What Are Duplicate & Similar Images And The Difference Between Them?

Images or photos are regarded as one of the most valuable possessions. Images are visual representations of the best moments captured digitally or on paper. When digitalization started, people tried to save all the images they could lay their hands on. But later realized that these images do not consume your hard drive storage space. You must purchase alternative sources like external hard disks, USB pen drives, and Cloud Storage with more photos.

This problem was faced by many, and hence application developers created programs that would help users to manage, organize and delete unwanted and repeated images. However, before deleting any of your precious photos, it is necessary to understand the different types of images that can be deleted. This includes Duplicate and Similar Images.

What Are Duplicate Images, And Why Do They Get Collected On Our PC?

Duplicate Images

Duplicate images, as the word implies, are exact duplicates of a particular image, not considering factors like name, creation date, size, and format. In simpler terms, any image that looks the same as the next one is regarded as a duplicate image. There will not be a pixel worth of difference between the two.  There are a few reasons why duplicate images accumulate on our PC.

Change In Format. If you change an image format for any reason, you have the original image and the copy of the image on your PC. Another interesting fact here is that the digital cameras and iPhones save photos in the RAW and HEIC format respectively. Although these format are rich in quality but they are not workable in most image editors. Hence, most users convert the HEIC and RAW formats to simple JPGs and PNGs and this conversion also creates duplicates that maybe of same sizes but different formats.

Change in format

Change In Size. Similar to the above reason, any change in the size of the original image also results in duplicates.

Change In Size

Download from various sources. When you download images from social media, there are greater chances of duplicate photos on your PC. This happens because we might have the same image on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., in a hurry. It is also possible that we may download the same image from one social media platform but from different users on that platform.


What Are Similar Images, And How Are They Different?

Similar images

Similar images, unlike duplicate photos, have a minimal difference that may not be noticeable the first time you view the image unless someone points out the difference. An example of similar images can be two same photos of people with eyes closed in one and open in another. Another common instance might be adding a friend to a group photo in which case the previously clicked photo might no longer be required. The slight differences act as a judgmental point where you can decide which image to keep and which one to delete. The reasons for similar photos are:

Burst Mode: Most smartphone camera applications provide a Burst Mode option that quickly clicks several images.

Improvement in technology. Unlike the older cameras, which could click limited photos due to a restriction of Film Rolls, the smartphone camera can click as many as you like, provided there is enough storage space. People now tend to click more than one image of the same scene or pose and sort them later, keeping the best. This ensures that you do not regret not capturing an important photo properly.

Want To Remove Duplicates & Similar Images – Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.jpg

Now that you know about the unwanted images (duplicate & similar) on your PC, let us check out how to remove them and restore the valuable storage space on our PC. You need to use a third-party application called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to remove duplicate and similar images. This excellent duplicate photo finder tool was developed keeping the duplicates and similar images in mind and ways to detect and delete them.

Note: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro includes a powerful engine that checks the metadata, pixel allotment, and other criteria to compare the images on your PC. It does not consider the name or size of the image as this would not provide the relevant results.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:- An Amazing Must-Have Tool For Your Images

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an excellent duplicate photo finder software that swiftly scans and removes duplicate and similar photos from your complete photo collection. The application is accessible on all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The best photo editing software lets you locate and remove duplicate images from internal and external storage. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows has an elegant and contemporary interface and quickly scans and compares duplicate photos. Here are a few features:

Organize Your Photo Collection

Duplicate image files that are no longer required can be deleted to create a more current and well-organized image collection.

Carry Out A Quick Scan

Check your photos to see if there are any similar or duplicate pictures.

It was made to function with Google Drive

You can search for and remove duplicate photos from Google Drive without uploading your whole collection to your hard drive.

Devices for external and internal storage are both supported

The SD cards, USB drives, and external hard drives connected to your PC through an adapter are among the internal and external storage devices that the software is compatible with.

Several File Formats Are Supported

Practically all commonly used file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, TGA, GIF, TGA, PNG, and many more, are compatible with this format. In addition to assisting you in creating a duplicate-free photo library, the photo duplicate detector optimizes your system to ensure optimum performance.

Utilizing a Range of Scanning Methods to Find Duplicates

You can search through your photo collection to locate duplicate images and close matches by scanning a variety of modules, such as time intervals, GPS, and other data.

Automatic Duplicate Detection

When the application shows images, you can choose Auto-Mark to duplicate the photographs while leaving one original image in each group unmarked.

How To Remove Duplicate And Similar Images

Step 1: Download and Install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro from the official link or click the button below:

Step 2: Start the app and add images or a folder containing your images.


Step 3: After adding the photographs, go to the top of the right panel in the app’s interface and choose the Comparison method.

Exact Match: Select this option if you want precise exact matches. Under this scanning procedure, the quantity of results often appears to be minimal.

Similar Match: After the scan, this option can find photographs that are near-identical or similar to one another.

Similar match

Click Here for a detailed tutorial on how to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Step 4: At the bottom of the software screen, click the Scan for Duplicates icon.

Step 5: All the duplicate photos will appear arranged in various groups with duplicates or similar pictures depending on the option selected in Step 3.

Duplicate photos

Step 6: Using the Auto Mark button, you can choose all the duplicate/similar photos and mark them all for deletion while keeping one original image from each group.

Step 7: At the bottom, click the Delete Market button to clear your computer’s storage of any exact duplicates and similar images.

Your Thoughts On Duplicate & Similar Images

Duplicate and Similar images are a part of unwanted files on your PC that unnecessarily occupy the hard disk space. As they do not have any fruitful use, removing them and reducing the number of files on your computer would be necessary. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the best solution to the problem of duplicate and similar images.

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