How To Browse Safe With Spotify Private Session

Almost everyone loves music but not everyone loves to share his music taste with his followers and friends. Go private and browse safe with Spotify private session. Yes! Spotify allows music listeners to privately browse their favorite beats of music. This streaming platform is trending nowadays and allows users to listen to thousands of artists, let them create a playlist, and listen to podcasts for free.

Spotify private session


Spotify private session once enabled, will show a blue padlock near the username to let you know that you are accessing private session. Browsing privately is beneficial for the users in many ways. First, you can hide your choice of songs from your followers and secondly, you can prevent yourself from being mocked for your choice of music.

Spotify has a major setback wherein it lets everyone know what you’re listening to as it makes your playlist public and even shares your content on social media. If you want Spotify not to do this on your behalf, consider browsing privately on Spotify web players.

Anyone who is following you on Spotify can easily see what you are up to but there are various ways to help you hide your browsing activity.

Hiding Your Activities On Spotify

Majorly, there are three options you should consider checking to access Spotify private session:

  • Listening Activity- Disabling this will suppress all your listening activity on Spotify.
  • Private Session- Enable this option to keep your activity hidden until you close Spotify, or you are inactive for six hours or disable the feature on your own.
  • Make Secret- Turning this on will prevent others from seeing your activity but only for the specific playlist where secret mode is set. The music outside this playlist will appear for your followers to see. It will be hidden if you have enabled or disabled the two options above.

Spotify Private Session On Web And App

Whether you are browsing Spotify on iOS, Android or web, it gives you several ways to hide what you are listening to. The very first advantage of accessing Spotify privately is that you do not give anyone a chance to mock you or your choice of music. Make your session private so as to prevent it from leaked among your followers.

To privately browse Spotify on desktop,

  • Go to your profile tab on the right side corner.
  • Click Settings.
  • On Settings page, find ‘Social’.
  • Turn on ‘Private Session’.

Doing this will restrict all content sharing options used by Spotify. Your playlist will be hidden from your friend’s feed and all your browsing activity will be muted. To make sure it is done, look for the blue padlock near your username. It says you are browsing privately on Spotify.

To privately browse Spotify App,

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on the top right.
  • Click ‘Social’.
  • Enable ‘Private Session’.
    Enable private session

The Spotify private session automatically disables if it has been inactive for more than six hours. Do not ever forget to reactivate it every time before you browse your loud music taste to keep it hidden from your followers.

 How To Hide Playlist On Spotify

 If you’re okay with your friends watching your activity, but you do not want them to find out your not so obvious music taste, create a separate playlist on Spotify and hide it from them. Making your playlist a secret is easy. To hide a playlist, Make Secret is a great way to do this. To make your playlist a secret,

  • Go to ‘Playlist’.
  • Pick the playlist you want to hide, click the circle with an ellipsis inside.
  • Click ‘Make Secret’.

How To Hide All Your Playlists

Spotify private session hides your activities from your followers. You can also consider hiding all your favorite playlists, if you do not want anyone to see your new playlists, there is also a way to hide them. For this,

  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Social’.
  • Look for ‘Automatically make new playlists public’, enable the button to deactivate sharing and make your playlist private.
  • For old playlists, use ‘Make secret’ option.

Other Privacy Settings to Consider

 To hide from social media, Settings > Social > Deactivate ‘Share my activity on Facebook’. For mobile app, follow the same steps but under the name ‘Show on Facebook’.

  • To hide your listening history, Settings > Social > Deactivate ‘Publish my activity on Spotify’ for both desktop and mobile versions.
  • To hide every sharing option, make sure that all your playlists are hidden and all sharing options under Social tag is deactivated.

Summing Up

To prevent yourself from indulging in guilty pleasures by your followers once in a while Spotify, ensure that you access this web player under Spotify private session. You can make your playlists a secret to hide them from your Spotify followers.

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