How To Choose The Right PDF Viewer For Windows 11/10

Gone are the days when a PDF viewer was used to only open and view PDF documents. Modern PDF viewers pack a lot more inside. They also assume the role of a PDF manager. With one such utility, you can perform multiple tasks. You can – view PDFs, merge them, convert them to popular file formats, encrypt PDFs, arrange documents, change the orientation and the list goes on.

If you’re unsure about which PDF viewer to choose, here are some useful tips to help you decide. In order to help you find the right PDF viewer for your Windows 11/10, we have broken the post down into two parts –

1. What are the things you should look for in a PDF viewer

2. Example of a decent PDF viewer

What Are The Things I Should Look for In A PDF Viewer

At the outset, we’d like to mention that some PDF viewers might offer more features than what’s mentioned here. However, here are the kinds of things you should look for in a PDF viewer.

1. Various Viewing Options

A good PDF viewer should offer you multiple viewing modes with which you can either open multiple pages of a PDF document simultaneously or open pages individually in a bigger size.

2. Easily Add or Remove Pages

If after viewing a PDF you feel the need to add or remove pages from PDF, a PDF viewer should also come with this facility.

3. Rearrange Pages

It’s likely that there are pages that you feel should have come after or before certain pages. For the same, rearranging pages is a feature that many PDF viewers come with these days.

4. Merge and Split PDF Documents

A PDF viewer should also let you either merge several PDF documents or split a single PDF document into distinct PDFs.

5. Convert PDFs To Popular File Format

There are times when you might want to convert a PDF to some other file format, for example into a Word file or image. With a PDF viewer in place, needn’t scour the web for one such online tool.

6. Change The Orientation

Bumped into a PDF page that’s turned upside down or has images that would look better in landscape mode. Modern PDF viewers also let you change the orientation where you can rotate PDFs or even change them to landscape or portrait mode.  

7. Open Multiple PDFs

In this day and age of multitasking when say, you have to juggle several PDFs at a time, or, perform distinct tasks on PDFs, you should opt for a PDF viewer that can help you open as many PDFs as you want at the same time.

8. Password Protect PDFs

Once you are through with all the tasks you might want to restrict access so that only people who have the necessary rights can view the PDF. A PDF viewer also lets you secure your PDFs using passwords.

Why Advanced PDF Manager Is The Right PDF Viewer for Your Windows PC

– Open Multiple PDFs At Once

To facilitate multitasking with several PDFs and performing individual tasks on multiple PDFs, Advanced PDF Manager lets you open as many PDFs as you want in one session.

– Multiple Viewing Modes

Multiple Viewing Modes

Advanced PDF offers 5 viewing modes with which you can see the pages of your PDF documents. These include –

1. Collapse view: The complete PDF document is collapsed and you can see the thumbnail as well as the number of pages the PDF document contains.

2. Small Multiview: This option lets you see the multiple pages of a PDF in a small compact view simultaneously so that you can get a quick overview of all the pages.

3. Medium Multiview: As compared to Small Multiview, you can view the pages of a PDF in a slightly bigger format and get a broader overview of the content of the pages.

4. Large Multiview: As the name suggests, this view gives you a much larger overview of the pages. You can read the contents of the pages in a much better manner.

5. Single View: The Single View shows one page at a time. It helps you go through all the contents of a page more thoroughly and clearly.

– Rearrange Pages

Rearrange Pages

With Advanced PDF, you can open pages of a PDF document and then rearrange their order by simply dragging the pages back and forth based on how you want to arrange them.

– Rotate PDFs

With Advanced PDF Manager, you can select multiple pages and rotate them.

– Merge and Split

Merge and Split

The PDF managing utility lets you combine two or more PDFs or pages. At the same time, you can also split PDFs as well.

– Convert PDFs to Popular Formats

Convert PDFs to Popular Formats

Advanced PDF Manager lets you convert a PDF into popular file formats across Word, Excel, PPT, image, and text.

– Password Protect PDFs

Password Protect PDFs

With Advanced PDF Manager, securing PDFS is simple. All you have to do is simply click on Protect and you can then add a password.

Unlocking Seamless PDF Experience: Choose Your PDF Viewer Wisely

We’d again like to reinstate that a PDF viewer is much more than just opening and viewing PDF documents. Yes! There could be PDF viewers that offer more features than the ones mentioned here but first, these are the kinds of features you should look for when searching for the right PDF viewer, and second, if you are looking for a decent PDF viewer, Advanced PDF Manager can be a great choice.

If this post has helped you, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content – technical how-to’s, software/ app suggestions/ reviews, and much more, keep reading WeTheGeek. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Flipboard.

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