How to Fix Roku HDCP Error or A Purple Screen?

Have you seen a purple screen while streaming online through Roku? If yes, then it is because Roku streaming player detects that HDMI link with your TV or audio/video receiver. It doesn’t support the copy and content protection technology. This error is known as HDCP, and displays a purple screen with a message ‘HDCP Error Detected’.

So, what you should do to fix this Roku HDCP error?

HDCP Error

It displays a warning message on a black screen stating ‘HDCP error detected’. HDCP is an abbreviation for ‘High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection’.

Why Does Roku HDCP Error Occur?

There are two reasons that lead to HDCP error and can show up as an error code 020. Other than TV or AVR issue, the Roku HDCP error can arise due to faulty HDMI cables or connectors. Also, this can occur if you’re streaming any content that do not support content-protection technology.

In this guide, you’ll be able to resolve and troubleshoot the ‘HDCP error detected’ issue using Roku player.

How To Resolve Roku HDCP Error?

To fix this Roku HDCP error, follow the steps below:

  • Got a purple screen? It is because you might be trying to stream 4K Ultra HD content. To fix this, you have to review instructions for ‘setting up your Roku player for 4K’.
  • Now, follow further steps, if you still see ‘Roku HDCP error detected’ message on the purple screen.
  • Now on your Roku player, TV or AVR, unplug each end of HDMI cable. Power off your TV and unplug its power cord. Also, remove the power cord from Roku player.
  • Now, reconnect both the ends of HDMI cable and ensure that each of them is connected to the connector, and attached firmly and securely.
  • Then, reconnect the power cord to your TV and Roku player to switch on both the devices. If you’re unable to switch it on, press the power button on your TV remote.
  • Try playing and viewing the video again.

Alternate Ways To Fix Roku HDMI Error

HDCP Error Detected

If the above process of steps does not help you fix the error, you can try resolving the issue through these additional suggestions. Here are the ways you can give a trial:

  • Try a different HDMI input on your TV or use a different cable to ensure the cable is not defective.
  • If you are using HDMI switch or AVR, try connecting Roku player to the TV directly.
  • Try another TV or use a computer monitor instead.
  • Use display settings on Roku player. To try these settings, you have to select Display type under Settings.

If you are seeing, this ‘Roku HDCP error’ for the very first time, you need to ensure that your TV or AVR supports HDCP. You can also contact your equipment manufacturer for more information.

Resolve Roku Errors In A Go!

Disconnecting everything from Roku can be a daunting task, but it is the best possible way to fix Roku HDCP error. To ensure the error is resolved, you need HDCP compliant, HDMI inputs and use them as a base for a smart TV or monitor.

Try streaming your favourite content on Roku. Also, let us know your thoughts regarding this error as well as your favourite channel in the comments section below.

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