How to Find All the Pictures on Your Windows Device

Have you ever downloaded photos to your computer but lost track of where you saved them? Alternatively, do you have many images but struggle to find a few? We’ll demonstrate some easy techniques for you to locate every image on your Windows device. After that, we’ll look at how to find any pictures that might be concealed on your device.

How To Find All the Pictures On Your Windows Device

1. Use the Windows Photos App’s “People” Tab

You may easily view every image on your PC with the Windows Photos app. Interestingly, the Photos app contains a search bar and several tabs to make finding your photographs simple. Starting off, let’s concentrate on the “People” tab. This function finds and arranges your pictures and videos using a facial recognition tool. It is typically useful to locate every image of a particular person. Here’s how to find your photos under the “People” tab of the Photos app:

Step 1: In the Start Menu search box, enter “Photos,” and click on the best match.

Step 2: In the top-left portion of the screen, select the People tab. Make sure you turn on the “People” option if it isn’t already if you want to move forward.

People tab

Step 3: After that, examine each of the profiles displayed in the center window and choose one.

Step 4: All of that person’s pictures should now be visible, even if they are stored in other folders.

2. Find All Your Pictures Using the Search Bar in File Explorer

Windows File Explorer is one of the best and most reliable file management tools. Let’s look at how to use the tool’s search box to locate all of your photographs quickly.

Step 1: Click the File Explorer taskbar icon or press Win + E to launch it.

Step 2: Then select This PC from the left-side window.

Step 3: In the search box of File Explorer, enter kind:picture. This should show all of your images, although it can take a while for the results to appear.

File Explorer

Step 4: To locate the image you’re searching for, scroll down.

Step 5: Click one of the two choices in the bottom-right corner to alter the thumbnail size.

3. Using Particular File Names, You Can Find Photos

Let’s assume for a moment that you know the photograph’s name. The search box in File Explorer can also be helpful here! The steps you must take are as follows:

Step 1: For File Explorer to launch, press Win + E.

Step 2: On the left-hand side pane, click This PC.

Step 3: In the search field of File Explorer, enter filename kind:picture, replacing “filename” with the actual name of your file.

Actual name of file

4. Look For Pictures Utilizing A Particular File Format

The search box in File Explorer can also assist you in finding pictures in a certain format (such as JPG, PNG, and more). The steps you must take are as follows:

Step 1: For File Explorer to launch, press Win + E.

Step 2: Replace “fileformat” with the image file format you’re seeking when typing ext:.fileformat in the search field of File Explorer.

image file format

Step 3: If you’re having trouble finding your hidden photos, find them.

Step 4: Your photos may be hidden if you’ve tried all the procedures and can still not locate them.

5. Locate All The Hidden Images On Your Computer

Step 1: Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E.

Step 2: In the top left corner, select View.

Step 3: Use the Hidden Items checkbox to view all hidden files and folders.

Hidden Items

Step 4: Try searching for your photos now with one of the strategies described in this post.

Bonus Feature: Remove Duplicates From Your Image Collection

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Now that you know the unwanted photos (duplicates and similar files) on your computer let’s look at how to get rid of them and free up some valuable storage space. You must utilize the third-party program Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to get rid of duplicate and similar photographs. This fantastic duplicate photo finder tool was created to identify and eradicate copies and similar pictures.

Note: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro has a potent engine that compares the photographs on your PC by looking at the metadata, pixel allocation, and other factors. The name or size of the image is not considered because they would not produce the necessary results.

The Final Word: How To Find All the Pictures On Your Windows Device?

You occasionally could lose track of where you saved some of your priceless photos. Fortunately, if you use any of the techniques we’ve discussed, you can quickly find all those pictures.

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