How to Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working?

If you happen to possess a touch screen laptop or an all-in-one machine, then you can always enable Windows 10 tablet mode and enjoy the compact system without having to use the keyboard. The Windows 10 tablet mode provides a unique experience, and it is better to use than a normal desktop/laptop mode. You can also use Windows 10 on an Android tablet and experience using the Windows operating system on a small handheld device. However, after certain updates like Wacom, it has been observed that you might have received an error that the Windows 10 tablet mode is not working. This issue is not complicated and can be resolved easily:

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Step to Resolve Windows 10 Tablet Mode not working:

Method 1: Toggle The Tablet Mode Switc

Step 1: Click on the notepad like an icon located at the bottom right corner of the taskbar to open the Windows Action Center. The shortcut for this action is Windows + A.

Step 2: Click on the Tablet Mode toggle switch to turn it off.

Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working tablet mode

Step 3: Next, tap it again to turn it on. This simple trick will enable all tablet features once you turn it on. You can also try restarting the computer after turning it on.

Method 2: Configure The Tablet Mode

Sometimes you need to reconfigure the tablet settings and then turn on the tablet mode. Tablet is designed to be easily configured into different modes, including a watch monitor. The default settings can be changed by Windows update or by a third-party application installed like the Wacom Driver update. To choose the optimization settings for the Windows Tablet, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings menu by pressing Windows + I and then select System.

Step 2: Click on the Tablet mode on the left side to open the Tablet mode settings menu.

Step 3: Next, click on the drop-down option in the ‘When I sign in’ section.

Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working use tablet mode

Step 4: Finally, choose Tablet mode.

The PC will now use Tablet Mode by default whenever you try to sign in your computer.

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Method 3: Enable The Tablet Mode Using Windows Registry Editor

If the above two simple methods do not work, then it is time to use some hardcore troubleshooting methods, and one of them is to tweak the Windows Registry.

Before you make any changes in the Registry, it is essential to take a backup of your registry. This will ensure that you can restore your Registry to a stable version in case something goes wrong.

Step 1:Open Run command box by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ on your keyboard.

Step 2: Next, type “regedit” into the dialog box and press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 3:Navigate to the Registry key mentioned below:



Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working immersive search

Note: You can copy the above path and paste it in the search box on the top in Windows Registry Editor.

Step 4: Make a right-click on TabletMode and select Modify.

Note: If there is no entry by this name, you can create one by these steps:

Step 5: Make a right-click on a blank space on the right side and select New from the context menu.

Step 6: Choose ‘D-WORD (32-bit) Value’.

Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working dword

Step 7: Now, rename the newly-created value to TabletMode.

Step 8: Now that you have created a registry entry, right-click, and select Modify.

Step 9: Locate the Value Date and change it to 1 and tap OK.


Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working edit dword 32

This will force enable Table Mode on your system. You can use the Windows + A to open Action Centre and enable Table Mode on your PC.

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Method 4: Check For Windows Updates

Microsoft has been releasing updates since it has provided Windows 10 operating system to the users. These updates may be app updates, system, and security updates or add new features or functions. The steps to check for new updates are:

Step 1: Press Windows + I on your keyboard.

Step 2: Choose “Updates & Security” from the various settings options.


Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working windows settings

Step 3: Next, select Windows Update, and click on it. This will open a new Windows where you will have to click on Check For Updates.


Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working windows updates

The Final Word On How To Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working?

Fix Windows 10 Tablet Mode Not Working surface model

Windows 10 Table Mode is an altogether different mode, and it is a great experience using this mode as it is compact and complete and does not require using your keyboard. I prefer using my all-in-one in a tablet mode most of the time and keeping the keyboard tucked under. These steps will surely fix any Windows 10 tablet mode not working issue, and do let us know which one worked for you in the comments section below. If you are looking for other issues like parental controls, then there are other steps to follow, which can be reached by clicking this link.

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