How to Get your Instagram Back after being Disabled?

With one billion users, Instagram is among the most popular social networking applications available today. However, an Instagram account gets deactivated sometimes due to a user’s own decision or violation of Instagram’s term of use. And, one of the most important questions in the life of an Instagram user is, how to get your Instagram back after being disabled. Although it seems difficult but is not impossible, here are a few steps to follow to recover your deleted Instagram account.

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One of the worst types of Instagram spam is the irrelevant accounts that randomly follow you and post inappropriate comments on your profile. Things get worse when they start tagging you in specious photos or start sending suspicious links, or offering help to gain more followers. 

To keep the platform a secure place for everyone, Instagram deletes millions of accounts in a spam purge. If your profile gets packed with such illicit followers or their inappropriate comments, Instagram may consider putting your profile under the Spammers list. Hence, it is necessary that you constantly declutter your account by finding and removing spam profiles, bots, inactive, non-mutual users, and ghost accounts from following you. Doing this manually can be a troublesome task. Still, you can take the help of a smart Instagram Cleaner Tool like SpamGuard, which works brilliantly with its anti-spam monitor to ensure your profile is free from such irrelevant audiences and their associated activities. The web app tool runs a comprehensive scan to identify such an audience and securely wipes them so that you can enjoy a better organic engagement rate & have genuine followers on your profile.  


So, without further ado, take some time from your busy schedules to clean and protect your Instagram account!

Difference between a Disabled and a Deleted Instagram Account.

Before I start with the steps, it is important to know whether your Instagram account has been deactivated or deleted. Disabling & Deleting the Instagram account involves:

  1. Disabled by the user. The user, for any reason, decides to disable his account for some time. This account can be enabled by the user, and there would be no issues in this type of reactivation of your Instagram account.
  2. Disable by Instagram. This happens if the Instagram support team identifies a violation of the terms and conditions of use. This situation is a bit complicated as the user will have to fill and submit a form to the Instagram Technical support team explaining and requesting reactivation of the account.
  3. Deleting the Instagram account. If the user has chosen to delete the account for good, then it is not possible to retrieve the deleted Instagram account back. The user will have to simply create a new one with a different username but still can use the same email address and phone number.

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How to get back the Deleted Instagram Account?

How to get back the Deleted Instagram Account

Well, the bitter truth is if you have deleted and not disabled your Instagram, then there is no way to retrieve or reactivate that account.

You can only enable those Instagram account that has been disabled.

Steps on how to get your Instagram back after being disabled:

Step 1. Tap on the Instagram app icon and open it.

Step 2. You will have to login in with your credentials. The username can either be your email address, phone number or an ID, if you have set previously.

Step 3. Enter the Password in the box below.

Step 4. Tap the Log in Button.

Steps on how to get your Instagram back after being disabled

Step 5. If you have entered the correct credentials, then your deactivated account would reactivate automatically and it will let you log in. Generally, the users do not face any issues while reactivating the account.

Step 6. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen, which can include verifying your mobile number through OTP or by accepting the updated terms and policies page.

Step 7. If you have forgotten the password, then click on the link below the Log in Button that states Get Help with Signing in, and it will take you through some steps to reset your password.  This will finally reactivate your Instagram account.

Disabling your Instagram account, accidentally or intentionally for some peace of mind is not a major issue. You can always reactivate your Instagram account by following the steps mentioned above. However, there is a different type of issue if your Instagram Account has been:

  • Suspended by Instagram
  • Disabled by Instagram

In these cases, the simple trying to login will not work, and even if you use the correct credentials to log in, you will get an error message stating, “Your account has been suspended or disabled” or “Instagram has disabled your account for violating the Terms of Use”.

Disabled by Instagram

The only possible solution is to visit the Instagram official and access the Instagram Appeal Form. It can be better accessed using your computer’s web browser by typing the below-mentioned website address in the address bar or by just clicking here.

ractivate your instagram account

Fill in the form on the webpage with the correct and matching details. This form will help you to make a request to Instagram to let you access your account again. The form requires basic information like:

Full name. Enter your first and last name as it appeared on the Instagram account.

Username. This field requires you to enter your Instagram Username.

Email Address. You may have more than one email address. Enter the one that is associated with your Instagram account.

Mobile Number. Enter the correct mobile number as you might receive an OTP confirming your account.

Appeal Request. This is the most important box, where you have to enter a brief message which will act as an appeal to recover your deleted Instagram account. While writing an appeal, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Never Apologize, as apologizing can be considered as an acceptance of some kind of fault. Probably you weren’t aware of the entire terms and conditions of Instagram but apologizing would imply that you erred on purpose.
  • Never use dominating and harsh language. Instead, keep a polite and calm tone while writing your appeal.
  • Be concise and explain that your account was deactivated by mistake, which is nobody’s fault and you would like it to be reactivated.
  • A small Thank You, in the end, is always known to work wonders.

Once the form is all filled up, check again, and then hit the Send button. This is the final step in the list of steps included in how to get your Instagram back after being disabled. There is no timeframe defined as to when Instagram would check and respond to your request. But you can wait for a week before sending another appeal. Be patient and don’t overdo it.

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What’s the next step on How to get back Deleted Instagram Account?

Once you have submitted the form mentioned above, you will receive an email from the Instagram technical support team consisting of a sequence of numbers and an email address where you have to send a reply on. This procedure is to confirm if the actual owner of the account is trying to recover his deleted Instagram account. You need to send the password or the sequence of numbers sent to you along with your photo to the email address mentioned in the email sent by Instagram. Once you send the required details, the account will be restored within 3 days.

Whats the next step on how to get back deleted Instagram account

In cases where the email sent by the Instagram Technical support team states that the account was deactivated due to violation of the terms and policies, you will have to resubmit the form again explaining that you were not aware of any such incident and request for reactivation.

There are chances where you might not be able to restore your Instagram account at all if it has been more than 30 days since your account was deleted or the information on the Instagram Account Profile does not match with the information you send via the form or email. Any incomplete information in your Instagram profile will be considered as a mismatch unless you send the correct information with the appeal email or form.

Before you retrieve your deleted Instagram account, here are a few terms and conditions of use as posted by Instagram. Check through the list, to identify whether you have broken a rule or not:

  • The Instagram account holder must be 13 years of age or older.
  • The Instagram accounts cannot be sold, bought or transferred from one user to another.
  • Users must not post any Sexual, discriminatory or violent content on their accounts.
  • Users must not use their Instagram accounts to send spam messages to other users.
  • Users must avoid the creation of many robotic or idle accounts for personal gain.
  • Users must not send any file of malicious nature over Instagram.
  • Users must not use Instagram for illegal purposes
  • Users must not share their credentials with others.
  • Users must not Insult, threaten or intimidate another user in the comments section.
  • Users must not publish delicate information like telephone number, SSN, credit card Information Etc.

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Final Word:  On How To Get Your Instagram Back After Being Disabled

For those who are active on Social Media, a disabled account is like a nightmare for it stops one important process of your life. Unfortunately deleting an account has no solution and should be avoided at all costs. If you feel a bit over-occupied for a few days, a simple disabling of the account would be the right step which of course can be reactivated anytime. If you are facing any issues with your Instagram account, drop in a note in the comments section, and we would like to resolve that for you.

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  • Vahram
    Hi there. I have a question. If I run a fan page, should I write the name of fan account (in the field FULL NAME)? For example Monica Bellucci Fan Page… Or I should write my real name on appeal form? and on paper, which they ask to write the name with the code.

    3 years ago Reply
    • Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Vahram, The appeal form requires both your real name and Instagram user name. It has two separate fields for the same. You can access the form by clicking the link. To stay updated and get more articles like this, do subscribe to our notifications and follow us on Social Media.

      3 years ago Reply
  • Brianna
    Hi! A week ago, my account was disabled out of nowhere. I was simply messaging with my friends on DMS, and I was logged out. I’ve been appealing and appealing every single day and have been getting denied with every appeal. I don’t know what else to do.

    3 years ago Reply
    • Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Brianna, I am sorry to hear that your account has been blocked. Unfortunately, there is no solution for blocked accounts other than submitting the form. ( Once you have submitted the form, you need to wait for a response from Instagram.

      3 years ago Reply
  • Gauransh Arora
    Hi. My instagram account has been disabled by instagram and so is facebook as it was connected to the instagram username.
    I have submitted every code and requested the form multiple times. Its been 4 days I have not got their reply. Kindly help me out please. It had 225 posts. Please

    3 years ago Reply
    • Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Gauransh, I am sorry to hear that your account has been blocked. Unfortunately, there is no solution for blocked accounts other than submitting the form. ( Once you have submitted the form, you need to wait for a response from Instagram.

      3 years ago Reply
  • Ranu
    Sir my account has been disable,I have submitted every requested the form multiple times. Its been I have not got their reply. ,plzz help me

    3 years ago Reply
  • Amanda
    HI, my account was disabled. I’ve followed all the prompts and continued to appeal / submit all that Instagram requests. Can you please help me get my account back.

    2 years ago Reply
    Hey Ma’am/ Sir
    My account got disabled by Instagram for violating the community guidelines. I have submitted the appeal form. I wanted to ask to you that my page was a fanpage so is there are chances that I might get my account back. And yesterday I got form which was asking for a govt. I’d and it’s says that after filing the after sometime I will receive a mail where instagram will be contacting me but didn’t recieved any mail from them.
    If you are reading this please mail me if there are any chances of getting my fanpage back. Even I had not created any other fanpage as the hard work I put into that account. It’s been almost 7 years of that fanpage.
    I had talk to many people to help me but they didn’t helped me. There was one person who was saying that I will get my page back but I have to pay him 500rs for it.
    Please help me to know that will I be able to reactive my account or not..
    Thank You

    1 year ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat
      Instagram account disabled due to violating community guidelines can be recovered only if Instagram finds your request appropriate. Be wary of anyone who claims to get your account back in exchange of money. Thank you.

      1 year ago Reply
  • Osuwake
    I have been tryna appeal for over four month now but instagram wouldn’t just respond ?

    11 months ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat

      Yes, many users have faced the same, Instagram support has not always been easy to reach out.

      7 months ago Reply
  • Helena
    This did not work. When I try to send this report it say my username is wrong and I can’t send it.

    9 months ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hey Helena,

      It’s unfortunate that you were not able to send the form, but you can try restarting your device, reinstalling the application and then try following these tips and tricks again to get rid of the error!

      6 months ago Reply
  • Helena
    This did not work. When I try to send this report it say my username is wrong and I can’t send it. I can’t send the form.

    9 months ago Reply
    • Mansi Vijay
      Hey Helena,

      It’s unfortunate that you were not able to send the form, but you can try restarting your device, reinstalling the application and then try following these tips and tricks again to get rid of the error!

      6 months ago Reply
  • Angie Gesare
    It has been one week since my IG was disabled. I have sent several appeals with my picture. Is there a chance I can get it back

    8 months ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat

      Instagram support takes a lot of time to respond as it makes sure it is enabling the account for the correct user. There are chances that you can get it back, if you are already communicating with them over emails, you can keep writing to stay in touch.
      Hope it helps.

      7 months ago Reply

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