How To Format Skype Text Like A Pro

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Skype has become one of the most popular go-to video conferencing software and messengers for organizations that have asked their employees to work from home. Just as much as there are video meetings, people are using Skype to send texts as well. But, quite like WhatsApp, not much has been talked about Skype text formatting.

Why Do I Need To Format Text On Skype?

Consider a scenario, where you have to put forth an idea formally across your team in the form of a chat. You cannot just casually text it across as it wouldn’t look nice on your part.  Putting it in the simplest of the terms, you might need to skype text formatting to put across the ideas in chats more comprehensively, clearly, and a little more professionally. You might want to emphasize certain words; you might want to use different text formats, so on and so forth.

How Do I Format Text On Skype

Now that you know why you might need Skype text formatting, solet’s get down to the how of it. Here are some of the possible things you can achieve with the help of Skype text formatting.

You can –

  • Make your text bold
  • Italicize your text
  • Change text to subscript or superscript
  • Cut a text using strikethrough

We will also talk about how you can use several different types of text formats in a single place as well.

1. Bold

How Is It Done?

To mark a text in bold, place an asterisk (*) sign before and after the text.

When Can Skype Bold Text  Be Helpful?

Say, you want to emphasize a particular word or phrase. The best way to do that is to mark it in bold. Also, make sure that there is no space between the two asterisks.

Demo –

For example to write “This is a bold text” in bold, write it like –

*This is a bold text*

And this is the result you will get

Bold Text

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2. Italics

How Is It Done?

To use italics in Skype, add the underscore ‘_’ sign before and after the text.

When Can Skype Italics Be Helpful?

Is it a title of a blog that you wish to text across to your colleagues, or is it an essential section of a document that you want to communicate across. Another great way to emphasize words is to use italics in Skype. Italicizing the text could be your best bet. Italics is used when you type a text in slanted letters. The aforementioned incident is just an example; you might have your reasons to italicize a text.

Demo –

For example – to put “This is an italicized text” in italics write it like –

_This is an italicized text_ 

And the result will be –


3. Strikethrough

How Is It Done?

The option works by adding a tilde ‘~’ sign before and after a text.

When Can Skype Strikethrough Be Helpful?

Typographically, strikethrough is when you overlap a word with a single horizontal line to signify that the text was an error. In common usage, you might use it to demonstrate a mistake that people shouldn’t make. For instance, you are an editor and are informing your writers not to spell a word in a certain way since it could be taken as an error. That’s when you can use the Skype strikethrough option. Here’s an example –

Demo –

When you write –

Don’t use the spelling ~italicise~ instead write _italicize_

you will get this output –


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4. Monospaced Text

How Is It Done?

To use a monospaced text on Skype, you simply have to write a text followed by two exclamation marks (!!). But, make sure that you leave a single space after the two exclamation marks.

When Can Skype Strikethrough Be Helpful?

Do you want to demonstrate a line of code in the chat itself just so that your colleague or team lead can find if the code’s good to go? You can use a monospaced text in that scenario.

Demo –

Let’s say you wish to tell about a simple command-line prompt command about changing the system time. Here’s how you can put it in the Skype chat –

!! C:\Users\Username\TIME

And the result will be –

Monospaced Text

Ever Felt The Need To Format Text On Skype?

We sure at some point in time, you might have felt the need to format Skype text. These above tips and tricks are easy to follow, but once you incorporate them into your text, you will be able to create a good impression amongst your colleagues and superiors. No surprise, you would come across as a Skype pro user. Great! Right?

We come up with tons and tons of such tips and tricks that are easy to follow. So, make sure that you go through our other blogs as well. And, also if you found the above blog useful, do share it with your friends, family and everyone you care for.

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