10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Battle Royale games are one of the most popular and addictive games for Android. These games have gained a sudden popularity in the world. If you are a fan of battle royals games, then read on!

Fun teaches another level with battle royals games on Android. No matter whether you play with your own gang or make a gang of your own, you can interact with the people and share your thrill and experience while playing the game

Why Battle Royale Games are Popular?

The most important reason behind it, it is fun, engaging, addicting and with the easy access to it, increases the appeal. Also, as you can play these games on your Android devices, it makes it more portable.

Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Battle Royale Games are fun and loaded with graphics. We have listed some of the best battle Royale Games For Android, check it out!


PUBG- battle royal game for android

PUBG is an adrenaline rushing which comes with high-quality graphics and HD audio. Also, you get to collect the arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, throwables with realistic ballistics. Let’s look at the features of PUBG:

  • You can get cars, motorcycles, boats and trucks to chase and hunt your enemies.
  • It has unreal engine 4 which produces a dumbfounding visual experience with excessive detail.
  • The players can locate and hunt their own weapons, vehicles and more. The player can defeat players in the graphical background.

So, install PUBG and get yourself ready to land, loot, fight and survive to be the last man standing. To play the game, all you need is a persistent connection and Android 5.1.1 and above with recommended specs.


2. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike-Battlegrounds

A heroic multiple players SNIPER 3D shooting game, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is the best PvP shooter game available on Google Play Store. Play and unlock sniper guns along with a lot of attachments You can fight and defeat other contestants and become the top rankers on the chat boards.  Let’s look at the features of Bullet Strike:

  • Get the experience of instantaneous PvP SNIPER 3D Battlegrounds with competitors across the world
  • You can play and unlock plenty of new, influential armors and powerful sniper rifles.
  • It also provides updates on maps, game modes, equipment, and characters.

Bullet Strike: Sniper Battlegrounds brings you a distinctive, challenging experience when you are out to fight with snipers across the world. Install the game, enter the arena, become a warrior with a sniper!

Get Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

3. Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth- android battle royal game

The survival shooter, Last Day on Earth is one of the best battle royale games on Android. The game’s plot is based on 2027, wherein the world is exposed to an unknown infection which has destroyed nearly the whole human race. The dead have become zombies and survivors are trying to make it out alive by fighting off the zombies and other obstacles. Let’s check out the features of Last Day on Earth:

  • You need to look out for your character’s life such as thirst, hunger, collecting valuable resources, creating weapons and more.
  • You need to cross your paths with zombies and move forward to survive.
  • Upon playing the game, you can collect defensive weapons to fight off and destroy zombies

Last Day on Earth as the name of the game indicates is the game of survival with thrill and looting abandoned territories,  hunt wild animals and your competitors and more.

4. Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale is an Android  Battle Royale game with a military blocky pixel. It is an online multiplayer game which includes survival in battle meanwhile improving shooting skills and developing PVP tactics as well. Let’s take a look at the features of Grand Battle Royale:

  • On a dead island, find the best loot, kill enemies and survive.
  • Players have to be on an island without any weapons and need to search and find weapons and other things to defeat its opponents.
  • You get to select weapons such as Assault Rifle, SMG, pixel gun, shotguns and more.

Grand Battle Royale is game that you can play as hilarious blocky characters and use your own gameplay to survive against other players.  You can also purchase any pixel block strike skins. Make your side strong by collecting more guns. You need a working internet connection to play the game.

5. Survival Royale

Survival Royale battle royal game for android

Survival Royale is one of the best battle Royale games on Android which enables 100 players to be on a larger area. As the game begins, players have to scavenge for their weapons. Let’s look at the features of the Survival Royale:

  • You can play alone or in teams of 2 or 4.
  • Play in a battlefield and survive till the end to win the game.
  • The game has large maps, sophisticated geography, diverse buildings giving you a real-life experience.

Survival Royale is a grasping game with a lot of weapons, their attachments and vehicles to scavenge.

6. Free Fire: Battlegrounds

Free Fire-Battlegrounds- battle royal game for android

Free Fire is an Android battle Royale game which is a survival shooter game. The game lasts for 10 minutes and you have 49 other players against you on a remote island. Let’s check out the features of the Free Fire: Battlegrounds:

  • Players can choose the game’s starting point with their parachute and stay in a safe zone as long as possible.
  • You get to drive vehicles to explore a large map, ambush, snipe and do other things to survive in the game.
  • Scavenge for weapons, be in play zone, steal from your enemies.

Free fire: Battlegrounds is a four players game and lets you chat during the game to strategize. The game comes with simple controls and smooth graphics to provide you with great experience.

7. Black Survival

Black Survival android battle royal game

Black Survival is one of the best and competitive battle Royale games on Android. The plot is around 10 people who are on a deserted island. This game lasts for 20 minutes. Let’s take a look at the features of Black Survival:

  • The deserted island is divided into 22 different areas, such as forest beach, Hospital and others.
  • As you proceed in the game, the areas turned into restricted areas, which reduces the area of the battlefield.
  • You get 35 different characters such as actor, police, doctor, cook, hacker or others

To survive the game, use gun, hand, blunt, bow blade and others. You can search for ingredients to accessorise your weapons, tools.

8. Radiation Island

Radiation Island - android battle royal game

Radiant Island is a game of survival wherein you can decide your own fate in an open battlefield. The game forces you to make your way through a mysterious world with puzzles and surprises to survive and make it to the real world. Let’s take a look at the features of Radiation Island:

  • The game lets you explore huge forests with dangerous wolves, mountain lions and other animals to proceed in the game.
  • Search in abandoned villages, military compounds for weapons and clues to fight off zombies and discover the secret of their world.
  • You can dive, swim and make your way across and save yourselves from crocodiles.

Radiation Island is an ultimate survival game in which you have to hunt animals, collect fruits and other things to satisfy your hunger. The game interests you to find hidden treasures, equipment’s and firearms to survive the world against zombies and unfavourable weather conditions.

9. Mini DayZ

Mini DayZ best android battle royal game

Mini DayZ is an Android Battle Royale Games which is based on unfavourable conditions and your survival. The game is very popular among PC game players. Let’s take a look at the features of Mini DayZ:

  • Explore generated map, search for ammo, food and other supplies to survive.
  • The game challenges you to protect yourself from infected and dangerous wolves.
  • You need to be careful to always stay warm, dry and fed all the times, as it will help you to survive throughout the game.

With Mini DAYZ,  collect weapons and ammo to make your character strong and survive for a longer time. You need to keep hunger, health and thirst levels in check to stay in the game.

10. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival- android battle royal game

Rules of Survival is a game developed by NetEase Games. It is one of the best battle Royale games on Android. As the game name indicates, you need to play and survive through the deathmatches. Let’s take a look at the features of Rules of Survival:

  • The game comes with 8*8 km map which enables 300 players to battle in different conditions and the survivor wins.
  • During the game, the safe zone shrinks as the game proceeds, so collect your arsenal and weapons.
  • It comes with absolute fair play in a massive HD map.

Rules of Survival can be played in either solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle. It comes with a vast variety of firearms and accessories.

Note: This game has been discontinued.


As PUBG launched in 2017, battle Royale games on a smartphone have become popular. Till then, every now and then, there are battle Royale type games each with a different approach. All of the games have their own appeal and leaves you spellbound and give you an edge, once you master it.

Each one of the game whether it’s Radiation Island’s story mode or heinous beginnings of Last Day, is mesmerising. Though our pick is PUBG as it let you explore more and a lot of players meet and chat on the platform to make the game more engaging.


  • comment_avtar
    Jasmin Cooper
    After reading this article, I was extremely surprised that the author didn’t have Call of Duty Mobile on their list of best battle royal games of 2022. I mean it’s just my opinion, and opinions are like assholes everyone has one, but COD Mobile beats PUBG 10/1 all day. #RantOver

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Jasmin, Thanks for your suggestion about Call of Duty Mobile which is also an amazing Battle Royale game for Android.

      2 years ago

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