5 Incredibly Strange Apps For Android

Although, Google Play Store is a treasure of good apps that has helped millions in different streams. However, there will always be those that stand apart from the league, for all the wrong reasons. Some of these apps are incredibly strange that you may laugh at the subject they’re made for. The strange apps for Android do not serve any purpose but may help you kill some time if you’re getting bored. You may find these apps pointless and waste of data but they have been made only to deliver some fun moments. Today we’re going to talk about the 5 incredibly strange apps for Android that will definitely leave you amused.

1. Fake Battery:

Although, you may not know why would you need an app to fake a battery status, developers happened to have thought the other way, “why not?”. The app is designed to show a low battery status to help you refuse giving your phone to others. There is no algorithm as such and it is totally based on a few images that show up when the app is triggered.

fake battery

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2. Demotivational Pictures:

To all those negative people around, the app is here to make your bad day worse. If you’re feeling a little low and do not aspire to do anything good, launch this app to see all the negativity around you. If you think no one would download this app, please be informed that app has nearly about half a million installs on Play Store.

demotivational pictures

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3. Yo:

You’ve been “Yo’ing” incorrectly the whole time, there’s an app intended to Yo your friends. Well, this is what developers had in their mind while making this app that sends a Yo message to your friends. If you’re talking to your friends and agree upon something, switch the app, launch the Yo and send one to your friend. It’s easy.


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4. Ghost Hunting Tools:

This one may not be a strange app but the motive to create this app is epic. Ghost Hunting Tools app features EMF and EVP detectors to find and hunt a ghost in your house. The electromagnetic field and electronic voice phenomena are the same technologies that have been used in various horror movies. The strange part of the app is the number of installs on Play Store, is about to cross a million.

Ghost hunting tools

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5. RunPee:

RunPee app lets you know the best time to go to the washroom during a movie. It is designed in such a way that you don’t miss anything consequent while you’re not watching the show. It also gives a synopsis of what you may have missed in that time. The built-in timer vibrates and tells you the exact time when you can go.


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