How To Send Anonymous Text Messages From Computer & Mobile For Free

Have you ever wanted to text someone without revealing your identity? You may want to prank your friends, confess your feelings, warn someone, or just have some fun. Whatever the reason, texting anonymously can be a great way to communicate without exposing yourself.

But how can you do that? How can you send anonymous text messages from computer for free without showing your phone number or name? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes, it is possible. And it’s easier than you think. This article will show you how to text anyone anonymously from your computer or mobile for free. You will learn the following:

  • The best websites and programs can help you send complimentary anonymous text messages from your desktop and smartphone.
  • The features and benefits of each website and program.

Ready to start texting anonymously? Let’s go!

WARNING: This article is for informational & entertainment purposes only. At WeTheGeek, we do not promote or encourage our users to use any of the apps & websites mentioned in this article for illicit activities. Just remember, these apps and websites can track your IP at any point in time.

How To Send Anonymous Text Messages For Free | Best Websites & Tools (2023)

Before proceeding with any website or tool for anonymous SMS, read their Terms of Service & Rules to avoid discrepancies.

Best Websites To Send Anonymous SMS How To Get There? PROS CONS
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Allows you to send anonymous emails too.
  •  It will publish your IP Address if you use the site for illegal activities.  (For security reasons it’s good)
  • High compatibility with almost all SMS providers.
  • Guides you how to text anonymously step-by-step.
  • Lets you send text messages to phone numbers in the US only.
  • Instant messaging service.
  • Supports the service provider’s automatic detection.
  • Limitation for 140 characters.
  • Outdated interface.
  • Supports group messaging.
  • Most of North America & Europe carriers are supported.
  • You can send limited characters in each SMS.
Anonymous text
  • Works with almost all mobile carriers.
  • Offers Anonymous texting UK service as well.
  • Sometimes a nominal fee might be charged.
  • Might have local sender ID restrictions in some countries.
  • Simple & user-friendly interface.
  • Send unlimited text messages with unlimited characters.
  • Lets you send text messages to phone numbers in the US only.
  • No registration required to use the service.
  • Receive replies from the recipient directly to your email.
  • Lets you send text messages to phone numbers in the US & Canada only.
  • Offers plenty of services for Mobile apps, free SMS, paid bulk messaging & more.
  • Character limitation of 145 characters.


Let’s check out how you can use these services to send anonymous text messages from the computer for Free.

1. SendAnoynmousSMS

Probably one of the largest & most trusted websites used for sending anonymous texts from the computer. SendAnoynmousSMS is easy to use & delivers more than 100,000 free text messages almost every day. Using this website, anyone can send a message to anywhere in the World.





– You can send/receive anonymous SMS using a Twilio number.

– It keeps your number private.

– Pick different countries for messages.

– No registration is needed.

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2. Seasms

Seasms is one of the most famous websites used for sending instant free messages in a few clicks. The site works amazingly well when it comes to delivering both SMS & MMS. Unlike most communication platforms, Seasms lets you share text, images, videos, and documents in over 250 countries. Their bulk SMS charging fee cost starts from $20.


Send Free SMS



– Worldwide SMS/MMS, no registration needed.

– Send texts, media anonymously to 250+ countries.

– Track sent messages, delivery, and schedule.

– Choose your number or stay hidden.

3. TextForFree

TextForFree, as the name entails, lets you send SMS FROM the Internet to almost any cell phone provider in the US for Free. When you land on their website, they claim to provide 100% anonymity protected text messaging service. Besides, it even promises not to share any user data with third parties or so.




– Send free texts to most US cell providers.

– Call/text via WiFi.

– Pick custom area code numbers.

– Group chat, MMS, private calls/voicemail.

4. SendSMSnow

Here comes another free instant messaging service that helps you send SMS anonymously using your computer. What makes it different from other services mentioned here? Well, SendSMSnow supports group messaging as well, though it’s not available at free of cost. But they do charge nominal prices to send SMS in batches.



– Free SMS, and account creation needed.

– Manage contacts, and receive replies.

– Group messaging supported.

– Add the “text me” button.

5. Anonymous text

Unlike most of the communication services mentioned here, Anonymous text is entirely privacy-focused. You can even track the delivery of messages right from the interface. No additional registration is required to send anonymous text messages from the computer. Just make sure you enter the correct country code to send your SMS in a few seconds.


– Send texts without revealing identity.

– Use websites, apps, or second numbers.

– Private texting to prank your friends.

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6. TextEm

Launched in 2006, TextEm is probably the wisest choice if you want to send free anonymous messages without registration. Using this service, you can choose a preferred network carrier from the US and send unlimited text messages to any mobile number. Additionally, TextEm allows you to share images as well with SMS.



– Free messaging, account needed.

– Manage frequent contacts, and get replies.

– Supports US texting only.

– No bulk messaging, one-to-one.

7. TxtDrop

Here comes another free communication service that lets you send anonymous text messages from the computer for free. The website is in service since 2013 & has continued to provide free web-based messaging without any hiccups. You can rely on TxtDrop to send free SMS in the US and Canada.



– Worldwide SMS/MMS, no registration needed.

– Send texts, media anonymously to 250+ countries.

– Track sent messages, delivery, and schedule.

– Choose your number or stay hidden.

8. Foosms

Claims to be a leading end-to-end provider of Mobile apps & online services, Foosms had to be included in our list of Best websites to send anonymous text messages from the computer for free. The message delivery is quite fast, but it has a character limitation of 140 characters in each SMS. It even gives options to manage your contacts online.



– Indian website for business SMS.

– Ensure messages reach all carriers.

– Manage contacts, and messages easily.

– No time limit, affordable plans.

– Also provides voice calls and verification.

How To Text Anonymously Using Third-Party Apps On Android?

There are a few apps in the market that can help you send text messages anonymously. Some are free while some are paid to send SMS.

1. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting app is an ultimate application for Android that can help you make unlimited free calls & texts to all phone numbers in the US & Canada. You can have your own private number and send SMS to any number without revealing your real identity.

Download Now | In-App Products = Starting from $1.22 USD | Installs = 5,000,000+

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting


– Unlimited free calls and texts to US and Canada.

– Get your own real phone number with voicemail.

– No need to earn or pay for calling credits.

2. TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

TextMe Up is another excellent application if you want to start calling and texting from a new phone number to prank your friends. The application lets you enjoy free texting to any number in the US, Canada and other 40 countries. You can even make HD Voice & Video calls to other TextMeUp users.

Download Now | In-App Products = Starting from $1.22 USD | Installs = 5,000,000+

TextMe Up


– Free texting (real SMS) to the US, Canada, and 40 countries.

– HD voice and video calls to TextMe Up users.

– Create multiple numbers and manage from one account.

3. CoverMe

Formerly known as Private Text Messaging, CoverMe is another worth-trying application if you are looking for a fast & reliable way to send private messages & other files. Just install the app, sign-up (if needed), enter a pone number you would like to text & the receiver will see the SMS coming from a new number.

In-App Products = Starting from $0.89 USD | Installs = 50,000+



– Private texts and secure phone calls with the second number.

– Disappearing messages, encrypted messages, anonymous SMS.

– End-to-end encryption for all communications.

This Application has been discontinued from Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I Text Someone From My Computer For Free?

Well, Yes! You can use any of the websites listed above to send texts & SMS. In case you are looking for something else, you can rely on SENDaTEXT service. It’s a standard web browser that allows you to send messages from your PC & smartphone without any hassles.

Q2. Is Sending Anonymous Messages Illegal?

There’s no general rule in the US against maintaining anonymity, but there’s a spam opt-out registry. Indeed, the Internet to phone SMS might be illegal if the receiver is in the registry & the message is not valid.

Q3. Are There Any Best Anonymous Texting Apps?

Yes, there are certain applications available for Android that help users to send SMS without revealing their identity from their smartphone.

  1. Text Me – Free Texting & Calls
  2. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting
  3. Free phone calls, free texting SMS on free number

Wrapping Up

Here we’ve got the list of Best Apps & Websites To Send Anonymous SMS for free or with just nominal pricing. This helps you prank your friends living anywhere in the world, without revealing your identity. If you know more such apps or websites, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below! Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Till Then, Have Fun! ?

WARNING: Remember, these anonymous text message communication sites are for fun purposes only. WeTheGeek is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, reliability, or completeness of the third-party tool. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk.


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