How To Fix Crusader Kings 3 Crashing Problem On PC?

If you love playing sword games, then Crusader Kings 3 is one of the best games to play. However, there have been reports on the gaming forums where players are complaining about Crusader Kings 3 crashing on PC. This guide has the best steps that can help resolve all issues with Crusade Kings 3 crashing on your computer.

Different Methods On How To Fix Crusader Kings 3 Crashing Problem On PC

Here are a few methods listed that have been recommended by experts on various gaming forums. You must check if the issue persists after carrying out each method. This will help to identify which method worked for you and save the trouble to follow all the methods.

Crusader Kings

Method 1: Use The Executable File To Launch The Game

One of the quick ways to fix Crusader Kings 3 crashing on PC is to launch the game without using the desktop shortcut. Here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Press Windows + E on your keyboard to open File Explorer.

Step 2: Double click on the C drive to open it.

Step 3: Navigate to the following path.

Program Files (×86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Crusader Kings III > binaries.

Step 4: Once you are in the binaries folder, locate and double click on ck3.exe

Step 5: Notice, if you find any difference while playing the game.

Method 2: Disable Antivirus

Antivirus developers have been programming their products to detect all the well-known malware as well as any potential threats in your system. This may result in Crusader Kings 3 crashing on your PC if any of the file or process of the game is detected as a false positive. Hence to narrow down if your antivirus is the culprit, you can try to disable your antivirus temporarily and check if the game works fine.

Every antivirus has a different method that would disable it. Here are some of the famous antivirus and the ways to turn them off.

McAfee AVAST Norton
AVG ESET Windows Defender

Check your game after disabling your antivirus and you do not face the same issue then your antivirus is the culprit. Contact the antivirus support with this issue and ask them to guide you with steps to add an exception for Crusader Kings 3.

Method 3: Launch The Game In Administrator Mode

Microsoft allows Windows 10 users to run applications in admin mode which grants the rights and privileges to access all the system resources. Here are the steps to enable admin mode for a program:

Step 1: Make a right-click on the Crusader Kings 3 shortcut and select Properties from the context menu.

Step 2: Next, click on Compatibility Tab in the Properties box and place a checkmark in the box next to Run this Program as an Administrator.


Step 3: Click on Apply and then OK.

Method 4: Verify The Game Files

Another reason for Crusaders Kings 3 crashing on PC is the game files installed on your system. If any of these files are missing or gets corrupted, then you can face issues while playing the game. Here are the steps to verify the integrity of game files installed on your PC:

Step 1: Open Steam Launcher and click on the Library tab to list all the games installed on your system.

Step 2: Make a right-click on Crusader Kings 3 and then click on Properties.

Step 3: Now select the Local Files tab on the top and then click on Verify Integrity Of Game Files.


Step 4: Wait for the process to finish and reboot your PC.

Check if the issue of Crusader Kings 3 crashing on your PC is finally resolved.

Method 5: Update Drivers

Moving forward, the next step to resolve game crashes is to update graphics drivers. Drivers help maintain communication between the hardware and software of your PC. There are two ways to update drivers:

Manual Method. This method requires the users to identify the graphics card installed in the system and download updated drivers from the OEM support website.

Automatic Method. This is a far easier method where you have to install a driver updater software and run a scan on your computer. The application will download the updated drivers available and replace your outdated drivers with a matter of few clicks. Here are the steps to use Smart Driver Care, an amazing driver updater application that will complete the task for you, swiftly and with ease.

Step 1: Download and Install Smart Driver Care from the button provided below.

Step 2: Once installed, open the app and click on the Start Scan button to begin the scan.

scan now

Step 3:  Once the scan completes all the driver issues would be presented on the screen.

Step 4: Locate your Graphics Driver and click on the Update Driver link next to it.

Update all

Step 5: Smart Driver Care will install the latest driver on your PC.

Step 6: Exit the program and reboot the system.

Method 6: Reinstall The Game

Reinstall The Game
Image: Steam

The final method to resolve the Crusader Kings 3 game crashing on your PC is to uninstall the game completely and then reinstall it on your system. This can be done through your Steam launcher with ease. Once you remove the game make sure that you are installing the latest version of the game from Steam.

The Final Word On How To Fix Crusader Kings 3 Crashing Problem On PC

That concludes all the best possible troubleshooting steps identified yet to fix the Crusader Kings 3 crashing on your PC. You can always opt for updating your drivers as this ensures that your PC will run smoothly and flawlessly without issues. Do mention the fix that worked for you in the comments section below.

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