How Can An Antivirus Speed Up PC?

Many users have a misconception that an Antivirus might slow down their PC. Yes, there might be few instances when an Antivirus might slow down your PC which we will cover later in this blog. Even if an Antivirus slows down your PC (a tad bit), it does it so that it can comprehensively scan your PC for threats and nip them in the bud. But, all in all, an Antivirus helps boost your PC’s performance.

There are several great paid and free Antivirus out there. For this blog, let’s pick Systweak Antivirus, which is one of the best Antivirus available. We have already covered a detailed review of Systweak Antivirus where you can see it in action.

How Can An Antivirus Boost PC Performance?

First thing’s first, can an Antivirus boost the speed of my PC, and if yes, how? Unlike what some users believe, Antivirus can help in increasing the performance of your PC. Here are some ways

1. Malware and Virus Protection


When a malware or virus creeps into your PC, it takes a severe toll on your computer’s resources. Here’s what a Malware does to slow down your PC – It interferes with the functioning of your PC. A malware or virus infuses a malicious program or software which takes up a substantial amount of your computer’s memory. In the process, it even hampers the performance of some of the crucial programs in your PC. This could lead to system crashes/ freezes or applications taking forever to respond.

Now, when you counterattack Malware, zero-day threats, viruses, PUP, adware, and Trojan with a weapon like Systweak Antivirus, you can get real-time alerts for suspicious files and malicious links. Systweak Antivirus instantly detects such threats and neutralizes them.

Furthermore, Systweak Antivirus and the likes regularly update their database of Malware and other kinds of threats with new definitions. As such, it is next to impossible for a threat to bypass the software.

2. Clean Startup Items


Unnecessary startup items can be one of the root causes of why your PC is slowing down and why possibly your PC’s security might be at stake.

Several software and applications ask permission to start as soon as your PC starts. This can increase the boot time by five to ten minutes. And, if your PC is old, such unnecessary startup programs can make your PC slow.

Systweak Antivirus has a dedicated startup Manager which first segregates items based on ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’. You then have the option to remove the items that you don’t want at the startup by clicking on the ‘bin’ icon.

3. A Good Antivirus Would Not Take Much Of Your Computer’s Resources

There are times when an active Antivirus might run in the background to perform security checks. This may slow down your computer’s speed. For instance, if you have set your Antivirus for weekly deep scans, it might take a few hours to complete the scan and as a result, consume a lot of processing power.

A good Antivirus like Systweak Antivirus doesn’t take much on your computer’s resources. Unlike many Antivirus applications, Systweak Antivirus has a decent, easy to use interface. It is a lightweight application that packs all the features that won’t let any security threat bypass your PC. Here you have an option to schedule your scans and even choose the type of scan that you want. For instance, you can choose from a deep scan, custom scan, or quick scan.

Here’s What You Can Do?

You can schedule a scan every day when you are not using the computer. For instance, you can schedule a scan at night.


how Antivirus can boost PC performance

4. Ad Removal

stop ads

Ads on websites might look harmless. And, while most legit sites have intrusive yet harmless ads, there are malicious websites that can easily inject Malware into your PC as soon as you click on a malicious link. We have already discussed how Malware or any virus for that matter can slow down your PC. To add on, such ads even reduce the loading speed of a website, thereby further hampering your experience.

Systweak Antivirus has a StopAll Ads feature which blocks unwanted malicious links and ads on Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Once you have installed the extension, you can easily block any Malware domains, disable social media buttons and even disable other trackers.

5. Bonus

Upgrade for better security

Here’s how Systweak Antivirus can further help you boost your PC’s performance. It leads and prompts you to install the right applications that you must have on your PC. It has a dedicated action centre which contains a host of apps that can help you speed up your PC and further intensify its security. There are utility applications for fixing duplicate files, updating outdated drivers, recovering disk space,  backing up data and even securing identity.

In The End

Though we highly recommend each of our users to install an Antivirus program like Systweak Antivirus, we hope that after going through the above points you won’t have any qualms in installing one in your PC. If the blog’s been of help, do upvote it and share it with the ones you care for. You can even find us on Facebook and YouTube.


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