Best Pop Up Blockers For Google Chrome

Pop-ups are the most irritating elements that could be seen onto your computer, every now and then. Did you know how much these disturbing elements make out of this business? Well, this is one of the biggest sources of redirecting people to different kinds of web pages.

Pop-ups can be anything from notifications, prompt permissions or promotional ads that appear on the web browser when you open a web page. As it progresses, there comes a need to put a halt on these unnecessary pop-ups, since they are undesired and not really called for. Pop-ups are restricted, once you activate a pop-up blocker on Chrome, it will stop any kind of pop-ups including the adware popups.

People often comprehend ad blockers and pop-up blockers to be the same. However, they are not! All pop-up blockers can block ads as well but not all ad blockers can block all pop-ups.

Here, in this post, we talk about the best pop-up blocker for Google Chrome.

Which Are The Best Pop Up Blocker For Google Chrome? 

Since we decide that we need a blocker on Chrome, let’s know how to pick one? There is a list of some of the best pop up blockers for Google Chrome, giving you the liberty to choose one which meets your requirements.

1. Poper Blocker-

Poper blocker 

The websites which constantly restrict you from viewing the content have a dire need to be used with a chrome extension. This pop-up blocker will help you to stop unwanted overlays that hide important stuff. It also blocks pop-up notifications for permissions which constantly disturb you with messages which are not really needed. This is one of the best pop up blockers for Google Chrome and works for all platforms. 

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2. Pop up Blocker Pro-

Pop up blocker pro

Pop up Blocker Pro is an extension which you need to properly restrict pop-ups and pop-unders. This helps majorly in avoiding the distraction caused by a pop-up on your screen. Also, it will save your time which you spend in reading all of the notifications. It is eligible to stop all kinds of pop-ups on a website when opened on the web browser that is Google Chrome. 

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3. Adblock-


This is another ad blocker that blocks pop-ups that shows up on the websites. This is a very efficient tool that is used as an extension and therefore works for the most popular web browser. Also, it has proved to be good at blocking the pop-ups on social media websites on Google Chrome. This website pop up blocker is good to be used if your main concern is the web content restricted behind the pop-up ads.

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4. Adblock Plus-

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is another amazing upgrade to the basic version of the Adblock which is available for web browsers. This includes certain additional settings such as allowing a specific website to show pop-ups. For example, if you are on a suspicious website and wish to confirm if they can track your cookies or not, it will show a pop-up. You can make changes in Pop-up extension for Google Chrome once you open a website. Also, add the website in the whitelist so as to allow pop-ups.

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5. AdsRemoved-


This is another of the best pop up blockers for Google Chrome to be used when you wish to add an extension. AdsRemoved is capable of removing pop-ups from websites that are trying to impose the subscriptions, ads or permissions on you. It will make ads disappear as to the pop-up blocker, adware is also its part. This is a free extension that works for all the platforms. 

6. Fair Adblocker-

Fair Adblocker

Use Fair AdBlocker to block all kinds of pop-ups and pop-unders on the web pages. This is a popular pop blocker used by Chrome users. The extension helps to whitelist the websites and the strong blocking technique. The pop-up blocker will stop the ads on YouTube and other social media websites. This uses a smart algorithm to identify the pop-ups and is free to use. It blocks the web from tracking your location and other data.

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7. JustBlock Security-

JustBlock & Security

JustBlock Security is another of the pop-up blocker for Chrome. This efficiently blocks the javascript web browser pop-ups and pop up ads, It helps majorly in securing your identity online while browsing. This extension will block all the third party cookies appearing on the websites. Also, the tracking is put to a halt with the use of this extension on your Chrome browser. It is also available for blocking the adult sites which is useful to put parental control.

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We have listed some of the best pop up blockers for Google Chrome, you can choose from them. Once you get the extension on Chrome, you can see the pop-up blocked icon in the address bar. So, if you are looking specifically for a pop-up blocker, then choose from the list and let us know in the comments about your choice. Also check the best ad blockers for Microsoft Edge.

Please let us know in the comments section which pop-up blocker do you use and why? Also, subscribe to our Newsletter to get updates in your mailbox. Follow us on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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