How to Pixelate an Image on Windows and Mac

There are hundreds of photo-editing programs available online, each with features and restrictions. This guide aims to get you started with some popular programs to pixelate and adjust the resolution of your photographs. You may achieve all your objectives as you learn new techniques and become adept. Let’s start.

How To Pixelate An Image With Adobe Photoshop


Step 1: Activate Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2: Press File and then click on Open.

Step 3: Get the image you want to pixelate and find it.

Step 4: Convert for Smart Filters may be found by clicking on the Filter menu. Your image will become a smart object as a result.

Step 5: You can add, remove, change, or hide smart filters as desired.

Step 6: By adjusting the slider in the Preview box to the right or left, you can easily alter the degree of pixelation in your image. You can increase the pixelation by sliding it to the right. You reduce it by moving it to the left.

Step 7: You can use the zoom tools to see how your pixelation will appear since the default preview is in thumbnail format.

How To Changing Image Resolution Using Adobe Express


You can alter the image resolution and scale level with Adobe Express, a free online image resizer. Adobe Express offers a wide range of image resolution options depending on how you plan to utilize your image. You are also covered if you want to define a custom image resolution.

Step 1: Check out the Adobe Express webpage.

Step 2: To manually locate and choose the image from your computer, click Browse on your device. You might also upload it by just dragging it over the drop zone.

Step 3: Choose an automated image resolution by selecting the website or service where you wish to utilize your photograph.

Step 4:  Select the Custom option if you wish to specify the resolution manually.

Step 5: You can also change your image’s scaling by dragging the Image scale slider.

Step 6: To begin downloading your image, click Download.

How To Changing Image Resolution Using CorelDraw Graphics Suite


Considered one of Adobe Photoshop’s rivals is CorelDraw. It is a powerful image manipulation program used by expert graphic designers, illustrators of vector images, and people who work with typography tools. To alter the resolution of your image, use CorelDraw.

Step 1: Start CorelDraw.

Step 2: Press File followed by Open.

Step 3: Find the image whose resolution you want to alter.

Step 4: To resample an image, select Image.

Step 5: You can modify your image’s aspect ratio, vertical and horizontal dimensions, and anti-aliasing in the new window, in addition to changing the image resolution.

Step 6: Indicate the width and height in inches. Choose the appropriate choice in place of Inches to specify them in any other unit.

Step 7: Enter the required numbers in the Percentage Height and Percentage Width boxes to set the image aspect ratio.

Step 8: Select OK.

Bonus: Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro To Identity And Remove Duplicate Images


Thanks to the superb duplicate photo detecting tool Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, the same photos may be eliminated fast and effectively. When looking for duplicate photographs, our duplicate photo finder does not consider names, sizes, or dates. Even when the pictures are changed or compressed, it uses additional criteria to detect duplication, including GPS, Time Intervals, and other comparison levels. The elements listed below are used to look for duplicate photos:

  • Users can delete two photos using the “Similar Match” option if they share certain similarities but also differ from each other.
  • There are numerous user choices for searching and removing photos.
  • The software can locate and group recently taken similar photos.
  • To find duplicate photos, this software analyses the coordinates saved in the images and uses the geolocation tags on the pictures.

The Final Word On How To Pixelate An Image And Change Its Resolution To Highest Or Lowest

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