How To Resolve Battlefield 5 Lag Issues On Windows

Battlefield V is a first-person shooter game, which needs speed and accuracy and gamers love to indulge in the virtual scenario to satiate their gameplay cravings. However, we all know that game lagging is a major setback, and the players get crazy with such a flip in the smooth process. Some gamers may think that game lagging is simply an issue of low FPS. However, it is to be noted that other than low FPS, network-related glitches, outdated drivers, resolution scale, etc. could be other reasons.

With this guide, we would like to tell you how you can resolve the game lagging when playing your favorite Battlefield V. Before trying out all the fixes, make sure that your PC fits the requirements as mentioned by EA itself for smooth functioning.

Battlefield 5 Game Lagging (Solved)

1. Test Your Internet Connection

The very first and obvious fix is to check if there is any faulty connection, low bandwidth, router glitches or multiple systems consuming the internet. You can try out the best websites to check your internet connection and find out why there is a chance of game lagging.

Solution: In the case of wireless routers receiving weak signals, you can try using Ethernet cable for stable and faster connection. With that, you can close all the software and other systems that are hogging up the speed of Battlefield V gameplay. You can also ask your service provider to upgrade the internet plan if the optimum speed is not being delivered at the moment.


ORIGIN In-Game is a unique feature in Battlefield V that lets the gamers chat with their friends, discuss game plans, browse the internet, etc. This may interrupt the game speed, hence must be tried out.

Solution: For this,

Step 1: Open Here, go to the menu button from the upper left corner and select Applications.

Step 2: Click More > ORIGIN IN-GAME > toggle off the button mentioning Origin In-Game.


3. Lower Down Game Resolution

The present game resolution might not be supportive of your Windows configuration, and hence game lagging issues arise. Many players have reviewed that lowering the game resolution has helped them to a great extent.

Solution: As you boot in the game, go to More > Options > Video > Advanced. Here, you can make a lot of settings, including changing the resolution. It is also recommended that you change the BFV resolution scale to 130% and try out the performance of the game.

Lower Down Game Resolution

4. Update Your Device Drivers

It is not just your graphics driver that you shall consider while playing Battlefield V but also other device drivers that are being in action during the gameplay.

Solution: Since there are various drivers you need to update, an automatic tool is the best solution and highly recommended. Smart Driver Care is the last resort option that scans the whole system to find outdated drivers. Once scanned, you can click on one single button mentioning Update All‘, and it helps in making the drivers compatible with the Windows system. You can now restart the system once drivers are updated. Inevitably, a game lagging in Battlefield 5 would be done away with.

  • Make sure that you keep your system also updated to the latest version so that everything in the system stays in sync with each other. For this, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Here Check for updates and install them if any available.

Smart Driver Care

5. Change In BFV Game Settings

As we were already explaining in point number 3 that some in-game settings could tweak your experience, some of these settings could be applied to avoid Battlefield V game lagging.

Solution: Boot the game, go to More > Options > Video > Advanced. Here,

  • DXR Enabled: Off
  • High Dynamic Range: Off
  • Framerate Limiter: 70-200
  • Future Frame Rendering: Off
  • Vertical Sync: Off (may cause tearing of screen)
  • UI Upscaling: Auto
  • GPU Memory Restriction: Off
  • Graphics Quality: CUSTOM
  • Texture Quality: Low-Medium (Keep Mesh at Ultra)

6. Turn Off Game Mode

The game mode gives a special priority to your gaming experience, but it is known that this setting doesn’t provide significant benefits to the gamer. You can try testing the game lagging issue by disabling the game mode.

Solution: In the Search box, type Game Mode > Game Mode Settings > Toggle off the option.

Turn Off Game Mode


We are hopeful that now you can play Battlefield 5 without any game lagging issues after trying out the fixes mentioned above. Many players have commented that change in BFV settings and updating the device drivers have helped them. With that, check out some more interesting reads:

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