How To Fix iPhone Storage Full Issue?

Did you have no space on your iPhone to store more photos or videos? Are you tired of seeing the message iPhone running on low space? Isn’t it frustrating? Well, there can be various ways to get rid of this message- iPhone/iPad showing storage full.

In this post, we will discuss ways to free space on the iPhone.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer To Get Rid Of Duplicate Images

Since photos take up most of the space on your iOS device, then you can start by removing unnecessary and duplicate ones. Well, scouring through thousands of photos can be time-consuming. To eliminate duplicate and similar photos, you can use Duplicate Photos Fixer.

You can run Duplicate Photos Fixer, one of the best tools to delete similar and duplicate photos to get organized photos and recover space on your iPhone.

It comes with a handful of features such as scan duplicate photos quickly, shows group wise results for easy deletion, excludes folders you don’t want to scan, preview before deleting photos, organize photo gallery and more.

How To Use Duplicate Photos Fixer To Recover Space on iPhone or iPad?

Fix iPhone Storage Full Issue

  • All you need to do is download the app and launch it.
  • Once open, select matching level, from Normal, Aggressive or Custom to determine the search photos.
  • It will scan and show photos as a result. The results will be shown in a group and you can preview and delete the photos. Once done, you can recover a lot of space on your iPhone.

Well, you can use other ways to retrieve space on your iPhone/iPad. Let’s get started!

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

To uninstall apps, you can go to the Settings app and then tap General and then iPhone Storage.

You can see a list of apps, along with iCloud Photos, Offline Unused Apps and more. You can see the contents and delete whatever seems unwanted to you.

Delete Music Files & Videos

As you can save your music files in iCloud or opt for other cloud services, you should delete them from your iPhone. Or you must not need music files to be stored if you can opt for streaming services and get all the music you want without downloading any of the music files on to your iOS device. One of such services is Apple Music, you can opt for the subscription and get access to unlimited music. You can also try other streaming services such as Amazon, Spotify and more.

To delete the existing music files, from the list of songs, swipe a song from right to left, and click the delete button. You can also try Right Backup Anywhere to save pictures & videos on Cloud.

iPhone Storage Full Issue

It allows you to create an easy backup of all files present in the device. It also comes with an easy restoring process & automatic scheduler to create a backup of files automatically.

Remove iMessage

If you send media files using iMessage, then it takes up a substantial amount of space on your iPhone. You can go through messages and delete unwanted messages to free space on the iPhone. Also, you can set the messages to get deleted automatically. Head to Settings and locate Messages. Under Message History->Keep Messages->You can change it to 30 days or 1 year instead of Forever.

Fix iPhone Storage Full Issue in one go

Moreover, you can change the settings for video and audio messages. Set them to expire after 2 mins or never.

History & Website Data On Safari

When you use Safari or any other browser, it creates caches and cookies. It uses a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad. So, it is best to clean the caches from time to time. To do that, go to Settings-> Safari and tap Clear History & Website Data.

Fix iPhone Storage Issue

Delete Old Podcasts

Podcasts are also among the things that take up space on your iPhone. So, you can change the settings to store Podcasts. You can limit the space taken by the podcasts. Under Podcasts settings, click Limit Episodes, you can alter these settings to get two or three episodes. You can also set to delete played episodes automatically.

For that, you need to launch Podcasts, then click on three dots icon beside the episode you were playing.

Click Settings and then locate Limit Episodes.

Fix iPhone Storage

Now you can set it between Most Recent to 1 Month. Once selected click Done to complete the process.

Fix iPhone Storage Full Issue with setting

So, these are some of the methods that you can use to free up space on iPhone. Try them and recover space on your iPad or iPhone, so no more low storage space messages.

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