How To Get Rid Of Promotional Emails On Gmail

You might’ve noticed how your Gmail Inbox has been adding up fifty new emails daily, notifying you for several emails from unknown sources. Where do these come from?

These emails are from the senders of the organizations, service providers, and retailers you’ve subscribed to online using your email ID. Whether it’s an online retailer or a new app, you are automatically subscribed to these promotional emails. These can be from diners whose website you went through to order for delivery. These emails can also be a newsletter you might’ve unknowingly subscribed to at some point in time.

While you can choose to ignore these emails, they clutter your Inbox as they keep on piling up. Moreover, amid this pile of emails, you might miss a relevant promotional email to you. And if you’re not interested in any of these promotions, don’t you think it’s better to remove them or get rid of them?

In this piece, we discuss how you can get rid of these emails by accessing Gmail. This process is better done on a browser than on a mobile app as there are not many options to get rid of these promotional emails.

Here are the ways to remove promotional emails on Gmail:

1. Unsubscribe to the Promotional Emails

Step 1: Open one such email from a service provider or any other subscribed online portal.

Step 2: Promotional emails are labelled as Promotions by Google AI. In such emails, you’ll see an Unsubscribe link next to the name of the sender of that particular email.

Get Rid Of Promotional Emails On Gmail

Step 3: Confirm to Unsubscribe in the pop-up. The sender will then remove your email from its mailing list; however, it may take a few days to get finalized.

Confirm to Unsubscribe in the pop-up

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2. Block Sender

There are several email senders whose Unsubscribe button is a way to spam people to receive more spam. Such email senders are either placed by Google AI in spam or detected by going through the content and self-analyzing its authenticity.

These Unsubscribe links lead the users to subscribe for more spam emails. Such emails, where the Unsubscribe button is not found in the right place, should be directly blocked.

Step 1: Open one such email from any such provider.

Step 2: Click on the vertical ellipses on the right side of the email.

Step 3: Click on Block <sender’s name>. Now such emails will be automatically spammed by Google AI.

block mlb partners

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3. Delete Old Emails

The last resort is to smart-select emails from specific senders and deletes them all.

  • Deleting Emails by Searching from the Sender’s Name

Step 1: Type in the name of the sender.

Step 2: Mark all the emails

Step 3: Delete all conversations from that sender.

google device

If your sender’s name is too general and appears in general emails, you can go through the process of deleting email by address.

  • Deleting Emails by Searching Through Email Address

Step 1: Open any email conversation from such a sender.

Step 2: Copy the email address.

Step 3: Paste the email address in the search bar.

Step 4: The emails from the sender will appear on the search. Mark all emails.

Step 5: Delete all conversations from that email address.

google account

  • Deleting by Adding Filters

Step 1: Click on the drop-down button on the search bar.

Step 2: Here, you can add filters of your choice:

filters of your choice

  • Search for emails sent to you from a specific address.
  • Search for emails by Subject line.
  • Search for emails via scanning through specific words in the email content.
  • Search for emails sent to you within a specific period.
  • Search for emails that have attachments in it.
  • Search for emails by their size.
  • Deleting All Emails Altogether from a Sender

Step 1: If the specific promoter has sent you more than 50 emails, you can choose all the conversations that match this search.

Step 2: Click OK to Confirm Bulk Action.

NOTE. You can always uncheck the useful promotions by unchecking the delete box, and for that, you’d need to glance at the selected emails and their subject lines.

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  • comment_avtar
    Krishan Vijay
    Deleting bulk emails from the promotion section will save time and space….thanks for sharing.

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Abhishek Sharma
      Hi Krishan. Glad our content was helpful to you. Gmail is a maze of amazing features that optimize its use. We’ll keep bringing more of these to you!

      4 years ago

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