How To Perform Quick & Regular Maintenance on Your PC

PC maintenance is a huge task that covers a lot of modules, steps, and methods to achieve. It is also known as the Optimization Process and requires many different tools and apps to perform. This procedure consumes considerable time and effort and requires inapt knowledge of the computer’s services and processes that only a certified technician can offer. However, if you wish to perform quick and regular computer system maintenance with simple and swift steps, then this guide is just for you.

How To Maintain PC Performance and optimize your system?

Complete optimization of your system will undoubtedly improve the performance of your PC by many folds but regular and quick maintenance will also be effective in the short run. To perform these few steps manually would be difficult and impossible for some. Hence we would like to suggest using Advanced System Optimizer software that will help to quickly optimize your computer.

Advanced System Optimizer: The Complete Optimization Solution

Although the Advanced System Optimizer contains a large number of modules for complete maintenance of your system, we will be using only five of them to achieve quick maintenance of your PC. These Five Modules are :

System Cleaner. This module helps users to scan the PC for unwanted files like temporary and junk files and removes them permanently. This helps users to gain valuable storage space and free up resources for the smooth functioning of the PC.

Memory Optimizer. The next module helps users to optimize their RAM and free up unused allocated memory. More RAM means the faster your computer will be as it will take less time to open multiple programs and files.

Privacy Protector. Another step in computer system maintenance is to remove internet browsing history and remove hidden traces of personal information scattered across the PC.

Startup Manager. Many programs tend to initiate their functions with the startup of your PC. This increases your PC’s boot time and delivers a slower startup every time you restart your computer. To speed up your computer’s startup time, you can manage the startup items and remove the unwanted apps.

Uninstall Manager. This final module helps users to identify and remove old, redundant, and unknown applications installed in your system. Sometimes applications are installed as a part of bundled software and the user has no actual need for them. By removing such apps you can save space and free up unnecessarily occupied resources.

How To Maintain PC Performance and optimize your system?

Here are the steps to use Advanced System Optimizer for quick computer system maintenance:

Step 1: Click the download button below to download and install Advanced System Optimizer.

Step 2: Launch the app and enter the key you received in your email to register it.

Advanced System Optimizer

Step 3: Click on Disk Cleaner & Optimizers from the left panel of the app window.

maintenance of pc

Step 4: Now click on System Cleaner located on the right side of the app panel. A new app window will open, You have to click on Start Scan Now button and wait for the process to complete.

computer maintenance

Step 5: After the scan is over and unwanted files are deleted, you have to return to the main app window and click on Windows Optimizers in the left panel.

computer system maintenance

Step 6: Now click on Memory Optimize from the right panel and wait until a new window opens. Click on the Optimize Now button.

maintenance of pc

Step 7: Next click on Security & Privacy and then click on Privacy Protector.

how to maintain pc performance

Step 8: Now click on the Regular Maintenance option from the left panel and then click on Startup Manager to remove unwanted startup items.

Step 9: Finally click on the Uninstall Manager to check the list of apps installed in your system and remove the ones that you don’t recognize or don’t need.

computer system maintenance

Step 10: Restart your PC for the changes to take effect and you will notice a difference in the normal working of the computer.

The Final Word On How To Perform Quick & Regular Maintenance on Your PC?

Advanced System Optimizer is an amazing tool that helps users with a complete optimization and maintenance of their system that is not possible with manual methods. However, The above five modules explained in this guide enable users for quick computer system maintenance when time is short. These steps must be performed regularly and are recommended to be carried out at least once a week.

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