fact that it was a matter of just a few clicks after installing the Systweak Antivirus to turn off adds that had been bothering me for a long time. Let me show you how it is done:

Step 1: Download and Install Systweak Antivirus from the official link provided below.

Step 2: Launch the software and register it using the registration key provide to you on your email after purchase.

Step 3: Click on the Shield Icon with an “e” located on the left panel.

Step 4: The next screen would list all the browsers in your system and the status of StopAll Ads tool on them.

Stop ads

Step 5: Click on the Install button next to the browser, and this will install an inbuilt ad blocker on your browser that will turn off adds.

Note: This feature is currently supported on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers with support for other browsers to be added soon.

Step 6: Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to choose the antivirus scan mode and click on it to begin scanning your system for any existing threats and infections.

Important # 1. It is important to enabling the StopAll Ads ad blocker in browsers first to prevent any new threat or infection from entering your system. Then you must also run the antivirus scan to check for any spyware, trackers, or other malicious software that may already be present in your system.

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The Final Word On How To Stop Pop Up Ads On My Computer?

This finally concludes my journey on how to stop pop up ads on my computer as I have been successful in doing so. Also, with Systweak Antivirus, I know that my system is free from malware and other infections on a real-time basis. With no more ads displayed, I can now enjoy browsing on the internet and either read blogs or do some online shopping and remain assured that I finally have the protection I need without burning a hole in my pocket.

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    Installed Systweak Antivirus and it really helps in stopping unnecessary ads.

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  • comment_avtar
    In journal i use only add blocker extension in my browser but for computer i dont use any thing but after reading this i must try this antivirus software to stop pop up ads in my computer.

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      Dheeraj Manghnani
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