10 Best Games Like World Of Warcraft In 2023

Games like World Of Warcraft are high in demand. World Of Warcraft has indeed numerous fans and is one of the best MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) as more than a hundred players can enjoy it at the same server.

World Of Warcraft might have become old, but its charm still stays upright. Yet for all those players who are seeking games like World Of Warcraft, free or paid, we have got them all right here. So bring your friends in and let the battle begin!

10 Best Games Like World Of Warcraft

1. Tera

Games Like World Of Warcraft

In the list of free games like World Of Warcraft, Tera stands stunningly tall. This true action combat lets you aim, dodge, and time your attacks for perfect combat experience. A character can be customized the way you like, from changing the facial style, hairstyle, exotic accessories to race, you can get anything of your choice.

  • Vast fantasy world, myriad of monster types, variety of landscapes await to get explored.
  • Make friends or enemies all along the way, and share the story in your Tera community.
  • Consider it one of the best PC games like World Of Warcraft. You can even play it on Xbox One and PS4.

2. Black Desert

games like world of warcraft

Design the character you want to play through in-built creation tools and hop on for the exciting journey through this online game like World Of Warcraft. Fast gaming, action-packed combat skills, and massive battles are some of the exciting things, you can find in Black Desert.

  • Indulge in activities like breeding of animals, catching and taming them to accompany your adventure journey.
  • Real-life graphics and expansion within the great ocean are making gamers fall in love with this game like World Of Warcraft.
  • It is now available on Xbox One and PS4.

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3. Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul - games similar to wow

Another in the list of best games like World of Warcraft and that too free of cost is Blade & Soul. Interestingly, the game style of Blade & Soul is quite similar to WoW, and two major characters are fighting against each other for level clearance.

  • Korean game based on martial arts inspired combat is filled with quests that need to be completed.
  • Character customization is absolutely possible.
  • Few paid elements are also present within the game but they are not going to disrupt the overall gaming experience.

 4. The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls - world of warcraft alternative

From the house of Bethesda Games Studio, the Elder Scrolls series is famous all over the world. The continent of Tamriel is the location, where all games take place, and the setting is majorly developed on the lines of pre-medieval history.

  • Slay down the dragons and save the cats to unlock new rewards.
  • Meet various fantasy characters and perform required actions with this World Of Warcraft type game.3
  • Endless content and challenges to figure out your way.

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5. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Another amazing MMORPG category game is here with so much adventure that takes you to another horizon to complete the levels. Your skillsets read new improvements and multiple opportunities pop up throughout the journey. Refreshing ideas are back with the new version after Final Fantasy XIV got negative response in 2010.

  • Story and character build with time as rivals are being won over.
  • Power yourself after killing the dungeons and beasts that intend to block your path.
  • Become the warrior of light and deliver justice to the civilians with your renewed power.
  • Sign up and get a free trial before, and play this one of the best online games like World Of Warcraft.

6. Rift

Rift - world of warcraft like games

An epic adventure and fantasy world of Rift makes you want to have more games like World Of Warcraft. If you want to cross the vast topography, you need to take the challenges right in front of you. Yes, kill the dungeons and evils while invading them and raiding their colonies.

  • In the land of Telara, unstable rifts myriad of monsters which you need to defeat.
  • Endless adventure, dimensions and superhuman warriors are souls of this one of the games similar to World Of Warcraft.
  • Join either side of the two fictional characters and get into resource building together.

7. Neverewinter


Visit exotic locations within your PC but not alone! A variety of dungeons and dragons are ready for a game. Now it’s up to you, and your ways to save the cities from getting destructed. Courageous enough? Get into the multiplayer games like World Of Warcraft.

  • Player created content system called “Foundry” allows you to create your own quests.
  • Get it on your PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

8. Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile - Games like wow

Yet finding World Of Warcraft type games? Set up in the dark world of fantasy, this path of exile is a popular one amongst the multiplayer game genre. Brush up your skills and show the world your dare to explore the whole continent which is brutal and inhabited by mysterious creatures. Welcome to this amazing and free game like World Of Warcraft!

  • It is designed around the items having random properties and requires collection throughout the map.
  • Dark, gritty and realistic design that terrifies you and your friends to move ahead.
  • An amazing PC game like World Of Warcraft, you can even enjoy it on Xbox One and PS4.

9. The Secret World

The Secret World - games similar to world of warcraft

Let’s say, you get a strong story backup with perfect themes to satiate the hunger of dark game within. Players get to dive into a world against the supernatural power, where you also get to travel in between ancient myth to the modern realm.

  • Explore the dark world of various towns, be it Egypt, Transylvania or New York.
  • Being a superhuman and armed with heavy weapons, you are ready to fight evil powers and solve deep mysteries.
  • You get to customize your character with this one of the games similar to World Of Warcraft.

 10. Skyforge

skyforge games like wow

Skyforge is a free game like World Of Warcraft and set up on the planet Aelion. Moreover, science fiction and fantasy come together with beautiful visuals and stories at the backdrop.

  • Choose different classes of character, to begin with, and strive hard to become God.
  • Explore new locations through hologram globe, and put on the shadow of your power with each pass.
  • With this cool game like World Of Warcraft, rock your PC, Xbox One or PS4.

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Which Of The Best Games Like World Of Warcraft Would You Play?

So we have set up some of the coolest games similar to World Of Warcraft in the list above. Let us know which one would you like to go with for the next session. But, if we have missed any of your favorites, let us know the same in the comment section below.

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Till then, rock World Of Warcraft similar games in your own style!


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