Ways To Connect Laptop To TV

Using laptops for just work is history. These days, if you’re buying a laptop, it is primarily for either playing games and movies. Though one can find laptops with bigger screens, they’re still unable to fulfil the aesthetics of a real big screen. With TVs becoming smarter and healthier for eyes, you probably wish to make use of it for the purposes other than sports. Well, If you’re fanatic about games and movies on a bigger screen with the comfort of your home, you can connect your laptop with your TV.

Although, there are many ways and multiple adapters in the market to help you widen the screen, we’re going to elaborate the three basic and economical ways to connect laptop to TV. Before you get your head around it, it is important you check the available ports on your TV and get the cable accordingly.

1. Connect laptop To TV with HDMI Cable:

HDMI cable is the most favored method to connect your laptop with television. HDMI cables are available at very economical prices and renders the high quality picture and sound. It is the best option for gamers and movie lovers.

To connect your system with TV, you just need to attach both the ends of the cable to both the devices. Here, you need to make sure that both the machines are switched on and your TV is set on the preferred HDMI port  (HDMI1, HDMI2 …). Below are the steps for your convenience:

  • Switch on your laptop and TV.
  • Connect the HDMI ends to both the devices without following any order.
  • Choose the connected HDMI input on your TV with the help of remote (AV button).
  • The laptop should automatically provide output to TV. If it doesn’t, launch the Control Panel go to Display,select Adjust Resolution and select TV from Display drop down list.
    HDMI Cable

2. Connect laptop To TV through VGA:

If you’re using a bit older TV that doesn’t support HDMI, connecting it through VGA seems perfect. VGA is the same cable that used to connect your PC tower to the monitor, which has also been overtaken by HDMI nowadays. It is important to know that VGA only transmits the video and you require a 3.5mm audio lead to get the sound of it. The connection through VGA is very straightforward and can be established by following the below steps:

  • Switch on your laptop and TV.
  • Connect the VGA cable ends to both the devices.
  • Choose the input on your TV with the help of remote (AV button).
  • If it doesn’t, launch the Control Panel, go to Display, select Adjust Resolution and chose TV from the drop down list.

Vga cable

3. Connect laptop To TV Through USB:

Well, there’s way where you can connect your laptop to TV through a USB. However, there are manufacturers that make adapters that convert USB port into an HDMI output. It is important that you check the compatibility of such adapters with your laptop as they require specific software to convert your USB port to video out port.


Overall, despite various ways to connect the two favorite machines, HDMI seems the most convenient and economical. HDMI also overtakes other methods of connection in terms of audio and video quality. If you don’t like wires dangling around your TV, you can opt for the wireless connection between laptop and TV. However, you need different receivers for it and they may cost you an arm and leg.

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