How To Enable Flash Player On Chrome, Firefox And Edge?

Warning: if you ever get a message that “This website requires Flash Player to run. Click here to install Flash Player now”, Do not click on that link for there are great chances that it might download malicious software on your system. Read on to know more about Flash Player, and how to enable the already existing Flash in a browser.

enable flash player on chrome - Flash error message

Adobe’s Flash Player was the most used plugin of all times as it was required on all websites across the globe to play the audio/video content on most sites. It would not be surprising if I told you that until 2015, YouTube required its viewers to install the flash player to play videos. However, due to some identified security issues, many websites started looking for an alternative which unfortunately was not present. But as they say “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and this need of an alternative gave rise to HTML 5 which was quickly adopted by all websites to display their multimedia content.

But this does not mean that you would not need the Flash plugin any more. There are many websites which still are designed using Flash Player as their content displayer, and that means you will have to enable the flash plugin in your browser if you want to view that particular site properly.

A Word of Caution: Adobe Flash Player was refrained from use due to security issues by many browsers, and while some prohibited its use altogether, others keep the Flash Player Plugin disabled by default. I suggest that you enable the Flash Player only when it is utmost necessary to view some unavoidable content on a website.

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How To Enable Flash Player On Chrome Browser For A Specific Website?

enable flash player on chrome Google Chrome Browser

It is effortless to Enable Flash Player on Chrome Browser as this plugin comes preinstalled on the Chrome Browser but remains disabled by default. It is not recommended to keep this plugin enabled all times and can be activated for some particular websites. Here are the steps that would allow a flash player on Chrome:

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome browser and browse to the site that requires Flash Player.

Step 2. Notice the lock icon on the address bar before the URL of the website.

enable flash player on chrome Chrome site settings

Step 3. Next, click on Site settings and a new tab will open.

Step 4. Now, scroll down to find the Flash option under Permissions.

Step 5. Click on the drop-down menu located on the right side next to Flash and click on Allow.

enable flash player on chrome allow flash

Step 6. Reload the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard, and you will observe specific changes on the website if there was content using Flash.

Note: Do not bother to block Flash as it would be disabled automatically whenever you quit Chrome.

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How To Enable Flash Player On Microsoft Edge For A Specific Website?

enable flash player on chrome flash on edge

The new Microsoft Edge has toppled Firefox to become the second most popular used browser. It might soon overtake Chrome for the top position. If you haven’t used the new Edge, then I suggest you try it immediately. But for those who are using it, here are the steps to Enable Flash Player on Microsoft Edge:

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and click on the three dots located on the right corner.

Step 2. From the menu, click on Settings.

Step 3. Once the settings tab opens, click on the site Permissions on the left-hand menu.

enable flash player on chrome Edge settings

Step 4. Search for Adobe Flash and click on the arrow on the right.

Step 5. Now turn on the toggle button toward the right to enable the flash prompt.

enable flash player on chrome Edge Site Permissions

Note: Flash will always be turned off by default. But you will be able to turn it on for any particular website by clicking on the lock icon.

enable flash player on chrome Edge allow Flash

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How To Enable Flash Player On Firefox For A Specific Website?

enable flash player on chrome Flash Firefox

The final browser on our list today is Mozilla Firefox and enabling flash player on Firefox is as easy as the previous two browsers discussed:

Step 1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the hamburger menu on the top right corner.

Step 2. From the menu list, choose Add-ons, or you can press CTRL + Shift + A on the keyboard. A new tab will open.

Step 3. Next click on Plugins from the menu on the left side.

Step 4. Then click on Shockwave Flash and next click on the three dots on the top right corner of the Shockwave Flash section.

Step 5. Choose Ask To Activate.

Step 6. Now while browsing, click on the lock button located at the left side of the address bar on the top and select to activate Flash.

Note: You will only see the Flash option if the website uses Flash.

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Some Of The Most Common Faq About Adobe Flash Player

enable flash player on chrome FAQS

Can I Enable Adobe Flash Player In Safari?

No, Apple has always shown the most significant concern when it comes to security and has since permanently disabled Flash Player ever since it was reported that intruders could use Flash to infiltrate computers.

Is Adobe Flash Player Safe?

Adobe Flash Player has reportedly many bugs that make it vulnerable to attacks by hackers. All major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge disable Flash player by default and only activate it if a user chooses to. If you are visiting a trusted website that has been using Flash, then you can enable Flash as per the steps described above. There is no danger in that. The only issue arises if you are browsing random websites with Flash allowed, which might compromise your computer only if the website you visited has malicious intent. Also, the support for Flash will end by December 2020 this year.

enable flash player on chrome Flash notificationn Dec 2020

Can I Install Adobe Flash Player On My Computer?

No, Adobe Flash Player is not a software, but it is a plugin/add-on/extension for a browser. It cannot be installed on the computer but can be added in your browsers only.

How Do I Install Flash Player On My Browser?

As mentioned earlier, most browsers have the Flash plugin installed but disabled by default. If you see an error message stating that you don’t have the Flash Player installed then enable the Flash Player as described above. If you find that it has been removed from your browser, then visit the official Adobe website to install it.

Download Flash Player (Official Website)

What Happens In 2021, After The Support For Flash Will End?

Most of the websites have upgraded their multimedia content from Flash to HTML5 and CSS3 with many others following them. The final countdown to December 2020 has begun, and there is enough time for Flash users to switch to HTML5 or even to Adobe Animate, which is similar to flash but with more options and security.

Did You Enable Flash Player On Chrome, Firefox And Edge?

Sometimes, Seeing is not Believing, especially when you are asked to install Flash Player, which is already present in your system. You need to enable Flash Player on Chrome or any other browser and reload the website. I hope this guide helps to allow Flash on your browser but if there are any more concerns, feel free to pop up that question in the comments section below, and I will get back to you with the perfect solution.

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