How To Clone Hard Drive To SSD On Windows 10/8/7

Wondering how you can clone a hard drive to SDD in a secure way without any data loss? Well, we recommend using EaseUS Disk Copy, one of the best disk cloning tools to copy HDD to SSD. Keep reading to learn the entire process!

Why Clone Your Hard Drive To SSD?

Well, the most important reasons why you should copy HDD to SSD are listed below:

1. To gain better performance:

With time a large amount of data on your hard drive gets accumulated & makes your PC slow down significantly. Due to this, you will most likely encounter common PC errors in the future. To ensure this won’t happen again, we would recommend you to clone your hard drive to a faster SSD.

2. SSD’s are comparatively affordable:

SSD’s are much durable, lighter, cooler, have blazing reading/writing speed & consumes less power in comparison to HDD. Due to improvements in manufacturing techniques, even their prices have fallen significantly. Some of the most recommended affordable SSDs are Samsung 860 Pro, WD Black SN750 NVMe, Seagate Fast, Adata XPG SX8200 Pro etc.

Prerequisites For Hard Drive Cloning

You’ll be needing the following to clone a hard drive to SSD securely:

  • Have an old HDD by your side with an OS installed?
  • Keep the new SSD where you would transfer the OS.
  • Have a complete backup of your disk, so that you don’t lose any data.
  • Make sure you to disconnect all the external devices attached.
  • This is must: Install the best disk cloning software on your PC, we recommend using EaseUS Disk Copy as it makes the entire hard drive cloning process easy & straightforward.

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Why Choose EaseUS Disk Copy To Clone HDD To SDD On Windows 10/8/7?

Since we are using EaseUS Disk Copy for the cloning process without data loss, we would like to introduce you to its basic feature set:

  • OS Migration to SSD OR HDD without reinstalling the operating system & other programs.
  • Clone hard drive to SSD.
  • Transfer Windows 10 OS to a USB Flash Drive.
  • Create a bootable USB or CD/DVD drive.
  • Backup the entire Windows operating system.
  • Recover data from the faulty hard drive. Now that you’ve fulfilled all the essential prerequisite learn the step by step process: How to clone a hard drive?

How To Use EaseUS Disk Copy To Clone A Hard Drive?

STEP 1- Install & launch EaseUS Disk Copy on your computer.

STEP 2- Click on the Disk Mode button at the top-right corner of your dashboard > Select the hard drive that you would like to make a clone of.  

how to clone HDD to SSD

STEP 3- Hit the Next button to continue the process.

STEP 4- At this step, you have to select the destination disk. Make sure it has large space than the previous one, as you are copying the entire source hard disk, it should have plenty of storage.

STEP 5- Click the OK button to confirm the process when EaseUS Disk Copy asks you to erase the entire data on the destination disk.

How to clone a hard drive to SSD

STEP 6- Now it’s time to check and edit the disk layout. Make sure you check the option if your destination disk is SSD.

STEP 7- Click the Proceed button, located at the bottom of the screen to begin the hard drive cloning process.

How to clone a hard drive to SSD

STEP 8 – Once the process is completed, insert s new drive to your computer and replace the old HDD carefully. 

Isn’t the entire process to clone HDD to SSD is super easy & straightforward? Comment down your experience using EaseUS Disk Copy. Have more questions? Check out our brief FAQ section!

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Make The Most Out Of EaseUS Disk Copy?

Here are some of the most asked questions related to the disk cloning software – EaseUS Disk Copy. Learn how to makes the most out of it:

Q1. How Do I Connect The Disks On My Laptop Without Internal Cables?

Windows 10 laptop users need certain things beforehand: Make a bootable media of Disk copy tool & an external USB enclosure. Further, just implement the steps mentioned below:

  • Simply place the target disk inside the laptop.
  • Attach your source disk using an external USB enclosure.
  • Now boot up the PC using the bootable media via EaseUS Disk Copy Software.
  • Follow the aforementioned section to implement the steps of cloning your hard drive from source to target disk.

Next, you should be able to boot up from the source disk normally.

Q2. How Long Would EaseUS Disk Copy Would Take To Clone HDD To SSD?

Well, it would take a few hours to clone a hard drive via EaseUS Disk Copy. But mostly the following determines the time that will be consumed to clone HDD to SSD.

  1. I/O speed of both disks.
  2. And the amount of data that needs to be copied.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Other Alternatives To EaseUS Disk Copy For Windows 10, 8, 7?

In addition to EaseUS Disk Copy, there are more Disk Cloning Software you can consider using for several hard drive cloning, migration, backup & recovery needs. Here’s your complete list!

Q4. Disk Cloning VS Disk Copying VS Disk Imaging

Here are the main differences between Disk Cloning VS Copying VS Imaging:

Creates an exact copy of hard drive to another hard drive. Additionally, it copies system files; hidden files, in-use files are also copied.


In certain cases, some system files are not copied correctly, so you can effectively create a bootable hard drive by simply copying & pasting the files. Disk Imaging is a single file that includes all the files and data in a hard drive. So, it’s not usable by itself, you need to restore the image to a hard drive. So, it’s best for backups.



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