How To Remove Grain From Photo On Windows 10 PC?

Your Photos are not just digital files captured by your smartphone or DSLR. Instead, they are your precious memories or remembrance of moments that you have lived and enjoyed with family and friends. Thanks to digitalization, you can now save these objects of reminiscence on cloud storage or external drives and eliminate the fear of losing them. However, something else has been trying to ruin your memoirs by making your photos grainy, blur and adding noise to distort it. This article speaks about how to use a photo noise reduction software to remove grain from a photo.

Now that I have highlighted the issue with our photos and images, let me also disclose the perfect remedial solution for it. Noise Reducer Pro, a photography application that unconventionally removes grains from picture to make them spotless while retaining the image quality intact. 

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Steps On How To Remove Grain From Photo On Windows 10 PC?

One of the best features of Noise Reducer Pro is that it is easy to use and requires no training what so ever. However, I have described the simple steps below:

Step 1: Download and Install Noise Reduce Pro from the following link.

Step 2: Once the installation process is completed, you will find a shortcut on your desktop. Double click the short cut to launch the application.

Step 3: Next, Drag and Drop any photo that requires a bit of touch up. 

Drag and Drop any photo to remove grain

Step 4: Click on the Auto button or try out the various options on the top to denoise the image.

denoise the image

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the changes, Save the image anywhere on the PC.

satisfied with the changes

Features Of Noise Reducer Pro

Noise Reduce Pro was designed to declutter your photos and make them look vibrant and spotless without having to use any high-end tools like Adobe Photoshop. This tool requires the user to import the images and apply certain settings by moving the slider, and once you achieve the result, you were looking for, save the image. Some of the other features are:

Denoise Your Photographs:

Denoise Your Photographs

Denoise, literary means eliminating noise and removing grains from photos to preserve your beautiful moments minus the speckles. This application also allows the user to zoom up to 200% to compare between the original and new altered image.

Retain the image quality:

Noise Reducer Pro helps users to denoise the images and brighten up them without distorting the original image quality. Even the tiny speckles are removed without messing with the image details. It also allows the users to save the resultant image on any location on your computer. 

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Display information about the image:

Noise Reducer Pro also displays the size and dimensions of the original image along with its path at the bottom of the app window. 

Easy to Use:

Easy to Use Noise Reducer Pro

Noise Reducer Pro is a simple and light-weight application which requires a few clicks to sort and denoise your photos. It does not require any graphic designing or professional photography skills. The interface is quite convenient to understand and Intuitive, which makes it easy to remove tinted pixels from digital photos.

Real-time Comparison:

This application consists of a vertical scroll bar which allows users to compare both the images. It also facilitates zooming in and out to check image clarity. Once the original and altered images are placed side by side, the users can check for intricate details. 

Auto Noise Reduction:

Auto Noise Reduction

This photo noise reduction software has inculcated two special features like Auto Noise Removal that allows user to click on auto and get all the aberrant pixels removed naturally. Besides this, a smart noise detection and reduction feature can make your photos spotless with minimal manual intervention.

The Final Word On How To Remove Grain From Photo On Windows 10 PC.

It is very easy to denoise and remove grain from photo through photo noise reduction software like Noise Reducer Pro. However, this application cannot make your photos perfect; it can just improve them. Do try out the application and let it work wonders with your ruined pictures and put life back into them.

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