Lenovo Fn Key Not Working? Top 2 Ways To Fix

Function keys on the keyboard serve several tasks and make it easier for the user. Fn key is most commonly seen in the laptops and used for various functions. If it has stopped working for you, then this can disrupt your regular use of keyboards. Be it adjusting the screen brightness or the volume; the Fn key is used a lot of times. Now to fix it, you have to find the cause for it, in this post we determine the causes and show you the possible solutions for Lenovo Fn Key not working.

How do I fix my Fn key not working?

Look for the physical damage, and if you can’t see any, it could be due to the failed device drivers. The device drivers are the software which are used to communicate between the device and the system. If it is missing, or it gets corrupt or incompatible, the device fails to work as usual. If you are using a system with Windows 10 on it, and you recently got an update, you might face this error. Windows 7 users have also reported the Lenovo function keys not working issue after an upgrade. In that case, you will be required to roll back the drivers to solve the problem with Lenovo Fn key.

Update the device drivers

It is important to update device drivers in Windows 10 as it can affect negatively on various devices. In this post, we will learn how to fix Lenovo Fn key not working issues using two methods. One will be the manual method, and another is using Smart Driver Care – an automatic driver updater.

Methods To Update Lenovo Fn keyboard driver

While Windows provides an inbuilt method to update drivers, it can be confusing for some users. If you wish to update drivers without any manual work, download an automatic driver updater. Smart Driver Care is one of the most excellent tools when it comes to updating drivers on Windows hasslefree.

Method 1: Manually Download Lenovo Keyboard Driver

To fix the dysfunctional Lenovo Fn key, manually updating the device driver is one of the methods. Here we make use of the Device Manager, which is a Control Panel applet to help you view controls for the hardware attached to your computer. Follow the instructions to update the device driver to fix the Lenovo Fn key not working.

Step 1: Click on Start Menu, and type Device Manager in the search bar. The result will show you the Device Manager, click on it to open it.

device manager in windows 10, Lenovo function keys not working

Step 2: Now, as you can see the list of devices for your system, locate Keyboard. Select your keyboard from it and right-click on it.

HID keyboard device, Lenovo fn key not working

Now click on Update driver from the options.

update driver in windows

This will direct you to search for the updates online, and you will have to follow the instructions on the screen. This driver update might take a few minutes, and you will have the keyboard drivers updated. Now recheck the Fn key, it should be fixed with the updated drivers resolving the issue with Lenovo Fn key.

Method 2: Update Lenovo Keyboard Drivers Using Smart Driver Care

smart driver care, update outdated drivers

Smart Driver Care is a software for complete care for your system to fix all device drivers related issues. It is capable of downloading and updating your device drivers with the latest version from its extensive database. It is a comparatively much easier choice of method for users to fix device drivers. Here we will show you how to update Lenovo function keys not working.

Step 1: Download Smart Driver Care on your computer by clicking the button given below. Available for Windows version 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit).

Step 2: Run the downloaded file to set up the software. Give the permissions to make changes to the system settings to update the device drivers. Click on the default option to open the software as soon as the setup is complete.

Step 3: Once the setup is complete, Smart Driver Care will open. It shows you a Scan button on the Home screen, click on it. The scanning is initiated, and this will notice all the device drivers on your system.

scan drivers in smart driver care

Step 4: The scan will produce a report, and it will show you all the device drivers which are incompatible under the Outdated Drives list.

outdated drivers & programs found in sdc

Locate the Lenovo keyboard driver and click on the Update All button. You can also select all from the list and click on Update All to fix other drivers related issues for your computer.

install sdc driver

Step 5: The scanning will be complete in a few minutes. All the updated drivers fetched from the vast database of Smart Driver Care will be downloaded to your computer. Now restart the computer as the prompt message asks to.

Rollback Device Drivers Using Smart Driver Care

Chances are you might be facing the Lenovo Function Keys not working after a recent Windows update. This could happen due to incompatibility of device drivers with system updates. In this case, you might need to rollback your device drivers, and the effective way to do so is Smart Driver Care.

Step 1: Open Smart Driver Care and click on Restore.

Step 2: Since Smart Driver Care is capable of taking backups, you can select the last Backup folder and click on the Restore Now button.

backup folder- smart driver care feature

Now try to use the Lenovo Fn Key to check if the issue is resolved.


When your Function key isn’t working, it can cause a lot of discomfort to the users. To solve the Lenovo function keys not working issue, fixing the device drivers proves to be most beneficial. The Smart Driver Care helps to update and device drivers and make it work again. In other ways, you can also rollback the drivers using it to make your Lenovo Fn key again.

We hope the post helps you with fixing the Lenovo Fn key on the computer. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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