How To Fix Icon Issues With Adobe Acrobat Reader In Windows 10

The Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 10 is an excellent application for opening PDF files in your computer, but sometimes it does not display the relevant icon on your computer. This problem of Adobe icon missing in Windows 10 has been consistent for a long time and faced by many users across the globe. There are two quick and simple ways to get rid of this problem.

adobe acrobat reader windows logo


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Method 1. Replace The Entry In The Start MenuTo Fix Icon Issues With Adobe Acrobat Reader In Windows 10

The first method is to delete the existing traces of the Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 10 and create a new shortcut from the original executable file of the program and fix the Adobe icon missing in Windows 10.

Step 1. First, delete the icons of Adobe Acrobat Reader from your desktop and taskbar.

Step 2. Next, we have to delete the shortcut from the Start menu. For this, open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E and navigate to the following path:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Note: You can copy the path from here and paste it in the address bar on the top.

Step 3. Now, locate the shortcut by the name of Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 10 and delete it.

adobe acrobat reader windows shortcut

Step 4. The next step is to open a new window of the file explorer without closing the first File explorer window and navigate of a different location in the second window:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\Reader

Note: The location of the installation can be different in your computer but it will bein the same drive where your operating system is installed and navigate to the Program Files (x86) folder and then enter into the Adobe folder.

Step 5. Once you have located the executable file of the Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 10, you can make a right-click on the icon and click on Send To> Desktop (Create Shortcut).

adobe acrobat reader windows create shortcut

Step 6. Close the second File Explorer window and navigate to your desktop and locate the recently placed shortcut. You can rename this shortcut if you want and then copy this shortcut.

Step 7. Now access the first file explorer window which displayed the Start menu items and paste a copy of the shortcut from the desktop.

Step 8: You might receive prompt asking permission to make changes in the system folder. Click on Continue to begin the copying process.

adobe acrobat reader windows permission

Step 9. Now you can access the Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 10 from the desktop or Start Menu, and the problem of the missing icon is now resolved.

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Method 2. Change The Default  .ico App

The Second Method to fix icon issues with Adobe Reader icon not showing on Windows 10 is to change the file association for the ICO files from Photos application to Microsoft Paint software.

Step 1. Type Action Center in the search box on the taskbar and select the relevant search to open.

Step 2. Now locate All settings and click on it to reveal tiles. We are looking for a tile by the name of Apps.

adobe acrobat reader settings

adobe acrobat reader windows settings

Step 3.Now, click on the side –tab labelled as Default Apps and scroll down until you locate ‘Choose default apps by file type.’

adobe acrobat reader default apps

Step 4. Search the list and find a file extension of .ico and now change the default app for this extension only from photos app to Paint.

adobe acrobat reader ico files

Step 5. Exit the settings and restart the computer. You can now launch the Adobe Acrobat Reader, and you will find the issue of Adobe Reader icon not showing on Windows 10 appear on your taskbar.

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Your Thoughts On How To Fix Icon Issues With Adobe Acrobat Reader In Windows 10

Though the issue of Adobe Reader icon not showing on Windows 10 is not a huge issue, and it does not affect the functioning of the application. However, all apps display an icon in the taskbar, and this helps to know which apps are open and consuming resources on our computer. Similarly, the Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 10 must also display its icon. The above fixes are not permanent, and the same issue might reoccur after a Windows 10 or Adobe Acrobat Reader update. If it does follow the same steps described above to resolve the Adobe Icon missing in Windows 10.

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