How To Free Up RAM On your Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

Nothing is as annoying as a slow running computer. It is because most of the slow computers have a high CPU usage. In simple words, the computer applications in your PC are crossing the limits of CPU RAM usage, slowing down the system. Other than these, RAM cleaners are needed to fix your computer slow down issues.

RAM cleaner

Sometimes you will find your Windows PC running slow due to any of the other reasons including memory leaks or unexpected power surges. These factors are out of the control limits. But if your computer is slowing down, you can free up RAM you can fix it using various tools, methods.

Let us first discuss what RAM is and how it should be used to prevent your computer from slowing down.

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RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It is an inbuilt feature that comes with every device be it a Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices. It is a kind of storage that has a list of currently running programs on your system. How you PC performs depends on its RAM size. Free up RAM on your system to avoid memory downfall and prevent it from affecting the performance of your computer.

Reasons to Free up RAM

It is frustrating to find yourself restricted from completing your part of work just because of RAM running low. A lot of times it becomes so tragic for the user as it may lead to application and data loss.

The need for freeing up RAM arises when your PC start falling short of memory. RAM keeps on changing rapidly and if you want your files and data to be kept safe, store them on a hard drive or a place of permanent storage.

PC running low on RAM? Try using storage space on your hard disk or on virtual RAM. But before you use, you should know the fact that virtual RAM on hard drive is slower than the actual RAM. Virtual RAM, majorly compromises with the performance quality, hence, ensure that you use it in the worse conditions.

How to Check if your PC Needs RAM Cleaning?

There are many considerations that help you to check your system’s RAM usage.

Firstly, you can check an application’s performance on your PC. An application will start running slow if your system’s RAM is about to get full. This might be because the application is using virtual RAM instead of actual RAM to store data.

Secondly, if you find that the applications on your PC have started crashing all of a sudden, then this could also be a sign that you need to run a RAM booster to clear RAM on your PC.

Thirdly, you can also consider checking how much of the RAM your applications are using. For this, go to-

  • ‘Task Manager’ by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Click ‘More Details’ to check RAM usage in total.

This will give you a detailed graph of RAM usage in total along with the usage of each running application.

Best and Easy Tips to Free up RAM on your Windows PC

1. Restart Your PC: It might sound silly to resolve any issue by just restarting your Windows PC but there is always a reason behind everything. To clear RAM, try restarting your PC and resetting all the running programs. It will clean the background processes and your PC will now be having more space.

2. Close unwanted apps and programs: If you find any app that is taking a lot of time to start, your PC might be need RAM cleaning. To boost up the speed of your system close all unwanted apps and programs to free up RAM on an immediate basis.

3. Use a different browser: Try using another web browsers from that of you use regularly. Some of the web browsers uses more RAM. Try switching to reliable browser such as Chrome or Mozilla etc. to see if it helps a user to restrict RAM usage.

4. Close browser tabs: Having many browser tabs open uses lots of RAM. The contents of each of the tabs are stored in the memory so that the page instantly made available as and when you click. You can consider bookmarking all the important tabs if you need them anytime during your work.

5. Uninstall or Remove Browser Extensions: We install browser extensions to use additional features it provides. But a lot of times, these extensions are also the origin to malware and threats for your PC. They use a major part of RAM. Removing them can free up RAM on your PC. Always install the extensions you’re pretty sure of, otherwise, you can take the help of Advanced System Protector to protect your Windows PC against malware threats.

6. Check RAM usage: To check total RAM usage on your Windows PC, you can

  1. Open Task Manager using Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut
  2. Click ‘More Details’ option to check the full utility
  3. Click ‘Processes’
  4. Go on ‘Memory’ header to check most to least RAM usage.

task manager

For additional information on RAM usage:

  1. On the Task Manager, click on ‘Performance’
  2. On the ‘Memory’ section, look at the RAM usage chart
  3. Now, click on ‘Open Resource Monitor’ at the bottom for detailed

task manager memory

7. Disable or Uninstall Software: Since you have seen in Task Manager what apps are using most of the RAM, think which one is of your use. If you find any app(s) that haven’t opened in the past weeks or months, it is just a waste of resources. Either disable it or uninstall it. To try this, go to

Settings > Apps/ Application Manager > Click ‘Uninstall’ (on any of the apps you want to remove)

app and feature8. Scan for Malware: A timely check to the malware on your Windows PC holds a worth. Use any reliable antimalware tool to protect your PC against malware threats with its fast scanning and cleaning process. Use this software to free up RAM and get rid of unwanted threats and stealing resources will suck up your available RAM.

How to Clear RAM in an Easy Way?

In the above article, we have discussed many manual ways that can help you free up RAM space and boost your Windows PC. For hassle-free optimization of your Windows PC, you can opt for trustworthy optimization tool like- Advanced System Optimizer. It offers various features to ease the process to clear RAM usage on your Windows. It cleans disk space for fewer system crashes, speeds up system performance, loads files faster. Also, the tool keeps all your drivers inline, making it an all-rounder optimizing tool.


If you know any other generic tips to avoid RAM usage or to protect your PCs from slowing down, then do share your suggestions in the comments section below. We would love to hear the additional tips to clear RAM from you!

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