How to Check Your Mac’s CPU Usage

How to check CPU usage on Mac? Or How to check CPU utilization on Mac? Are these the same questions that come to your mind whenever your Mac becomes sluggish or suddenly the speed of your Mac’s fans increases? The reason for all this can be the high CPU usage of your Mac. 

macOS is recognized for using resources efficiently, as seen by the extended battery life of MacBooks. Sometimes high CPU utilization on Mac might be caused by some bugs or apps. This can result in various issues, including app crashes, freezing issues in Mac, overheating, and decreased battery life.

If you are experiencing the same issue, you are not alone in this, and today we will look at how you can check your MacBook CPU usage and how to fix the same.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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How to Check Mac’s CPU usage

Method 1: Check Your Mac’s CPU usage Using Activity Monitor

Macs come with a built-in program called Activity Monitor that lets you monitor storage, memory, and CPU utilization. The application displays which processes are active and how each process uses how much CPU.

  • Open “Spotlight” by pressing the “Command’ key with the “Spacebar” key. Search for “Activity Monitor” in Spotlight and click on “Activity Monitor” to launch it.
  • Once it has been opened, if it is not already chosen, select the “CPU” tab.
  • The list of all running processes, their CPU use as a percentage, and CPU time are displayed on the CPU tab.
  • Check the “%CPU” column to see how much CPU each program is using.
  • The total CPU load is displayed at the bottom, divided into three sections: System, User, & Idle.

CPU utilization on Mac

Writer’s Tip: To order the apps by greatest CPU usage, double-click on the percent CPU column

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Method 2: Check Your MacBook CPU Usage Via Live On Dock

You can instantly check the current status directly on the Dock rather than having to launch Activity Monitor each time to view the CPU utilization on a Mac. Follow these steps to do so:

  • As stated in the previous section, launch Activity Monitor, then click the red circle to shut the window.
  • In the Dock, right-click on the Activity Monitor symbol.
  • From the menu, choose the “Dock Icon” and then click on  “Show CPU Usage.”

CPU usage on Mac

  • When “Show CPU Usage” is enabled, the Activity Monitor dock logo will convert into the 10-segment bar that changes color according to the CPU usage.  For instance, you would utilize your CPU power if all 10 parts light up. 

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Method 3: How To Fix High CPU Usage On Mac Via CleanMyMac X

Thankfully, you may use the “CleanMyMac” all-in-one system optimizer application to eliminate the majority of the reasons for high CPU utilization on Mac and restore your Mac to optimal operating conditions.

CleanMyMac X frees up space on your Mac by deleting unnecessary files. This simple way to delete unneeded programs and clear up outdated data. Additionally, you may see other things like the CPU’s performance and the amount of RAM that is accessible. You may modify your system’s menu with this program.

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Benefits of CleanMyMac

  • Enhances the performance of the Mac.
  • Increases the boot time of your Macbook by up to four times.
  • Makes iTunes, Mail, Photo, and storage clutter-free.

Here’s How To Use CleanMyMac:

  • Download the CleanMyMac software by clicking on this link.

  • After installing it on your Mac, select “Smart Scan.”
  • In this tab, you’ll find five options Cleanup, Protection, Speed, Applications, and Files.

Macbook CPU usage

  • Click on “Optimization” under the “Speed” option.
  • By utilizing Optimization, your Mac will be sped, and it quickly finds problems that are slowing it down and repairs them with a single click.

Check CPU usage Mac

That’s it, all done. You are good to go, and from now on, your Mac will run as fast as when you opened it the first time. 

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To Wrap This Up

So, this was a small how-to guide on how one can check the CPU usage on Mac and as well as other issues. I hope that by the time you finish reading this, you will be able to check and fix the high CPU usage problem in Mac. If you find this informative, then share it, with your friends. And don’t forget to download and check the “CleanMyMac” software.

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