How Right Backup Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions In 2023

The beginning of a new year is a time for renewal. Every year, millions of individuals make New Year’s Resolutions hoping for positive lifestyle changes. Well, it’s the perfect opportunity to set new goals and develop plans to get rid of annoying and unhealthy habits. But let’s face it, once the glow of a new year wears off, many of us struggle to stick to our list of aims.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, 80% of resolutions made each new year are not kept and are abandoned by February. One of the most common reasons why so many resolutions get failed is its lack of strategy. So, if you want to kick the ‘21s off right and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, you should take advantage of Right Backup – a secure online storage tool.

What Is Right Backup?

Right Backup is a reliable backup and cloud storage solution for Home & Enterprise users. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Right Backup is an excellent way to secure your files with the most robust encryption techniques. Best of all, the solution is available for Free (which gives 100 MB of storage plan) and affordable monthly & yearly plans (for 1 TB Storage Plans) at $11.94 and $130.87 respectively, like nowhere else. If you’ve read our Best Cloud Backup & Storage Services (2020), you’ll know that Right Backup is one of the most recommended and favorite services for individuals.

What Is Right Backup

So, without further ado, let’s see how Right Backup can help us strategize our new year’s resolutions, so that we can stay on top of our game.

Why Do You Need Right Backup To Succeed At New Year’s Resolutions?

We have jotted down a shortlist of new year’s resolutions & how the cloud backup and service Right Backup can help you fulfill your resolutions.

1. Keep In Touch With Those Who Matter The Most

Some of you might not spend hours in front of the television or playing video games, but Social Media & Smartphones have become a severe addiction among many demographics. So, if you consistently spend more than an hour everyday sticking to your smartphone, it is the perfect time to make a change and keep ‘stay in touch with your loved ones’ the most important new year’s resolution.

It’s ok if you can’t take time from your schedule and be physically present with your loved ones. You can try keeping in touch with your favourite people through Right Backup. Make cute photo albums, upload them on the cloud and share it through a simple download link. You can also create & share the playlist of their favourite songs and let them know you still remember them. Right Backup’s file-sharing options offer users a great chance to stay in touch with people who matter the most, quickly and easily.

Keep In Touch With Those Who Matter The Most 

2. Get In Shape

Practically every survey about New year’s resolutions shows that losing weight and getting fit are two of the most consistent popular goals. The aim to get in shape seems inevitable when following the fad diet or preparing yourself to go to the gym daily. All you need to remember is that consistency is the key!

One of the easiest & practical ways to be consistent about your plan is to make a dedicated workout routine and create your favourite music playlist that can make your exercise time more enjoyable. Right Backup shines here as well. Just upload your music collection and the workout plan to the cloud and have access whenever you need to check something quickly, no matter from what device. Just use your credentials and access your Right Backup account, anytime, anywhere.

Start A New Business Or Job 

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3. Start A New Business Or Job

A new year means new beginnings. For some, it even brings the opportunity to start with a new job or business. So, whether you are just planning to look for something casually or determined enough to apply for your dream job, you need to be all prepped up with your portfolio and CV. You certainly can’t miss the opportunity to present your work in the best possible manner, right?

That’s exactly where you can’t go wrong if you choose to send your portfolio and other useful documents through a Right Backup download link. You certainly want to be sure that it reaches the right hands in the fastest and most secure way. What else? Once your portfolio, resume, and other official documents are stored on the Right Backup cloud, it’s always in your pocket. Therefore, you are still set for a quick pitch!


4. Maintain Your Work Efficiency

What if you are already in love with your current job? Well, nothing can be more perfect than it, right? Still, there’s always a scope for better organization and management of your workflow. Starting the new year with a well-organized plan would undoubtedly be a great feeling.

You can rely on Right Backup to declutter your digital life. Simply create systematic folders for each task and upload them on Right Backup. With a single click, you can share it with your colleagues and make the collaboration process super easy. Unlike most popular file-sharing tools and software, Right Backup uses SSL encryption to transfer your files, ensuring tight security. The files can only be accessed by you and by the people you allow to access the data.

Maintain Your Work Efficiency 5. Travel More, Explore More

Travelling is surely one of the most crucial parts of life & undoubtedly the best way to get out of busy schedules. And New Year is the perfect opportunity to try out exciting things and explore unique places. If you want to take better care of your ‘Travelling’ resolution, you might need to consider using Right Backup to make your journey effortless.

Right Backup’s automatic upload functionality is probably the best bet to ensure that all your photos and videos are backed up on the cloud. You always have enough storage space on your Mobile to capture more memories. What’s more? You don’t need to carry all your official and personal documents (such as tickets, booking reservations docs, etc.) everywhere you go. Simply save them on the cloud and have them handy whenever required.

Travel More, Explore More
Right Backup – Your Helping Hand To Achieve New Year’s Resolutions!

Storage Capacity: 1 TB No. Of Devices: Unlimited File-Sharing: Yes Smart Restoration: Yes Trial Period: Yes

As you’ve seen, Right Backup simply stands out when it comes to enjoying high storage capacity, security, and file-sharing capabilities. The cloud backup & storage solution is highly reliable, and you never have to worry about risking your important files to data theft. Its compatibility with mobiles allows users to use the cloud service from desktop and any smartphone. To know more about Right Backup, you can check out the complete video tutorial below! 

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