How To Find If Someone Has Blocked You On Instagram

Has someone recently blocked you on Instagram? If you are suspicious and want to confirm it, then you can do that.

There can be n number of reasons for a person to block you varying from a partner who doesn’t wish to be in touch Or someone who feels the need to be secretive from you Or simply because they don’t want to see your posts in their feed anymore. Whatever the reason maybe Instagram’s feature of blocking someone can be applicable on any number of users.

As a lot of people are aware that social media has an impact on our private lives. Sometimes we are not interested in receiving ads in a loop, so we can always block them. Similarly, someone could also block you for n number of reasons. Read to find out how to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

There are several methods available to see who blocked you on Instagram. If you were previously able to see this person’s profile and now it’s invisible to you, there can be three reasons behind it –

  • A person may have deactivated their account or deleted it permanently.
  • A person may be suspended by Instagram for any violation.
  • A person may have blocked you.

For the first two, it will show you a “User not found” instead of Follow button. If third is your concern, then read how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

1. Search Their Name

First, look for your person’s profile by searching on the App by typing out their username in the search bar.

If you can’t see their profile in the search results, there is a possibility that you have been blocked. No results show that you are not allowed to view their profile. Sometimes it can show you the blank page for profile for it has been a short while since you been blocked.

Search their name

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2. Look For The Messages

If you have ever communicated with them over DMs, you can go to them and check for more information. Here you can try sending them messages, but it won’t be sent to the other person as Instagram doesn’t have sent report feature

What you can do is from here you can click on the information icon on the Top-Right corner. You can now see the participants of this chat whether chatting with one person or in a group. You can go to their profile.

look for the messages

If the person’s profile was Public it’s quickly shown as No posts to show you, which clears that you have been blocked.

Even if the person’s profile was Private then you will see the same. Now you can try Following them back for maybe you are just removed from their list.

If you are able to request them to follow, the tab will now say ‘Requested’ it assures that you are not blocked.

But if it’s refusing to send the request, it is evident that you are blocked by them.

3. Try Making The Call

Another smart way to see if you have been blocked requires you to have a message thread with them. What you need to do is open up your message box. As Instagram has a video calling feature now with its latest update.

You can readily use this to find out if you are unable to make the call as it will end itself. Or if the call shows as ringing it will wait for connecting and you should be happy to know that you are not blocked.

Try making the call

When you are not blocked, the message box will always have an indication. For Video chat starting and ending even if you are the only one in the chat as sometimes another can’t join due to unavailability.

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4. Search From Another Account

You can always check from another account on Instagram if you have one and that’s not been blocked. Also, you can check from your friend’s account and if the search results differ from yours, you have been blocked.


It’s very easy to block anyone on Instagram and you might not know the reasons why. But you can always check who has blocked you on Instagram. Since you are not notified by Instagram for anyone taking this action on your profile, and you stop seeing their posts, likes or comments on your feed. You are keen to check if you are in blocked list, you can check the above tricks on how to know if you are blocked on Instagram.

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