How To Protect Yourself From Doppelganger Apps

Rise in fake android apps has created a huge problem for everyone. Lately, google has removed several Android apps that snuck into the official Play Store, posing as original famous apps. We usually rely on official app sources like Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhones so that we can be protected from malicious and fake apps. Just because an app is lurking on Google Play Store, doesn’t mean that it is a genuine app. By keeping some measures in your mind you can spot & avoid those fake/malicious apps.

What is so bad about fake apps?

When you download an app from some unknown sources, you’re unwittingly giving them free access to do whatever they want with your phone. Once your device is concillitated by a fake app, hackers can use your pictures and access them remotely. They can also track your location, seize your sensitive information and even send text messages from your phone.

Hence, it’s clear that password protection for your phone is not sufficient to protect yourself from hackers. Once an outsider has gained access through a fake app, you have lost your sensitive data. Due to installation of fake or unauthorized app, your device gets packed up with Adware. These apps involve malicious codes that targets on showing fake security alerts, advertising intrusive ads, and secretly collecting piles of personal information.

What is so bad about fake apps

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How these apps tricks users?

Although fake apps that look like real ones can sneak into the official app stores, there are typical essential signs to watch out, before you download and install. Developers try their level best to make fake app looks,as identical as the original one. They manufacture the apps which are undistinguished from the real thing. Like using same icon and name, to trick you into downloading it & then harassing you with ads.

The most successful fake app was WhatsApp that was downloaded over million times before it was removed from the Play Store. It was damn successful because it was very similar to the original WhatsApp listing with the icon, verbiage, and even the developer’s names were visually identical.

So to avoid similar mishaps, follow these tips listed below.

  • Check App Name & Developer – Before you click install on the app, better double check the title and developer’s name, as small as they can be to distract your attention. Even the fake WhatsApp app tweaked their developer ID so hardly to resemble the real developer’s name.
  • Check for faulty grammar – According to various surveys, a good number of these fake apps appear to come from non-english speaking Asian or Russian developers. Broken english in the app’s description is a typical indicator that it’s fake.
  • Check Download Count – Always check the downloaded figures. If an app like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp has an unusually low download number, then it’s most likely a fake app.
  • Check reviews – Don’t forget to read the reviews of an app. Although fake reviews (both positive and negative) can alter the rating of an app, user comments can still give vital information about the app.
  • Excessive permissions – Fake apps will usually bombard you with a long list of permission requests to trick you into granting them more than what’s required. For an instance, if a normal camera app or a GIF maker asks for for administrator permissions, delete it instantly!

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How can you combat fake apps?

  • An easy protection measure everybody can use is to check Android settings and make sure to not allow permissions of app downloads from untrusted sources.
  • Download apps straight from the company’s website or one of their social media accounts, to have full surety of a legitimate app.
  • For stubborn apps that have seize control your device’s administrator permissions, try removing them in Safe Mode. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work, you are only left with the option to wipe your data & factory reset your device.
  • If you’re about to download a new app, do some research like how many times the app has been installed? Most downloaded app is a significant sign of a genuine app. Do read about the app reviews, there could be more information coming from other users who have previously been cheated.
  • Always think before you click. Even though there may be a sense of urgency to one-click and install, it’s better to take a minute and remind yourself of all the signs an app may be fake.

These were some amazing tricks & tips which you can follow to be protected from getting trapped into fake apps. Subscribe & comment below, if you find this piece of information useful. Till then, happy reading.

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