How To Automatically Remove Duplicate Images In Batch

All of us are fond of clicking and storing pictures: be it on our laptops, phones, or cloud. Our selfies, personal shoots, family photographs are scattered all over our devices. While it feels incredible to have all your precious memories right at your fingertips, the only issue that arises is most of them are duplicates and space hogs

Multiple replicas of exact and similar images waste your storage space and make the file management process difficult. After all, how can you be so sure that which pic of your sister is the perfect one to print when you have ten clones of it?

Well, the instant solution is to perform a duplicate image search on your Windows & Mac to find and delete exact & similar photos in bulk. Since detecting dupes manually can take a lot of your time. The catch is, using an automatic duplicate photo cleaner will not only help you to detect duplicate photos based on the file name, but it will show the results on the similarity of content & other factors. 

To Remove Duplicate Photos In Batch – Get Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro For Windows & Mac

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a freemium clone image cleaner for Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone with high compatibility for all the latest versions. It features the fastest scanning engine with tons of filters that lets you find and remove exact and similar photos in batch as quickly as possible. Unlike most of the duplicate image removers, it supports both Internal and External Storage Space. It means you can find and clean duplicates from SD Card, USB Devices, Hard Drives, and more. 

Limited Offer

Note: Take advantage of the limited-time promotion and pay $9.99 instead of $39.99 for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to get rid of duplicate images on Mac.

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What’s More?

  • Straightforward interface with easy to navigate buttons to upload multiple folders for removing exact & similar-looking photos in batch. 
  • Multiple scanning modes to find both exact and similar-looking images in no time. 
  • Set matching criteria to detect clone images based on Bitmap Size, Time Interval, GPS Location & so on. 
  • Retrieves accurate results in no time. 
  • Huge chunks of space can be recovered in a single scan. 
  • High compatibility with popular OS versions and internal/external storage devices. 
  • Capable of detecting and removing almost all types of photo formats
  • Suitable duplicate image cleaner for novice and advanced users. 
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Lightweight duplicate photo finder & cleaner for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone users. 




Price For Windows:$29.95

Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP


Searching for Duplicates


Price:$9.99(For Limited Time)

Compatibility: macOS 10.7+ 

Walkthrough Steps – Find & Remove Duplicate Images In Batch

Using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a hassle-free process to detect accurate dupes. To use on Windows and Mac, follow the instructions mentioned below: 

For Windows:

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STEP 1- Download, Install & Launch Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on Windows. 

STEP 2- From the main dashboard, drag and drop multiple folders to sort duplicate images in bulk. Alternatively, you can click on the Add Photos or Add Folder button to add data and find exact and similar photographs. 

Select Computer

STEP 3- Once added, click on Scan for Duplicates button. Depending on the number of photographs & folders added, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro can take time. 

STEP 4- Once the list of exact & similar-looking images are presented. Go through the Preview pane and select the dupes you wish to remove in bulk. Alternatively, you can click on the Auto-Mark button at the top-left corner to let the duplicate cleaning utility automatically mark duplicates in batch. 

Delete Marked

STEP 5- Once satisfied, hit the Delete Marked button from the bottom of the dashboard. You’ll be surprised to see the amount of storage space recovered after batch removing exact and similar -looking pics. 

You can also use the sliders to adjust the parameters and set matching levels to get more personalized results before pressing the Scan for Duplicates button.  

For Mac

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STEP 1- Install & launch Duplicate Photos Fixer on your Mac. 

STEP 2- From the main dashboard, drag and drop entire folders, photo library, or photos to scan instantly. Alternatively, you can hit the Add Photos, Add Photos Library, or Add Folder button to choose the location you wish to scan and find exact and similar photos. 

Delete Photos

STEP 3- Hit the Scan for Duplicates button to start the process. Depending on the amount of data you wish to scan, the scanning process can take time. 

STEP 4- Once the scanning process gets completed, a list of exact and similar photos would be presented in front of you in a classified format. 

STEP 5- You can see the preview and select the images you wish to delete. Alternatively, you can click on the Auto-Mark button to let the duplicate photo finder & remover select unwanted dupes automatically. 

STEP 6– Go through the list carefully and once you are satisfied, click on the Trash Marked button to remove duplicate images in the batch. 

Deleting Photos

You can also use the sliders to adjust the parameters and set matching levels to get more personalized results. 

This will help you release huge chunks of storage space from your Mac and eventually enjoy a clutter-free photo library and see a noticeable boost in overall performance. 

That’s all, folks! This is how you can easily find and batch remove duplicates and similar photos on Windows & Mac. If you know any alternative that proffers more accurate results, ease the entire process and save your time/effort in finding and deleting duplicates in bulk. Do let us know your recommendation in the comments section below! 

And if you’ve used Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro before or have any feedback for the product, do drop a message on our Facebook Page

People Also Ask:

Q1. How Can I Mass Delete Duplicate Photos & Other Files?

If you are looking for a tool that can help you find and delete duplicate photos & other data in bulk, then we highly recommend our users to try Duplicate Files Fixer. The software is available for both Windows & Mac users, and allows them to detect and remove clone photographs, music files, documents, videos, archives and other data. 

Q2.  Is It OK To Remove Duplicate Images?

Yes, cleaning multiple replicas of the same pic will undoubtedly ease the file management process, will clear the unwanted clutter, and speed up performance to some extent. 

Q3. Which Is The Best Duplicate Photo Finder Software For Windows? 

The market is packed with various solutions that can help you find and delete duplicate photos in bulk. But if you ask for a perfect recommendation that not only makes the entire process easy, fast & reliable but also affordable, then choose undoubtedly Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro



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    Definitely giving Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro a try because I am tired of duplicate images on my Windows PC

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Gajendra singh
    This step by step process is easy to follow

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Duplicate photo removal in batches? that will clear out a good space in the device. Thank you 🙂

    4 years ago

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