How to Send Anonymous Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. One of the app’s key features is the ability to easily send messages, photos, videos, and more to friends and family.

By default, WhatsApp shows your name and phone number to any contacts you message on its platform. This allows your friends to see who each message is coming from. However, there may be times when you want to message someone anonymously, without revealing your identity.

In this guide, we’ll explain the different ways to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp. We’ll cover how to use tools like anonymous phone numbers, virtual phone numbers, and burner apps to conceal your identity.

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Why Send Anonymous WhatsApp Messages?

Anonymous WhatsApp Messages

Here are some common reasons people want to send anonymous WhatsApp messages:

  • Privacy – You may not want certain contacts to have your real phone number. An anonymous message keeps your identity private.
  • Avoiding unwanted contact – Sending an anonymous message means the recipient can’t directly call or message you back if you don’t want further communication.
  • Pranks & jokes – Anonymity can be used for harmless pranks with friends or family.
  • Whistleblowing – For reporting crime or unethical behavior without self-identification.
  • Dating – When initially messaging someone you met online to keep your identity private.

The legality of anonymous messaging depends on how it’s used. Be sure you’re not harassing or threatening someone, which could have legal consequences. For casual friendly use, it should be fine in most countries.

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How to Send Anonymous Messages on WhatsApp

Method 1 – Use a Separate Anonymous Phone Number

The most straightforward way to send anonymous WhatsApp messages is by getting a separate phone number not tied to your real identity. Here are some easy ways to get an anonymous secondary number:

Get a Burner App Phone Number

Get a Burner App Phone Number

A burner app provides temporary, disposable phone numbers you can use to create anonymous accounts. Some popular options include Burner, Hushed, and Confide.

The recipient will only see the anonymous number the burner app provided, keeping your real number hidden.

Purchase a new SIM Card

Purchase a new SIM Card

Another option is to buy a prepaid SIM card with a new phone number attached. Switch this SIM into your phone when you want to message anonymously via a new WhatsApp account.

Here’s how to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp:

1. Purchase a prepaid SIM card locally or online. Many providers sell cards with small amounts of data/call time included.

2. Activate the new SIM card with the provider to get your new phone number. Avoid providing any personal details when registering the SIM.

3. Switch your main SIM card out and insert the new anonymous SIM into your phone.

4. Verify a new WhatsApp account using the SIM card number.

5. Send messages anonymously using your temporary new number. Swap SIMs whenever you want to switch between your numbers.

This gives you a completely separate phone number to message from anonymously. Just use caution to keep your anonymous activity on WhatsApp separate from your primary number.

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Use a Free Online Phone Number

Use a Free Online Phone Number

Another option is to get a free online phone number to verify WhatsApp with, instead of using a physical SIM card.

Sites like TextNow, Google Voice, and TalkU provide free phone numbers you can use to get WhatsApp codes for verification.

To use one of these numbers:

1. Go to a site like TextNow and sign up for a free phone number.

2. Make sure you can receive texts online or via their app with the number.

3. Open WhatsApp and enter the free online number you claimed when verifying your account.

4. Reply to the SMS verification code text to complete your anonymous WhatsApp registration.

5. Start messaging your contacts completely anonymously using your online phone number.

This gives you an anonymous secondary number while avoiding buying a SIM card. Just be aware the number could eventually be reassigned to someone else by the provider.

Method 2 – Use a Virtual Phone Number Service

Use a Virtual Phone Number Service

Another popular option is using a virtual phone number service like Flyp or Hushed. These provide you with real secondary phone numbers to use, with features tailored specifically for anonymity.

Here is how virtual phone numbers work for anonymous WhatsApp messaging:

1. Sign up for a virtual phone service and purchase a new virtual phone number.

2. Download the service’s app and activate your new anonymous number.

3. Open WhatsApp and enter the virtual number when creating a new account.

4. Reply to the verification code text to verify your anonymous WhatsApp account.

5. Start sending anonymous messages to any contact using your virtual number.

The recipient will only see a message from your virtual number, not your real personal number. You manage and switch between numbers using the service’s app.

Some key benefits of virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp anonymity:

  • Fully separate from your real number – Keep all anonymous activity completely walled off.
  • Able to switch numbers instantly – Quickly swap between your anonymous and real number.
  • Disposable numbers – Most services let you get a new virtual number at any time.
  • Messages forwarded to your phone – Get all texts to a virtual number forwarded to your device.

Using a dedicated virtual phone service provides an easy way to send anonymous WhatsApp messages online.

Method 3 – Use a WhatsApp Business Profile

Use a WhatsApp Business Profile

WhatsApp Business accounts are specifically designed for companies to communicate with customers. However, you can also use them to message contacts anonymously.

Here’s how:

1. Download the WhatsApp Business app on your device. Open the app.

2. Create a new Business account with a fake business name and anonymous business details.

3. Verify the business account using any secondary phone number via SMS code.

4. Once verified, you can message anyone anonymously from your business profile.

The recipient will just see a message from your business name and number, not your personal account details. Keep in mind WhatsApp Business accounts have some limitations compared to regular accounts. But this provides another simple method to anonymously message contacts.

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Bonus Tip: Lock WhatsApp with Locker for Whats Chat App to Keep Chats Private

When messaging anonymously on WhatsApp, it’s important to keep your activity private if you want to avoid revealing your identity.

A great way to do this is by using a privacy app like Locker for Whats Chat App to password-protect WhatsApp and make it inaccessible to others.

Locker for Whats Chat App

Here’s how Locker for Whats Chat app helps keep your anonymous chats secure:

1. Download and install Locker for Whats Chat App on your Android phone. Open the app and give it all the necessary permissions.

2. Set a passcode you’ll use to unlock apps. Enable app locking.

3. You can lock any chat you want to be kept private. Additionally lock the entire WhatsApp for more security.

4. Now when you open WhatsApp, Locker for Whats Chat App will require your credentials or fingerprint to access chats.

5. Your WhatsApp messages stay securely hidden behind your passcode or fingerprint.

This prevents anyone else who gets access to your phone from opening WhatsApp and viewing your anonymous chats. Locker for Whats Chat App adds an important extra layer of privacy when messaging anonymously.

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Sending anonymous messages on WhatsApp is easy using tools like burner numbers, virtual numbers, and business accounts. Keep your anonymous activity private for maximum secrecy. Use anonymity ethically without harassing others. With the right precautions, you can anonymously message friends, play harmless pranks, and more without revealing your real identity.

Just be cautious when accessing anonymous chats on your device so you don’t accidentally expose your activities. With features like app locking, you can securely use WhatsApp to message and chat anonymously. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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