How to Prevent Pornographic Virus Alerts From “Apple”

Receiving pornographic virus alerts on your Mac while browsing the Internet? Yes, it’s extremely annoying. When you see a pornographic virus alert from Apple, the error displays that “This Computer is blocked“ followed by a customer support number which is of no use. Fake virus alerts messages like these are quite terrifying. Isn’t it?

apple virus alert

Why Do You Get Pornographic Virus Alerts? What are These?

A fake virus alert can anytime pop up on your macOS while you’re surfing the web. It is probably a scary scheme that most hackers adopt to get you off the hook, typically malware that’s craving for your attention.

Why Do You Get Pornographic Virus Alerts

The alert crashes your screen in the form of a pop-up notification that interrupts you from wherever you were doing and warns you to contact Apple right away to resolve the problem. No matter how bizarre that sounds, this fake alert is nothing but malware that needs to be blocked and requires your immediate attention to be dealt with.

Wondering how to do that? We’ve got you covered. Let’s learn a couple of ways of how you can block and remove fake pornographic virus alerts on your Mac.

#1 Force Quit Browser

One of the simplest hacks to get past the fake virus alerts on macOS is by quitting the browser window. Whether you were browsing the web on Safari, Google Chrome, or any other browser, this trick can be used universally. Close all the active apps and then close the browser window.

You can also use the Force Quit method to close the web browser. Here’s what you need to do.

Press the Option+Command+Escape keys to launch the “Force Quit” window.

force quit browser

Pick your browser’s name from the list and then hit the “Force Quit” button placed at the bottom.

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#2 Check for Newly Installed or Suspicious Software

Did you recently install any third-party software on your Mac? Even if not then maybe it’s a good idea just to check if there’s anything suspicious installed on your system to deal with pornographic virus alerts on Mac.

Head on to your Mac’s Finder and open Applications. Here you will have an entire list of all the installed software. To check for newly installed programs, you can filter the results based on “Sort by: Date Modified” to quickly get a glimpse of all the recently installed applications.

check for newly installed software

If you find any software that you have no clue about, or anything suspicious then uninstall it right away. Reboot your machine and then start browsing the web to check if you’re still receiving a pornographic virus alert from Apple.

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#3 Scan Your Mac For Virus & Malware

Tried the above-mentioned methods and still no luck? If that’s the case, we recommend you install a dedicated antivirus solution on your Mac that can help you look for common viruses and malicious content. Keeping your device free from potential security vulnerabilities ensures a power-packed and safe experience (both online & offline).

use Intego Antivirus

If you’re confused about which antimalware tool you should use, then download Intego Antivirus software on your Mac, right now. The Mac security application comes with two macOS malware protection engines — VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, that works as a real-time protection engine and an advanced firewall, respectively. It is a must-have antimalware program that offers round-the-clock protection against both existing and new threats.

If you’re constantly annoyed by the pornographic virus alerts on your Mac, then you should give Intego Antivirus a shot. Not only this, the app comes with additional features like Washing Machine (dedicated system cleaner and optimizer), Personal Backup (to backup important files securely), and Content Barrier (parental controls). Here are the major advantages & disadvantages of using Intego Antivirus on Mac:


  • A two-way firewall.
  • Ultimate real-time protection.
  • Tools to detect threat type: Anti-spyware, trojan, spyware, anti-worm, anti-rootkit, etc.
  • Comes with Parental Controls & Tune-up tools.
  • Tools for data backup are available.
  • Allows you to run scheduled scans.


  • Weak phishing protection.

It’s always a great idea to keep your system installed with a comprehensive antimalware tool that constantly keeps a check on potential threats and removes them right away. Intego Antivirus for Mac is such a program that deserves a place on your Mac!

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Here were a few methods that you can try for removing pornographic virus alerts on Mac. well, not just pornographic alerts but these solutions can be tried for removing any kind of fake virus alerts on macOS so that you can spread the malware infection from further spreading into your device.

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